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Ethics Exam

Ethics Exam

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Published by free testbank
Acct. 2990/ Business Law - Ethics Exam - (Accounting)
Acct. 2990/ Business Law - Ethics Exam - (Accounting)

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Published by: free testbank on Dec 05, 2010
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Ethics Exam ACCT 2990lBusiness Law Spring 2009Instructions: - You do not need to print out this exam. - Use a Green Scantron Answer Sheet, not the University Blue Answer Sheet.
- Turn your Green Scantron Answer Sheet into me IN CLASS not later than Friday, March 13; you may turn the exam in early.- This IS NOT a group assigmnent; do your own work. TruefFalse:T 1. Businesses organized in the United States are subject to the laws of other countries in which theyoperate. . lf something is legal, itis also ethical.Y 2 T 3. Utilitarianism requires taking the course of action that provides the greatest good to society. T4 4 . Those who abide by Kantian ethics behave by doing unto others as they have dene unto themselves.John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau both proposed a social contract theory of morality' under which each person is presumed to have entered imo a social contract with a„1l_others in scfciety toObey moral rules that are necessary for people to live in peace and hannony. T6. Under Rawls’s social justice theory, the leastadvantaezed in societv. Under Rawls’s social justice theory, the least advantaged in society must receive special assistance to allow them to realize their  potential... __ „___ ,.„--........ T 7, Under the traditional view of sociaì responsibility, businesses Owe a duty to take actions thatmaximize profits for shareholders. 8. A business which spills oil that impacts land on which homes and businesses are built, but which compensates those whom it injures has met its moral minimum duty of the social responsibility of business. 9. Under the moral minimum theory of the social responsibility of business, it is acceptable for a business to injure others so long as the business has caused minimal injury. 10, Under the corporate citizenship theory of the social responsibility of business, a businesshas multipie obligations, but these obligations are only to those who have some direct interest or connection with the business.Multiple Choice:1 l. Which of the following statements is true regarding the relationship of law and ethics? a. The legal requirements will almostalways be the same as the ethical requirements because the law is based on the ethical standards. ln some cases ethics will requirea higher standard of conduct than the law, but never vice versa. c. In some cases the law will require a higher standard of conductthan ethics, but never vice versa. d. Depending on the circumstances, the law can require a higher. lower, or the same standard of conduct as ethics demands. 12. Someone who makes moral decisions based on the guidance of an outside source, such as another  person, is applying which moral theory? a. Ethical relalivism. b. Utilitarianjsm. Ethicaì fundamentalism. Kantian ethics. RawEs’sdistributive justice theory.

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