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Looking Back on a Changing Me2

Looking Back on a Changing Me2

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Published by Adrianna Bradt

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Adrianna Bradt on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adrianna BradtBradt1Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 110310/25/10Looking Back on a Changing MeSelf-Assessment:Since the beginning of this assignment I think I have come a long way. It took me a whileto think about myself as a writer before this course started, how to organize this paper and whatexamples I would like to use from my past writings to reflect on my writing pieces and whatgoals I have for the rest of the semester. Brainstorming helped me a bit to figure out exactly whatI wanted the meaning of this paper to be. Looking at my completed work, I am content with howit turned out. I think I effectively portrayed how I have grown as a reader and a writer since thiscourse has started and where I hope to go with the rest of the semester. I do think I still have afew weaknesses, such as proof reading and possibly how this paper is organized. If I had moretime to spend on this paper I would might try to change my wording to have the content be moreengaging than it is, and I would also keep checking for punctuation problems as this is one of myweaknesses with writing.While starting this assignment I thought for an extended period of time about myself as areader and writer before I came into this course. I remembered my difficulties in years past andhow frustrating it was to deal with them. I knew how to write a decent paper, and even knewhow to research properly, but I never really challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone with
Bradt2writing. As for being a reader, I would avoid any article if I could not understand the meaning of the first paragraph the very first time I read it. Now having challenged myself in both these areasI feel looking back I could see myself changing. I came into this course knowing the goals of theclass and having set goals for myself. Throughout high school I did well writing papers andinterpreting texts we read in class, but when I came to this course I knew that I wanted to work more on my writing skills and take the time to look in depth at the texts we read as a class tohave a full understanding of the meaning. My goal for this midterm reflection paper is to find outwhat I have done well and what I still need to work on as a reader and writer, in hopes that I can polish my skills.Each writing assignment we have done in, and outside, of class has shed a new light for me on who I am as a writer. I particularly enjoy the Writing to Explore pieces I have found thatthe prompts that we are given are not topics I would typically write about. Not only does thischallenge me to look deeper into a topic and to use the skills I do have to convey an idea, butsome of the assignments force me to look at myself and the skills I need to work on. Whilelooking at each of the writing to explore pieces I have completed I have noticed that it may betime to try to write in a different style, instead of the same five paragraph essay style everyonewas taught in middle school. Also, each of the writing to explore pieces has made me recognizesomething about myself. The writing to explore piece I completed after keeping a writing log for seven days revealed how much writing I actually do on a daily basis without even sometimesthinking about it. The Sponsors of Literacy essay was also an interesting assignment for not onlyme, but I think the entire class each one of us had to explore our past and decide what institutionsor individuals motivated us as a reader and writer. The most interesting aspect about this was that
Bradt3everyone had very different experiences. I found, looking back, that reading did not come easilyto me. I had to work extra hard compared to others.Most of the reading so far in this course has been challenging for me. The essay byDeborah Brandt, “Sponsors of Literacy”, was one of the more challenging essays I have read. Ilearned while reading that essay that sometimes you have to re-read paragraphs and take notes tocomprehend the message of the essay. The next essay we read called “Intertextuality and TheDiscourse Community” was a bit less challenging for me, because I re-read almost every paragraph and took plenty of notes on it. The essay by Malcolm X,
 Learning to Read 
, was not aschallenging for me. The vocabulary was easier for me to understand, and the essay itself wasvery interesting because it was about a public figure I recognized and have taken interest in. Inthis sense I feel I have my personal goals for improving my reading skills, along with meetingthe goals of the class and the ones we created for our classroom culture document. For example,one of the goals of our class is to use one reading and its meaning as a critical lens for another text because of the more challenging readings we have done it has forced me to understand andapply one idea from that reading to understand another because the readings we do for class allrelate to each other in some way.I have also become more aware of the practices I use as a reader and writer this happenedwhile working on the writing to explore piece writers on writing. In high school I noticed that Idid not have to take many notes on texts I read, and never really forced myself to do any pre- planning for a writing assignment. Since I have been here, and as a part of my personal goals, Ihave started to take more time before I sit down to do a writing assignment to figure out what the

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