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Assignment 3: Creative Writing

Assignment 3: Creative Writing

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Published by kaydeez

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Published by: kaydeez on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Katie Ella FieldProfessor JohnstonAssignment 3September 19th, 2010
Short Poem
Thoughts are racingHands keep shakingGolden-brown, your eyes, invitingMy shy smile evident, and it’s wideningForget me?Forget me not.A look of pure passion upon your faceYour lies made my love an absolute wasteMy innocence was too easy to manipulateFor blind optimism can only speculateBut countless, your lies forever changed my view Now, glass half-empty, I can’t trust in youYour dirty tendencies are your worst habitCausing our love to act as fire, by passion, litAlways looking for the next heart to stealAs for true love, you still struggle to feelYour promise, heavy and poised on her left handIn the form of a single diamond wedding band
Six Word Short Story
The roses wilt as bruises return.
Six Word Memoir
Incredibly, language and cultural barriers shattered.
Flash Fiction
Click-clack, click-clack.
Andréa's high heels made an echoing noise on the pavementas she walked toward a building that seemed to be alive, music throbbing through its walls and people spilling out and onto the steps leading into the exclusive night club.Seeing that there was a winding line of people waiting to get a glimpse inside of downtown Minneapolis’ newest 18+ night club, Andréa let out a huge sigh. After rolling her eyes, she continued to walk toward the end of the line but before she could reach it, she felt alight tap on her shoulder. She turned to find a man of about her height smiling at her, his golden- brown eyes warm and inviting.“Is there something wrong?” the mysteriously sexy man asked tentatively. “You know, Ihate to see a girl as pretty as you frowning.”A blush crept onto Andréa's cheeks before she answered quietly. “I’m just annoyed thatthe line for this stupid club is so long. It’s going to take forever to get in and I’ve heard it’s thehottest thing to hit town since, like, forever.”“Well, I think it may just be your lucky night,” his eyes twinkled as he raised an eyebrow.“I’m actually the owner of the club, and I can tell you that getting someone as gorgeous as you inas soon as possible could only be even better for business. Come with me.”He grabbed her hand and led her toward the back entrance of the club. Andréa, who’dalways been one for noticing small details, looked down at their hands intertwined andimmediately saw how beautiful their skin tones were together. With his dark brown skin and her  porcelain white skin, they made quite the contrasting pair. As she took in every single detail of his appearance, Andréa couldn’t help but think that this unknown man was truly the mosthandsome guy she’d ever seen. After her initial reaction to his physical appearance wore off, she couldn’t help but feel a powerful chemistry between them that seemed to be drawing them closer together as theynavigated the back of the club.“I don’t mean to sound weird,” he began, bringing Andréa back to reality. “But I can’thelp but feel there’s something between us. Something special.”“I feel it, too,” Andréa said in awe.Immediately, a plan formed in her mind. As they entered the room where hordes of teenswere grinding to the beat, Andréa pulled her hand out of his grasp. She glanced back and noticeda look of surprise etched onto his flawless complexion. “If what we feel is true,” she yelled back. “We’ll meet again. And that’s how we’llknow.”

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