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28665767 Saheeh Bukhari the Hadees Vol 1of2

28665767 Saheeh Bukhari the Hadees Vol 1of2

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Published by magdy473

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Published by: magdy473 on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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نم رصتخلا حيصلا دسلا عمجلانم رصتخلا حيصلا دسلا عمجلاهلا و ومأهلا و ومأهمّأ ه  هي هلا ىهمّأ ه  هي هلا ى ـب وشلا ـب وشلاخلا حيخلا حينب دم هلا د بأ ملنب دم هلا د بأ ملخلا يإخلا يإ
1.ولا ءدب تك –
1ى هلا و ىلإ ولا ءدب ك فيك :ب -. هي هلا
نم  م نييبم  ملاو حمم ىمملإ م  ميوأ مك مميلإ مميوأ إ} :هركذ ج لا قو :ءسلا/ {هدع163./1ىممي ثدمم :ق يف ثد :ق ريزلا ن لا دب ديلا ثد -ة  أ :يتلا يارإ ن د ربخأ :ق صا ديع ن ربلمم مم لا ض طلا ن ر ع : يلا قو نمما ممإ) :مم ممو ممي مملا ىمم مملا مم عمم :ق وأ ،بيممص ممي ىمملإ ممر ك ن ،  ءرا ل إو ،يل.(يلإ رج  ىلإ ر ، أرا ىلإ]54،2392،3685،4783،6311،6553.[ 2نمم ،ورمم ن ش ن ،ل ربخأ :ق  ن لا دب ثد -ممض ممش ن لا أ : لا ض نيؤلا أ ةشئ ن ،يأمميك ،لا   : و ي لا ى لا    لامم يمم مميأ) :و ي لا ى لا   ؟لا ي،ممق مم مم مميو دممقو مم صفي ، هدأ و ،رلا ةص.(   ي ،ج لا ل ت يأومميلا مم مملا ممي زمم ممتأ دمملو :مم مملا ض ةشئ لق.قر دصفتيل يبج إو  صفي ،ربلا ددشلا]3043.[
3نمم ،مم نا ن ،ي ن يلا ثد :ق ري ن ىي ثد -  ءد  وأ :لق أ نيؤلا أ ةشئ ن ،ريزلا ن ور مم ،مملا مم ةلممصلا ممرلا لا ن و ي لا ى لا ممغ مم ممكو ،ءلا مميلإ ب ث ،بصلا   ءج إ  رىمملإ زمم أ ممبق دممعلا اوذ لمميلا - دممبعتلا ممو - ي تي ،ءارمملا هءممج ىتمم ،ممل وزتممي ةدخ ىلإ جر ث ،لل وزتو ،أ:ممق .(ءمم ممأ مم) :ق ،أرقا : لا هء ،ءار   وممأ مم مق ،أرقا : أ ث ،دلا   ىت طغ خ):مم ممأ ممث ،دمملا مم مم ىت ةيلا طغ خ ،ء:مم مأ ممث ،ةممللا مطغ م  مخ ،ءمم ممأ  : ،أرقا.({رممكا ممو أرقا . ن سا خ .خ لا   أرقا}ىمم خدمم ،هاؤمم ممجر ممو ممي مملا ىم  م لا   جرىتمم هممز .(مم ) :  لا ض دخ  ةدخ.(مسف ىم يمشخ دل) :ربلا ربخأو ةدل  ،ورلا  ذممو ،ممرلا ممصتل ممإ ،ادممأ مملا ممز  لاو ك :ةدخ ل.لا ئا ى نيعو ،يلا رو ،ودعلا سو ،لانا ،زعلا دب ن دأ ن  ن ةقو  أ ىت ةدخ  ط،اربممعلا ممتلا ممت كو ،ةيلا  رص اءرا كو ،ةدخ دممق اريبممك يمم ممكو ،ت أ لا ء  ةياربعل يا ن تيمم :ةممقو ل  .يخأ نا ن ا ، ن  :ةدخ ل ل ،،أ مم ربممخ و ي لا ى لا  هربخ ؟ر اذ خأ نممي ممتيل مم ،ى ى  لا ز لا لا ا :ةقو ل لممي مملا ىمم لا   ،ق جر ذإ ي كأ تيل ،جإ م  م ج م  م مم ممق ج  ل ،ع :ق .( جروأ) :وأ ةممقو ممش ممل ممث .اؤمم ارممص رممصأ مم كد إو ،.لا رتو ،]3212،4670،4672-4674،6581.[ 4دممب نمم رممج أ ،نرلا دب ن ة أ ربخأو : نا ق -مأ ممي) :دم   ،لا رت ن د و ،ق صا لاملا ملا اذمم ،رم  مص ممعر ،ءمسلا نمم م عمم ذإ شأ،مم ممبر ،او ءممسلا نممي ممرك ىمم لممج ءارمم ءممجممق .رثدمملا ممأ مم} :ىلممع مملا ز ،  : عجر.(تو لا  {ر زجرلاو - لق ىلإ - .رممزلا نمم ا نم  عمو ،لم ممأو مم ن لا دب ع.ها :رعو  قو]3066،4638-4642،4671،5860.[ 5نمم ى ثد :ق ةا أ ثد :ق يإ ن ى ثد -
} :ىلممع لق  ،ب نا ن ،ريبج ن ديع ثد :ق ةشئ أ.{ عتل سل  رم  مكو ،دمم م  مزتلا ن لع و ي لا ى لا  ك :قلا  ك ك ل كرأ  :ب نا  - يتف ر نمما ممأ ممك ممكرأ ممأ :ديعمم قو ،كر و ي لا ىمسل م رم } :ىلمع ملا زم - يتف ر ،كر ب:هأرممو دمم مم ممل ممعج :ممق .{ممآرقو عج ي إ . عتل.{ممي ممي إ ث} :صأو ل ت :ق .{آرق ب هأرق اذ}اذإ مملذ دممع و ي لا ى لا   ،هأر أ ي إ ثك و ي لا ى بلا هأرق ربج طا اذ ،تا ربج هأ.هأرق]4643-4645،4757،7086.[ 6.(ح) رممزلا نمم  ربخأ :ق لا دب ربخأ :ق ادب ثد -نمم رممعو مم ربخأ :ق لا دب ربخأ :ق د ن رش ثدو:ق ب نا ن ،لا دب ن لا ديب ربخأ :ق ه رزلامم مم ممجأ ممكو ،لا جأ و ي لا ى لا  كم نم ةميل مك م هم مكو ،مربج هم نمي م منمم ريلمم ممجأ ممو ممي مملا ىمم لا ر ،آرلا ادي.ةرلا رلا]1803،3048،3361،4711.[ 7:ممق رممزلا نمم يع ربخأ :ق  ن لا يلا أ ثد -ممب نمم مملا دب أ ،عس ن ةبت ن لا دب ن لا ديب ربخأنمم ممك مم مميلإ أ قر أ :هربخأ ر ن يف أ أ ،هربخأمملا ىمم مملا مم ممك تمملا دلا  ،شل ا اكو ،رقدمم ،ءممي ممو همم ،رق فكو يف ا ي  و يممأ :مم ،ممجرت و  ث ،ورلا ءظ لو ،س ممأ مم :يفمم ممأ مم ؟ب أ ز لا جرلا ا بس رقأممث ،هرمم دمم عج أ ارقو ، هأ : ،بس رقأ،همم ممك مم ،ممجرلا امم نمم ئمم إ ل ق :جرتل قمم وأ ممك ممث .مم ممل ممك مم اورثمم أ ن ءيلا ل لامم :ممق .ممس وذ ي  :ق ؟ي بس يك :ق أ  لنمم ئممآ ن ك  :ق . :ق ؟بق ق دأ  لا ا قمم :م  م ؟فعممض أ ممعبتمملا ارم  م :ممق . :ق ؟دم  مر مم :م  مق .ودممز م :ق ؟ص أ ودزأ :ق .فعضت تك  :ق . :ق ؟ي خد أ دع دل ةط  دأنممو ، :ممق ؟دممغ مم :ق . :ق ؟ق   أ بق لممي ممخأ ةممك مم لو :ق .ي    د  د  