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SOL Finale

SOL Finale

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Published by Jordan Craven

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Jordan Craven on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Craven 1Jordan CravenProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1103September, 12 2010Self-AssessmentLooking back on the writing of this paper I feel very satisfied with the work I’vedone. I gave myself ample time to plan and write my paper and even allowed for time todo revisions. One thing I would change about my paper is that I would try to go into moredetail on some points and examples that are given. I believe that my paper’s strength isthat it appears to be well thought out and can hold a reader’s attention. The weakness of my paper though is that it may not be specific enough in some aspects of the prompt.Overall, I am very pleased with the feedback from my peer workshop and the outcome of my paper.Literacy: The Gateway to KnowledgeAs young children we all learn our ABC’s, it is one of those things like learningto talk or walk that every child learns in life. But rarely do we realize the enormity of what comes from learning the alphabet. From letters we learn words; words turn intosentences, and sentences into stories. From early on in life we are surrounded by sponsorsof literacy. A sponsor of literacy is “any agent, local or distant, concrete or abstract, whoenable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy-and gain advantage by it in some way” (Brandt 407) I have had sponsors in my life sinceI was a small child and I am grateful that throughout my life I have continued to havesponsors who have encouraged and helped to improve not only my ability to read, but my
writing skills, and other aspects of literacy such as musical literacy. Whether it was my parents, teachers, or an institution like school, sponsors of literacy have been veryinfluential in my life.I remember being introduced to books at a very young age. I used to love having bedtime stories read to me as a child. I believe that it is this introduction to the world of reading that sparked my interest in literacy. My parents were, and still are, a sponsor of literacy for me. My dad especially has influenced my love for books of all types. Beingan avid reader himself he introduced me to the world of books. To this day my dad willstill suggest books that he thinks I would enjoy reading, such as the
 Harry Dresden
series by Jim Butcher. I remember when I truly fell in love with reading. I was nine and myfather introduced me to the world of 
 Harry Potter 
. From the moment I read the firstchapter of the first book I was hooked. From that point on I not only read books like
 Harry Potter 
, but I also discovered that I enjoyed reading mainly fiction novels. This loveof books inspired me to read several books as a child. I even found the books that I readfor reading projects in my later elementary school years to become some of my favorite books to this day, one of which is
The Island of the Blue Dolphins.
Elementary school was probably the second biggest sponsor of my literacy, behind my parents. My elementary school had a reading program called AcceleratedReader (AR). This program was designed to encourage and improve the reading abilitiesof students from all grade levels. The AR program required the students to read booksand then take short quizzes on them. You would then earn points to be used towardsreward prizes. The points would vary depending on the level of difficulty of the book. Byhaving this extra initiative to read made me want to read and earn more points to get a
Craven 3reward. The school would also host kick off parties and have competitions to see whocould get the most points as a way to encourage reading. While I sometimes found thekick off parties to be a bit corny, the competitive aspect drove me to read more, althoughI never won any of the competitions. I was also fortunate to have my town’s library rightacross the street from my elementary school. So not only did I have access to my school’slibrary, but also the town’s public library. I remember several occasions where our teachers would take the class to the public library. They did this to not only encourageour reading, but also to show us the resources that the library had to offer us that our schools library did not. We discovered that the public library had a larger selection of  books and also offered computers for us to use. They even helped us get our own librarycards so that we could check out books on our own. This ability to have an unlimitedaccess to books was great for me, I loved going to the library and being able to check out books in
name.School continued to play an influential role in the development of my literacy. AsI moved from elementary school on into middle school my interest in reading was broadened and I also began to truly develop my writing abilities. I was introduced todifferent types of writing styles, including different forms of poetry. I also wasintroduced to a new type of literacy, musical literacy. When I began middle school I began to learn to play the flute as a part of my school’s band program. By learning to play an instrument, I was exposed to a form of literacy that was universal. Being able toread music is not a literacy skill that is hindered by my language, unlike reading andwriting in American English. The ability to read and understand music is a skill that I stilluse to this day.

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