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Hope, Love, Joy, Peace: An Advent Study Guide

Hope, Love, Joy, Peace: An Advent Study Guide

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Published by Jopalmer
This Advent study invites individuals and groups to journey through the four weeks of Advent. Each week focuses on one of the Advent themes: hope, love, joy, and peace. The resource provides individuals or groups with tools to move from reflection, meditation, and celebration to action and engagement
This Advent study invites individuals and groups to journey through the four weeks of Advent. Each week focuses on one of the Advent themes: hope, love, joy, and peace. The resource provides individuals or groups with tools to move from reflection, meditation, and celebration to action and engagement

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Published by: Jopalmer on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Hope, Love, Joy, Peace
An Advent Study Guide
PAIR091374_0809   © 2009 World Vision, Inc.
World Vision Resources produced this educational resource. Copyright © 2009 by World Vision, Inc., MailStop 321, P.O. Box 9716, Federal Way, WA 98063-9716. wvresources@worldvision.org. All rights reserved.World Vision United States is grateul to World Vision Canada or allowing this resource to be adapted or usein the U.S.Editorial Director: Milana McLeadEditor-in-Chie: Jane Sutton-Redner Project Editor: Laurie DelgattoAuthor: Brittany PetersContributing Authors: James Addis, Laurie Delgatto, Andrea Peer, Rich StearnsDesign: Matthew IpCopyeditor: Sandra Boedecker Sales and Distribution Manager: JoJo Palmer 
The Scripture in this resource is rom the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION
. Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984by International Bible Society. Used by permission o Zondervan. All rights reserved.The inormation about Advent ound on pages 2-3 is adapted rom the THE VOICE, the Web site o CRI/Voice, Institute, locatedat www.crivoice.org. Copyright © 2006 CRI/Voice, Institute. All rights reserved. Used with permission.The quotations on page 7 and page 38 are rom Henri Nouwen, as ound in
Watch or the Light: Readings or Advent and Christmas
 (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2004), pp. 31, 33-34. Copyright © 2001 Orbis Books. All rights reserved.The quotations on page 10, page 21, and page 31 are rom Adele Ahlberg Calhoun,
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: PracticesThat Transorm Us
(Downer Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2005), pp. 205, 264, 240. Copyright © 2005 Adele Ahlberg Calhoun.All rights reserved.The quotation on page 17 is rom Dorothy Day, as ound in
Watch or the Light: Readings or Advent and Christmas
(Maryknoll, NY:Orbis Books, 2001), pp. 183-184. Copyright © 2001 Orbis Books. All rights reserved.The quotation on page 28 is rom C.S. Lewis, as ound in
Surprised by Joy 
(New York, NY: Houghton Miin, 1966), pp. 17-18. Copy-right © 1966 Houghton Miin. All rights reserved.The story ound on pages 40-42 is rom Richard Stearns, as ound in
The Hole in Our Gospel
(Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2009),pp. 61-63. Copyright © 2009 World Vision. Used by permission o Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved.
During the preparation o this resource, all citations, acts, fgures, names, addresses, telephone numbers, Internet URLs, and other cited inormation wereverifed or accuracy. World Vision Resources has made every attempt to reerence current and valid sources, but we cannot guarantee the content o any source and we are not responsible or any changes that may have occurred since our verifcation. I you fnd an error in, or have a question or concern about,any o the inormation or sources listed within, please contact World Vision Resources.
Cover photo: A girl in Ethiopia attends a candlelight ceremony or the Hope and Light Association, which combats the stigma o AIDS.Photo by Jon Warren.
Looking Both Ways
The elementary school I attended as a young boy was only a block rom my home. Although it was so close,there was a busy street to cross to reach the school grounds. I have a vivid memory o a crisp autumn morningwhen my mother grasped my little hand at the side o the road and warned me frmly that I must “always look both ways beore crossing the street.”It seems to me that many Christians today have orgotten the necessity o “looking both ways.” I don’t meanlooking to the let and right on a specifc street, o course, but rather to events in the past and events in theuture. Like the rest o our culture, all too oten we get so caught up in the urgency o our daily lives that weail to notice the larger picture o which we are only a small part.The word “advent” comes rom the Latin word
and means “arrival” or “coming.” The season o Advent, which originated in the 6th century A.D., is a our-week period preceding December 25th duringwhich Christians dedicate themselves both to remembrance and to anticipation. Advent is all about lookingboth ways, because during these our weeks, we take time to slow down and look behind us to Christ’s frstcoming (the Incarnation) and ahead o us to the Second Coming (the
).The important thing Advent helps us remember is that we are located between these two arrivals, seemingly stuck somewhere ater the “already” but still within the “not yet” o God’s kingdom. Jesus Christ, the Lordo Lie, has
come in the esh. He has
been crucifed. He has
been resurrected. He has
deeated death. The victory has
been won.Nevertheless, we do
not yet 
see the ull eects o Christ’s victory played out in our world. Death is
not yet 
 merely a distant nightmare. Our lives are
not yet 
ree rom all sin. Peace and justice are
not yet 
ubiquitous.Hunger has
not yet 
become a thing o the past. HIV and AIDS have
not yet 
been deeated.Admittedly, this can seem quite conusing. We may fnd ourselves despairing—wondering why, i Christ were
victorious, so many awul things continue in our world. Why does my riend have cancer? Why can’t Ifnd a job? Why do thousands die every day rom lack o clean water or millions in the developing world suer rom treatable diseases?No, things most certainly are not as they should be. Yet the great hope o the good news we proess is thatall things will one day be put right. We look both ways at Advent to remind ourselves o this. But we mustn’tdo this lightly or halheartedly. Ater all, the whole point o looking both ways beore crossing the road is soyou’ll know what you ought to do: I there is a car approaching, you shouldn’t step into the street. By helpingus remember exactly where, or rather 
, we are, Advent reminds us o the
o people we ought to beduring the brie years we are given in this lie.

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