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Sample Writings

Sample Writings

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Published by alicialg

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Published by: alicialg on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This I Believe« Alicia Garcia
This essay was written for an assignment but was modified andsubmitted to NPR¶s This I Believe podcast.I believe that nothing in life truly takes us by surprise.One day a co-worker said to me, ³This may sound strange but I have aweird feeling.´ I asked, ³What kind of feeling?´  ³I feel anxious, full of anticipation for something.´  ³Yeah?´ I asked. ³Have you had this feeling before?´  ³Yeah. The last time I felt this way, my brother got in a car accident.´ I replied, ³I believe that in life nothing really takes us by surprise. Weare given hints or small indications of the things that are about to happen:the good and the bad.´  ³Yeah, it¶s something like our intuition.´  ³Yeah. It¶s that µgut feeling.¶ It never lies.´ I said, ³We just tend toignore it.´ She nods. ³What are you going to do about it?´ Before she could answer, a customer asks her a question and ourconversation ends. I haven¶t had time since that discussion to see if something ever became of that feeling. But I wouldn¶t doubt that somethinghappened even it was small and she hasn¶t felt the ramifications yet.In my life I have noticed that it is only when I look back, that I realizethe signs or indications of things to come were all there, I just didn¶t seethem for what they were.One significant example of these, hints or feelings, I have seen in mylife is in regards to the places I have attended college. In high school myfriends and I had driven to a football game in a neighboring town that had auniversity in it. Of the four of us in the car three were going to go to thatuniversity but I was determined not to, but there had also always been afear or feeling that I would end up there. I mumbled, ³I don¶t want to gothere but I have a feeling I will end up there.´ My friend, Mary, heard me and said, ³Don¶t sound so depressed. It¶s agood school.´ A year later I attended a university four hours from home. Two yearslater, after various incidents that I hadn¶t seen at the time as hints to my
future, I found myself at that university I had said I didn¶t want to go to.When I saw Mary on campus she asked, ³You were right. How did youknow?´ I shrugged my shoulders and said, ³I don¶t know« I just did.´ I have had friends tell me I am psychic but I know I am not. It justthat sometimes I am able catch the subtle hints that life gives us. I believethat if we were to pay closer attention to our surroundings, to our thoughtsand to our ³gut feelings´ we would be better prepared to face whatevercomes our way because we would already know that it was coming; be itgood or bad.
hange Alicia Garcia
This story was written with the idea that everyone has a story. Theassignment was to find a random student from the student directory andwrite a story about them. I found Travis Mowery and this is his story. ³ If you don¶t like it you can always change back,´ said Travis Mowery¶smother in response to him becoming a Mormon. It has been seven years.Travis still hasn¶t gone back.Travis¶s journey toward the church began the summer before hissenior year of high school when some of his close friends went to Young Lifecamp at Wild Horse Ranch. Young life is a camp for kids to go have fun andlearn about
hrist. Travis¶s high school basketball coach, Tyler Satterquaite,also went to the camp and spoke about the mistakes he had made in life butalso about prayer, how he found
hrist and the happiness that came withthose discoveries. ³I thought, wow we can pray,´ said Travis. Satterquaite said that if theywanted to find
hrist they could pray to find him. ³So I prayed,´ Said Travis. He went into a field and prayed that, ³If Godhad a true church where is it at? If it is true to lead me to it. Then I forgotabout it.´ Almost a year later, while Travis was fixing his friend Kara¶s car, herfather invited Travis back for a barbeque. Kara¶s father was a bishop andhad invited the missionaries to the barbecue as well. Travis told themissionaries, ³I don¶t have anything against learning but don¶t expect me tobecome a Mormon.´ By the second discussion the missionaries had askedTravis if he wanted to be baptized. Travis said no; however, he did tell themissionaries if they had to report to someone and it made them look betterthey could write down a date.That summer Travis¶s friend invited him to go on a trek. ³He said itwas like camping but we just wore old clothes and bonnets,´ said Travis, ³Itwasn¶t just a camping trip.´ During the trek¶s testimony meeting, ³I thought,wow, why do I feel so good right now, happy, peaceful?´ Looking back nowat how he felt Travis said, ³There is no way to feel that and have it not betrue. No way can Satan make you feel that way. He cannot duplicate peace.´ He was baptized after the trek in the summer of 2003.After Travis¶s baptism he had a dream that he was baptized andeverything that had led up to that point. He woke up wondering what had

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