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Writing to Explore- Home Language

Writing to Explore- Home Language

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Published by Nichole Buchanan

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Published by: Nichole Buchanan on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nichole Buchanan                  Buchanan 1Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 1103September 19, 2010Home LanguageHave you ever noticed that the way you speak drastically changes depending onwho you’re talking to? I would never walk up to an adult and say “Hey dude, what’s up?”or go up to a friend and say “Hello sir.” I tend to be more respectful and sound moreintelligent when speaking to adults, whereas when talking to friends I joke around, useslang words and greet them informally. Even around my family I talk differently towardsthem than I do with a teacher, authority figures, or other adults. Depending on howcomfortable I am with someone, or how well I know them also plays a part in how Iconverse with them. I find it strange how I can switch from “friend mode” to “adultmode” instantly depending on who I talk to. Some of this has to deal with how I wasraised, but most of it is just plain, common sense.My parents had always taught me to be respectful towards my elders, no matter who they are.  When speaking to adults I often address them as sir or ma’am. Withoutreally realizing it, I also have a tendency to speak with more intelligence around adults. Iwould never think to curse or even use slang words in front of an adult, as I find itcommon courtesy not to. When I talk to my parents, since I’m more comfortable withthem, I’m often a little less formal. I don’t use proper titles such as ma’am or sir, but Istill have a high respect for them. Though I’m comfortable with them, I would never usecurse words around them because it just wouldn’t feel right.

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