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Ccna3-ESwitching Final Exam v4.0 b

Ccna3-ESwitching Final Exam v4.0 b

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Published by user231524

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Published by: user231524 on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Company policy requires disabling the command history buffer on network devices. An administrator enters
terminal no historysize
at the command prompt on a Cisco Catalyst switch and receives no error messages back, but the command history buffer isstill available. What is the problem?The command contained a syntax error.The Cisco IOS version does not support disabling the command history buffer.The command history can only be disabled on a router, not a switch.The
parameter reset the default buffer size but did not disable access to the buffer.Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configures HyperTerminal with the parameters shown but is unableto connect to a switch via the console port. The administrator is using a tested rollover cable attached to the onlyCOM port on the computer, and the connections have been verified. What is the likely problem?The cable is connected to the wrong port.The wrong connection speed is selected.The cable is the wrong type.The flow control setting is not correct.The stop bits should be set to zero.
Refer to the exhibit. What would happen if the network administrator moved the network cable of Host A from interface Fa0/1 toFa0/3 on switch SW1?Host A remains a member of VLAN 10, because the router is routing traffic between VLANs.Host A is no longer a member of VLAN 10, because port Fa0/3 has been manually assigned to VLAN 30.Host A remains a member of VLAN 10, because the switch provides dynamic VLAN assignment for the port.Host A maintains connectivity to all members of VLAN 10, because it is connected to the same physical network.Host A is no longer a member of VLAN 10, but because port Fa0/3 was unused, it is now a member of VLAN 1.What is the purpose of issuing the command
switchport mode access
on a switch interface?disable port securitymake the port operationaloverride the default port behavior force the port to be a part of a single vlanRefer to the exhibit. Which Spanning Tree Protocol version is in effect?Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST)Per VLAN Spanning Tree + (PVST+)
Common Spanning Tree (CST)Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)Refer to the exhibit. The devices in the network are operational and configured as indicated in the exhibit. However, hosts B and Dcannot ping each other. What is the most likely cause of this problem?The link between the switches is up but not trunked.The Fa0/11 interface of Switch1 is not configured as a trunk.Hosts B and D are configured with IP addresses from different subnets.VLAN 20 and VLAN 30 are not allowed on the trunk between the switches.Refer to the exhibit. Switch SW2 was tested in a lab environment and then inserted into a production network without reloading itsconfiguration. After the trunk link between SW1 and SW2 was brought up, all users lost connectivity to the network. What could bethe source of the problem?

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