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Global Warming Handout 7°

Global Warming Handout 7°

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Published by Pablete Ticher

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Published by: Pablete Ticher on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit 4 “Home Sweet Home”Activities
Adapted from Sara Muñoz Handout
Name: Date: October 27th
“An Inconvenient Truth” (Documentary and Text)
Find in Spanish these Key Words.
Higher temperature
: temperaturas más altas.
To melt
: derretir 
Sea level
: nivel del mar 
: huracanes
Warm water 
: aguas cálidas
To burn
: quemar 
To trap/block
: bloquear, detener, atrapar.
Greenhouse effect
: efecto invernadero
: Tierra
Fossil Fuels
: combustibles fósiles2.Complete the answers to the following questions. (Page 95, activity 3)a.When do we have Global Warming?When the
is higher.b.Where does carbon dioxide come from?It comes from burning
.c.What do scientists think about temperatures in the future?They think temperatures will
go up
2 and 6 degrees
Read the dialogue between Eco-man and Timmy about Global Warming. Then,listen to the video and put the words from the box in the corresponding parts of the dialogue.hurricanes and weather – rise and cover – Global Warming – destroying forestshuman society – plant trees - fossil fuels – greenhouse gases::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::“Global Warming: An Adventure Of Eco-man”Eco-man: Hi there kids. My name is Eco-man. I protectEarth environment to keep you safe. I’m here to talk about
Global Warming
.Timmy: But Eco-man, what is global warming?Eco-man: Well Timmy, global warming is a problem caused bythe evil
greenhouse gases
.Timmy: Who??Eco-man: The greenhouse gases, Timmy. Nitrous Oxide, Water vapor, Methane, andCarbon Dioxide.Timmy: Ohhh! Where do they come from, Eco-man?Eco-man: You see, Timmy. Many things help to empower the evil greenhouse gases.Some come from
destroying forests
and using fertilizers. Others come from farmanimals. But most gases get their powers from
human society
.Timmy: What do you mean?
Eco-man: When humans use
fossil fuels
to run cars or create power, the emissionspower the greenhouse gases.Timmy: Why are the greenhouse gases bad? I don’t understand!Eco-man: Of course you don’t Timmy. You see… When the sun shines down on Earth…Sun: Hi there.Eco-man: …the atmosphere, which surrounds the earth, helps keeping the heat from thesun to make us warm. This is called the Greenhouse effect, and it occurs naturally.However, when we burn too much fossil fuels, the greenhouse gases are able to block theescaping sunlight and keep it trapped inside the atmosphere, this is called “GlobalWarming”.Timmy: But, Eco-man, Why is global warming bad?Eco-man: Well Timmy. Global warming could leave us all in a figurative hole, as deep asmy butt-chin.Timmy: Do you mean that greenhouse gases want to hurt… ME?Eco-man: Yes Timmy, YOU! If global warming is allowed to continue the future can be avery different place. We could have worse
hurricanes and weather 
, and crops may dieout in certain parts of the world. If higher temperatures melt icebergs, then the sea levelcan
rise and cover 
entire sections of land. Global warming can harm millions of people,and you are one of them, Timmy.Timmy: Then, how can we stop global warming?Eco-man: Well Timmy, the road to solving this crisis is long and hard.Timmy: Ohhhh!Eco-man: Indeed. We need to work together to
plant trees
, petition the government, anduse less fossil fuels. Together, we can help stop the greenhouse gases and protect theEarth for years to come.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Read the following sentences extracted from the dialogue. Look at the underlineverbs. Do you know what they mean? TRANSFORM the sentences to formsentences in PRESENT CONTINUOUS.
I protect Earth environment to keep you safe.
I am
Earth environment to keep you safe.
Many things help to empower the evil greenhouse gases.
Many things are helping
to empower the evil greenhouse gases.
Most gases get their powers from human society.
Most gases are
their powers from human society.
Humans use fossil fuels to run cars or create power.
Humans are using
fossil fuels to run cars or create power.
The sun shines down on Earth.
The sun is shinning
down on Earth.
We burn too much fossil fuels.
We are burning
too much fossil fuels.

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