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Austin Traylor - Seven Days of Writing

Austin Traylor - Seven Days of Writing

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Published by Austin Traylor

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Published by: Austin Traylor on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Traylor 1
Austin Traylor Engl 1103-024Professor Jan Riemann November 12, 2010
Seven Days of Writing
or seven days I have watched my hand.
or seven days it has written in many differentforms.
or seven days I analyzed my ways of writing whether it beover Skype, in InstantMessaging, my Daily Journal, Writing to Explore pieces, my inquiry paper, or simply texting onmy phone. Each of these differs greatly from the other in the way I approach it. Each onedifferent due to the mindset I hold when I write it.I first noted the beginning of my log in my Daily Journal saying on Day 18 ³I henceforth begin the analysis of myself and my writing´.
rom then I would keep records of theconversations I held on Instant Messaging programs such as Skype, AOL, or WindowsMessenger. I also kept logs of interactions online such as on
acebook. These are the writingswhich I do daily so I know them the best, yet I never really considered how different they werefrom how I normally write until I truly looked at them with a critical eye. Not just in a sense of looking for spelling errors, but more-so in a sense of comparison.I looked at examples such as my conversation logs on Skype where I realized howsatirical I am. I talk mainly with close friends on Skype. Some of them are in Mooresville, someacross the United States, and one is even my roommate. Comparing the conversations I have onSkype to my papers and normal writings though it was strange.
Traylor 2
I felt like the conversations weren¶t mine almost. I was so informal, so satirical and joking. Anexample of such is when another of the roommates was bothering John, my good friend androommate, in his room. He started asking for help and I started cracking jokes at the situation,thinking of innuendos and puns that he would understand to make light of the situation. Other examples are conversations such as when people make spelling or grammatical errors and I makea joke based on what they say. My friend was telling me how he broke his dishwasher onaccident, but got another sentence stuck in his head and confused them. Thus the outcome endedup being ³Dude, I just darted my dishwasher´. I had no idea what he meant until he clarified thathe broke it; after that though I continued to make jokes about dart for the rest of the conversation,which lasted a good two hours or so. The things I said were foreign to me when I really actuallylooked at them. My texting and Instant Messaging I can speak differently of. They are even moreformal and to-the-point than my normal writing. When people ask me questions or simply sayhello in Instant Messages or texts I respond with short, curt replies. I never even use acronyms or µinternet lingo¶ unless I really have to in these cases. I feel so stiff when I look at these.My papers and Daily Journal though I feel like I am most at home with however. When Ilook at them I can realize what I meant when I wrote down the words or when I typed them. Ican easily get inside my head in these cases. I can¶t with anything else. Yet, it just doesn¶t feellike this is my normal writing either. The Daily Journals make me think and I write based on a prompt, the same with my papers. Looking at my inquiry paper and Novogratz Talk paper Iworked on a bit this week I wondered ³Is this normality for me? Or abnormality?´ I became soconfused. The problem in this situation I would only realize later. These papers didn¶t feelforeign to me, but instead I felt distanced from them, from my normality because I was upsetwith myself for having written them; specifically the inquiry paper.

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