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Sponsors of Literacy Rough Draft

Sponsors of Literacy Rough Draft

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Published by lbrow161

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lbrow161 on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Liann BrownProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1103September 13, 2010High-TechAs I roam through the buildings of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I ask myself, “How exactly did I get here?” Reading and analyzing Deborah Brandt’s “Sponsors of Literacy” essay made me want to associate how my success so far connects with my literacyability and my sponsors as well. Did my literacy skills begin to excel in my early years or mylatter ones? Who were the individuals in my life that I could actually call my “sponsors?” Wasthe information that I gained from them significant and useful? What possible opportunities did Imiss out on because of my specific access to literacy? All of these inquiries came intoconsideration as I carefully examined the history of my literacy.I began to expand my literacy’s at a very young age. As soon as I was able to stroll myway to the computer desktop at my house, that became my new place of residence. I canremember sitting and staring at the computer for hours in elementary school, as if I was prayingto it. My mother was a career and technical education teacher and director for CharlotteMecklenburg Schools at the time, so I’m not surprised with my absolute amazement of technology at that time. It was just natural for me to be around all types of technological devices.The newest software and applications would be on our at-home computer that most adolescentsweren’t even aware about. I remember one day my mother brought home a palm pilot from her  job and I almost fainted. I was always awed by “cool” things with buttons that I had no clue whattheir function was. My mother always allowed me to play games on the computer. Some were
educational, and some weren’t. Even if they did have some type of educational purpose, I didn’tthink of them as learning tools. I just saw them as a source of fun and excitement. As I think about my access to literacy, I compare myself to Raymond Branch, one of the persons cited in“Sponsors of Literacy.” He, as well, was surrounded by computers and software as a youngchild. His fathers occupation was responsible for this wonderful exposure, just like my mother’scareer was responsible for my exposure. Therefore, he became heavily interested and involvedwith them. It is extremely hard to fight your surrounding environment. My environment wasfilled with all different kinds of the new and updated technology. Therefore, you can define myliteracy as being “high-tech.”Technology didn’t just work on its own to help me excel though. There were keyindividuals who played a key role in enhancing my learning ability. As a younger child, my primary sponsor was my mother. She exposed me to computers, which in turn helped me learnhow to read and write through technology and learning based games and exercises. As I maturedthough, I started to venture off on my own. My mother’s background with computers andtechnology inspired me to take interest in the business and technological field of study. I took matters into my own hands. I would go on the internet and read up on new updates on businessesand firms to increase my knowledge in that specific area. Therefore, I also consider myself a primary sponsor for my literacy because my inquisitiveness influenced me to gain a lot of newinformation that I thought would be helpful in my future. By doing this, I somehow fell in lovewith money. Money. Money. Money. That’s all I thought about. I would always save the moneyI earned and be careful and limited with my spending. This relates to what Deborah talked aboutin her essay. She elaborated on the topic on how people use their sponsors for self development.This is exactly what I did. My mother encouraged me to pursue certain aspects of my life that I
thought would help me in the future, so I conducted research on my own. I took her passed downskills and knowlegde and applied them to my own separate and personal life.Some other people that I consider sponsors of my literacy are my business andtechnology teachers and advisors throughout high school. I took numerous business, marketing,and accounting classes. I also joined clubs, such as Future Business Leaders of America andDECA. These clubs combined technology and business skills to increase my literacy. They alsoadded methods of business concepts and persuasion techniques to my literacy. I had to read andwrite lengthy papers on a consistent basis, coming up with business, marketing, and distribution plans. These classes and clubs also helped me increase my problem solving and speech skills.They made my literacy more well rounded, not just focusing simply on reading and writing.These sponsors were truly helpful and influential. All of the literacy skills they passed down tome helped me get accepted into many different universities, helped me get in the business honors program at UNCC, allowed me to win many competitions and awards, and allowed me to participate in many life changing experiences that increased my knowledge and my thirst for it aswell.I am so grateful for the literacy’s that I have acquired and the individuals who assistedwith that task, but there is one thing that I think I missed out on. Considering I was so intotechnology, I hardly ever read a book. There are few hard back and paper backs in my collection.I haven’t read many chapter books throughout my lifetime, whether they be fictional or nonfictional. I was never pushed to read intensely. In 9
grade, we had to read books for a program called Reading Counts, but after that, I really didn’t have to take the time to pick up a book and read it. That’s probably why I despise reading now, especially stuff that doesn’t applyto my life or goals. Maybe if I wasn’t so focused on technology, I would enjoy reading books a

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