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Published by Lee Tyler

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Published by: Lee Tyler on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MY STORY AND HOW I HAVE EXPERIENCED JESUS - P Tyler, Jesus and How Divorce Can Lead to Polygyny (Sin C & A).COPYRIGHT JANUARY 14, 1996; Revised 1/7/2004; 05/13/09;12/05/10All rights reserved.by R. L. Tylerelkanahtyler@gmail.com, Elkanah21stCent@aol.com; Jabez1Chr4@hotmail.com This file, in its entirety, may be posted on or copied off of computer networks like Internet or WWW by anyone soinclined AS LONG AS IT IS NOT CHANGED.Dear Daughters,It is popular nowadays to talk about personal miraclesand angel experiences. Christmas is such a miracle of Love.During this Christmas miracle time,I would like to share withyou some of the miracles and angel experiences God used tokeep your old daddy alive long enough to allow you girls to beborn. I never meant to be such a handful for God, but I seemto have a knack for it. So bear with me and consider what Goddid to let you be born, to have the gift of Life so you too couldexperience, know, have and give the gift of Love.#1 DELIVERED FROM ELECTROCUTION There was the time when 10 year old me was in the bathroomstanding barefoot on a very wet floor. There were two neonlights about 3' long, one on each side of the 3' mirror, runningvertical to the floor, and both were turned on. Somehow Islipped and caught my self spread eagle style, putting my lefthand through the left neon light and my right hand through theright side neon light. Both neon lights broke and did I get ashock! But not even bad enough to see a doctor (brain damagedoesn't count :), and my dear Uncle Joe could only shake hishead as he tried to figure out what had happened.#2. DELIVERED FROM SUICIDEI was raised in a home where my dad was an active Californiasupporter of the KKK and White Citizen's Council, who wouldproclaim loudly at home that Hitler was one of the greatestmen that ever lived. He partied and drank with his cronieswhen both Kennedys and Dr. ML King were killed. He hated Jews,Catholics, AfroAms, Mexicans -- almost anyone who wasn't WASP.He was from a factory working family in Missouri. My mom wasan abused, neglected and sexually exploited Ohio farm girlwho looked like the young Mary Tyler Moore and whoseprejudice ran like this -- "You can go to school withthem, work with them, go to church with them, live next door
to them, but never date or marry one."My dad was a functioning social drinking alcoholic, and wasaddicted to porn, so porn was hidden in many places in thehouse. By the 4th grade I was becoming sexually addictedthrough the National Geographic magazines pictures of topless African women and nude South American Indians. BetweenNational Geographic (National Pornographic according tomy students) and my dad's porn my sexual orientationwas completely integrated with a full blown appetitefor all women irrespective of race and ethnicitybefore the age of 12.I was twelve years old and I had just begun the seventh gradein San Diego, California, September 1953) Iwas almost 5' 10" tall and weighed about 140 lbs. and I had apretty bad record in the community. I had a "D" average forgrades K - 6 but was never flunked because the teachersknew I could do the work if I wanted to do it. I wasspanked at least each month by theprincipal for misconduct and I was either suspended orexpelled each semester starting with the fourth grade throughthe sixth grade. In the seventh grade I had a "C-" averagewith a lot of "D's" in conduct and I was getting into trouble withthe girls. I committed a couple of nonviolent felonies but wasnever caught. I was miserable, confused, lonely and hornyas could be, already sexually addicted, relationship starvedand headed for real trouble.I had been kicked out of my church's youth groupbecause I kept on breaking up the meetings by goofing off andclowning around. I believed in God and the Bible, but I suredidn't know Him personally and I figured He was unhappywith me like everybody else. I figured, at 12, that there wasno Love in the world, that every body only had user unfriendlyconditional love, selfish “love”, and I decided I didn't want to livein a world where there was no Love. I didn't believe there wasany Love on earth and for sure I didn't believe that my momand dad loved me. My mom was so desperate to salvage herfirst born son that she decided to force me to go to the church'sSeptember Palomar camp in hope of a miracle. On the way toPalomar on the church bus, I decided that since there was noLove on earth, I would either jump off Laurel St. Bridge inBalboa Park or join the local street and motorcycle gang,drinking, smoking marijuana and fooling around with the girlsuntil I got killed like some I knew.
 That night at camp I saw people doing something I hadnever seen before, i.e. consistently and sincerely Loving on eachother sincerely, unselfishly and joyfully. I wanted what they haddesperately so I decided I would imitate them so maybe I could fitand they would accept me into their joyful and loving society. Iknew what they had was real when I got up that next freezingmorning on Mt. Palomar, walked into the men's room and sawguys really joyful and really loving each other, heart to heartand eye to eye -- like a loving and joyous family reunion ona Sunday afternoon. All the more I decided that I wanted whatthey had and tried to imitate them so I could at least beaccepted by them, if I couldn't have what they had.On a noon hike that Saturday I was hanging out on theedge of the group, trying to fit in and catch what they had. Itripped over a Manzanilla root and meant to say "shoot" butsaid "sheet" instead, and said it loud enough for THEM to hear.I knew that "sheet" was "shit" with a Mexican accent to THEMand I felt I had totally blown my cover and that THEY all nowknew that I wasn't really one of them. I believed they saw mefor the faker and “great pretender” that I was. I blew upover that Manzanilla root, kicking it and hitting the bush whileverbally overflowing with stuff like "Doggone it! What's wrongwith me! I can't do anything right! I always mess up! Justabout the time I think I got it right, then I mess up! What theheck is wrong with me!"Now I don't know if she was an angel or not. I never sawher before or after that encounter with the bush. I never gother name. Later when I tried to figure out who she was, Ithought that maybe it was a young lady at church who looked alot like her, but she denied that it was her. Well whoever shewas, she came gently over to me as I was kicking the root andhitting the tree and verbally dumping. She quietly stoodbeside me and asked me if I would like to know why I dothings like I was doing, why I mess up. Well you know that Iwanted to know that, because I was sick and tired of messingup, especially after messing up in the presence of the first real joyful and loving people I ever knew. So she asked me to sitdown on a big rock over looking Don Valley on Palomar Mt. andshe proceeded to explain to me why I messed and how Jesuscould still Love a jerk like me, that He wanted a personal andintimate relationship, to be my God and King, my Shepherd andmy Deliverer, and to make me a forever son of His Father. Forthe next three hours she showed me, gently and patiently, howand why Jesus Loved me.

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