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w2e Memorable Moments

w2e Memorable Moments

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Published by lsehaye

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lsehaye on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sehaye 1Luwam SehayeDr. RiemanEnglish 110325 October, 2010My Most Memorable Reading and Writing ExperiencesWhen I think about my reading and writing experiences in my lifetime, whether good or not so good, many memories come to mind. The three most memorable moments that have tochoose would be learning how to read in kindergarten, my seventh grade science fair project, andof course, my dreadful senior research paper. These three events in my life have been hugereading and writing obstacles I have overcome.Oddly enough I can clearly remember my year in kindergarten. I attended St. MatthewsParish Day School and my teacher¶s name was Ms. Sharon. I loved going to school from recess,to arts and crafts, but my favorite part of the day was when we would have reading circle andlisten to Ms. Sharon read. My favorites were classics like Rainbow Fish, Corduroy, and Dr.Seuss¶s Green Eggs and Ham. We would also do some type of activity that related to the book.For example, when we read Green Eggs and Ham we actually cooked and ate green eggs andham while we listened to the story. Ms. Sharon would always make me feel excited about schooland I believe that¶s why I became so eager to learn how to read. I would read along every nightwith my mom slowly sounding out words and pointing to the words I didn¶t know, and whenever I saw my brother or uncle reading a book I would peer over their shoulder and see if I knew anyof the words. I still love to read to this day although I don¶t have the time for it like I did when Iwas six.
Sehaye 2One of my awful writing experiences was my seventh grade science fair project. It wasthe first time I ever had been assigned a research piece and it required me to conduct anexperiment and write a lengthy paper on it as well as create a poster board display with all thesteps and procedures of the experiment. It was miserable I had no clue what I was doing andnever seen a display or how to write about an experiment or science. My project turned out to bea disaster and my paper lacked some essential requirements like an introduction and detailed step by step procedure descriptions. I¶m not sure why but at the time I was scared to ask questions atthe time probably because I was intimidated by my teacher. Fortunately, my sad excuse for a project motivated me to do my research, ask questions, and work harder on my eighth gradescience project which I received an ³A´ on.My last and recent writing and reading memory is my senior research paper. When Ithink about this paper the words draining and burn out come to mind. I remember being a junior and watching the senior class pull their hair out over this thing. I knew it was coming but I didnot expect it to push me above and beyond my limits. For starters the book that I was assignedwas John Steinbeck¶s East of Eden which is not the most interesting book to read, and on top of that it was nearly eight hundred pages long. The most difficult part for me was trying to write outthe first draft because I simply did not know how to write while taking up ten pages. After spending some time with my English teacher after class she told me not to think of it as taking up paper just to complete the assignment but write to fully explain my thoughts on the book whilereinforcing my thesis statement. Once I changed my thought process and put my focus andenergy into the paper it became easier to write, and I received a well earned B on my research paper. I notice all three of my experiences both good and bad, were learning experiences andwhat it takes for me to succeed is my focus, hard work, and effort.

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