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Published by fannyloka

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Published by: fannyloka on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Felipe Ramírez Silva.Stephany Romero Aliaga.Santiago de Chile, 07 de Diciembre de 2010.Abstract.
Fascism (of the Italian fascio, do, fasces, in turn of the Latin fasces, pl. of fascis)is an ideology and a political totalitarian movement that arose in the Europe of period between the wars (1918-1939) in opposition to the liberal democracy andto the project of socialist condition, opposite to that he appears as a third route.The reasons of this position are in that the liberal democracy was representingthe values of the victors of the First World war and on the other hand the labor movement had as modal to the recent Bolshevik Revolution.It exalts the idea of nation opposite to that of individual or class; it suppressesthe political discrepancy in benefit of the only party and the localismos in benefitof the centralism. There uses skilfully the new mass media and the charisma of a leader in the one that centers all the power. He takes advantage of thefeelings of fear and collective frustration to irritate them by means of theviolence, the repression and the propaganda, and displaces them against anenemy Common (royal or imaginary, interior or exterior), that acts of scapegoatopposite to whom to overturn the whole aggressiveness of unthinking form,achieving the unit and adhesion (voluntary or for the force) of the population. Itis expansionist and militaristic, using the mechanisms movilizadores of theterritorial irredentismo and the imperialism that already they had beenexperienced by the nationalism of the 19th century.The Fascism has to be located in any case in a historical, and not symptomaticway, as an ideological movement that eliminated after the fall of the GermanyNazi and the surrender of Italy.Giving like proved an expansion so much of the socialism, since of thecapitalism, which later would give step to cold war, which out of the racialaspect, was a contraposition of ideologies.Since these movements of classes are popularized during and later to the coldwar, beside being the left side a definition tied to the socialism, while theFascism is a contraposition to the same one, is clear that the definition itself of left side and right they are present already from the Spanish Civil war.

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