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Dying and Fear of Death

Dying and Fear of Death

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Is death an end or a promotion? Why do we fear death?
Is death an end or a promotion? Why do we fear death?

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Published by: Swaprabhananda Swamini on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dying and fear of death
Some days ago a very sincere, gentle young man who served at the Ashram suddenly 'died'.Some of the resident ashramites enjoy playing badminton in the evenings. I was informed that due tothe 'shocking, sudden death of a good, young person' nobody felt like 'playing'. Subsequently I recalledthe gentle nature of this co-traveller whose demeanor had touched my heart during our work togethersome months ago. It was learnt that the young man was hit by an express train just after crossing therailway tracks. He 'died' suddenly.Such incidents propel a series of thoughts that enable deeper contemplation upon the meaning of'death'.'Normally' we see death as a sad event that invokes sadness, sympathy, inquiries into the reason andalso the past of such persons to determine whether the death was 'timely or untimely', warranted ornot, justified or not...etc. For those whom we do not know, we may sympathize momentarily; we mayextend our moral and other types of support if we have known the 'dead' person. Of course, the impactof the news of death of a near and dear one invokes deeper sense of loss and related sentiments.Swami Chinmayanandaji stated, "Every body dies, but nobody dies". This is the fundamental, profoundtruth. God - the creator of this world - is evidently most empathetic because he knows that our natureis to be swayed by all that attract us and in the process we fail to grasp the essence of Swamiji'sstatement. Everywhere we look, there is birth, growth, decay, death in that sequence, as a perrenialcycle. But we are so dazzled by the 'other' factors that we preferentially ignore this easy reminder indisplay at every blink of our eyes!What motivates me to share my perspectives herein is an intriguing statement I listened to from amature, well read, long time devotee of God. He stated that he has lost faith in the fairness of God, inview of the sudden death of the young man I mentioned earlier herein! He rationalized that if a personwas genuinely good, why should he and his family be punished thus with sudden death?! I presume thatmost of human population perhaps thinks accordingly.The term 'disillusionment' is now a great teacher of mine. Now I understand the following:
edanta teaches that we are unable to experience our true nature of happiness as we carry anillusion that happiness is to be 'attained' from pleasant, positive thoughts, feelings and things!
This indeed is an illusion - veil - a blockade - a misunderstanding, now I know.
eath that persists at every level, everywhere within this entire creation is not a negative actof the Creator; it is indeed a step forward in the process of evolutionary phenomena.
In the Sanatana
harma scriptures we learn that the moment of 'birth' is the beginning of'death'. We all die and are reborn every moment, every day, only we 'fail' to recognize thismost basic worldly reality! It is indeed our misfortune!Just as a lost person sees light at the end of a dark tunnel I am joyous that I too am able to experiencethat ¶light· which clearly indicates that each 'death' is simply a 'pro-motion' - in worldly terms, aprogressive elevation to the 'higher' state of life. It helps profoundly for each of us to understand andremember that there is simply no ¶end· or ¶finality· or ¶death· of anything, anyone. All of this creation

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