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Forever After

Forever After

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Published by Maggie Ades
My interpration as to what might happen a couple years after 'Breaking Dawn' I don't own anything stephenie meyer owns these characters not me.
My interpration as to what might happen a couple years after 'Breaking Dawn' I don't own anything stephenie meyer owns these characters not me.

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Published by: Maggie Ades on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Forever After
After Breaking Dawn
Written By: Maggie Ades
I stood at the stove cooking diner for Jacob who would soon be home and ravenous.Ever since that awful day when the Volturi came, things became peaceful and quiet. Mom andDad stopped worrying as did all the others not only did they now know I would live forever withthem; Alice came back making us all the more joyful.Nessie? Jacob called from the front door Nessie are you in here?In here, I calledHe walked up to me and I turned to give him a hug, and then turned back to his dinner. Helooked starved then as if to back up my assumption his stomach snarled. I giggled.Whats for supper? he asked sniffing at the air Lasagna, good Im starvedI thought so I told him taking it out of the oven and putting it on a hot pad. He quickly startedreaching for it. Let it cool I scolded him lightly smacking his hand out of the way. He just rolledhis eyes and went to set the table. I was so happy when Esme built us a house of our own itcould get aqward at my parents house sometimes but although I knew they missed me I wasntfar and I knew they needed time alone sometimes that wasnt something I always got seeing asthe wolves preferred my house to the others since mine didnt smell nearly as bad to them. Ididnt mind having them over just as long as they left before 9:00. A knock on the doorinterrupted my thoughts. I figured it was probably Leah. She wasnt nearly as cold-hearted asshe used to be and oddly enough she had the least antagonism towards me versus the rest of my family. Jake can you get that? My hands are busy. I asked him and he went to open thedoor.Hi Jake, wheres Nessie?My mom askedHey Bella, in the kitchen. I got to tell you she sure picked up your cooking talents. Jakebragged. He did love my cooking. I guess my mom was a good cook too. She came in and gaveme a hug.Hey honey how are you?She asked worriedly. Ever since I got pregnant my whole family gotworried probably expecting a re-run of my moms pregnancy. I shuddered I had only heardstories of what I had done to her but it was enough to send chills down my spine. Misreadingmy shudder she looked even more worried. Im fine, just thirsty. Jake is taking me huntingafter he eats.
I served him and he snarfed it down, so guess it must be good. I had learned to eat human foodand even to like some of it but I still preferred blood. Just then another knock on the door cameto me I sighed and got up to answer it.Hello Leah, theres lasagna on the counter if you want some. I told her hoping she wouldntmind that my mom was here.Thank-you Renesmee, I think Ill have some she replied hen sniffed and started grumblingabout Bella.Hello Leah, my mom said in her most innocent voice. How are you?Fine. She said possibly a little too harshly.
Be nice.
I told her with my thoughts. No longer did I need contact because I had practiced withMom so I could project like her, she could even lift the shield with ease now but she kept it asecret because she was going to tell Dad for his human birthday that she insisted on celebrating.Leah sighed bringing me back to the presentI wish I had something to do, things are always so boring. She told my mom trying to followmy instructions.Jacob got up to put his plate in the sink; I would wash it when we came back. Leah, me andJake are going hunting. Ill let you stay here to finish your plate, just put it in the sink whenyoure done. I told her as me and Jake walked towards the front door.Ill come with you. Mom said. She got out her phone and called Dad asking if he wanted tocome too.Have fun. Leah said as we left.
If Seth comes tell him I said to help himself to the lasagna.
I thought to her. I think I saw hernod. With that we ran a little slower for me even though I was only a couple of days pregnant itwas more a subconscious thing.Leah seems much happier. Mom said with a smile, she was so compassionate she would evenfeel good about those who didnt even treat her well themselves.Yes, partly because she is around Jakes happy thoughts all the time I would think that wouldhave an affect on her. I told her it was just a theory but I saw Jake nod so I guessed I probablymore right than I knew, he had changed into his wolf form and had aught up with us quicklyprobably because of our speed decrease. I caught a scent and followed it as Mom went in

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Maia Ades added this note
So, finish it.
Maggie Ades added this note
i know it's incomplete i still need to write the rest...

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