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Stalking the Urban Savanna - Austin Traylor

Stalking the Urban Savanna - Austin Traylor

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Published by Austin Traylor

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Published by: Austin Traylor on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Austin Traylor Engl 1103-024Professor Jan RiemannOctober 19, 2010
Stalking the Urban Savanna
 Hello again mates! Today I bring you a documentary on a species present all around us,the ³Hard Worker´. While many of this species carry out their daily activities from the confinesof their den, there are many of the species that will work in public. Today we will be analyzingthose creatures that work in the light of day under the scrutiny of the general public. Now themost common place to find these critters is in places that either serve fast food, coffee,andprovides seating; or in places with lots of books and access to computers; like libraries and«well« bigger libraries. So follow me as we begin our hunt.First off let¶s try looking in a library for some of these little fella¶s. We¶re going to wantto blend in though so we don¶t disturb them in their natural environment. So what we are goingto do is grab any old book since we won¶t be really focusing on it but the ³Hard Worker¶s´instead. So let¶s just grab the closest book to us, this The Crocodile Hunter: The IncredibleAdventures and Life of Steve and Terri Irwin seems good enough to me, and take a seat wherewe can easily see the ³Hard Worker¶s´ going about their rituals and activities. Ah there¶s someof the little blokes right there. I didn¶t expect to find this many right away, let¶s see there¶s one,two, three of them sitting over here, so let¶s take a seat at this table right here.
 Now the key is to open up the book and pretend like you¶re reading it« and now tocarefully watch them from the corners of your eyes. Looks like two of them are working on somesort of paper together, and the other is reading a book. Let¶s analyze the two working together first as this is a rather uncommon occurrence. The bigger of the two seems to be a bit disgruntledwith the work they¶re doing, while the littler one tries to explain it. Isn¶t it just the cutest? Uh-oh,looks like the bigger one is starting a small argument with the little one. This is a rare sight people; I can count on my hands the number times that I¶ve seen this. The bigger one seems to beconvinced that he is right about something, but the little one disagrees. The bigger one is lettingout some primordial roars under his breath as they argue, truly a scene worth seeing. Oh bugger,looks like the bigger ³Hard Worker´ was actually wrong, as he seems a bit dejected now whilethe littler one seems a bit more triumphant. Well it looks like they¶re back to normal now so let¶slook at the other ³Hard Worker´ before he gets the chance to escape.This one seems to be reading a book called Psycho. I myself have never heard of that book so I can¶t really tell you what it¶s about but let¶s keep watching. Hmm« interesting« ohlook he¶s moving! Ah he only flipped the page never mind. He seems to be extremely entrancedin this book of his; I will have to figure out what it is at a later date. Oh bollocks! He spotted me! Now when you have been spotted watching one of these creatures it is important to adjust yougaze a bit while maintaining contact. In this case there is a window to his left so I will slightlyadjust my eyes towards the window. Now it just looks like I am stuck in thought; that or watching the birds. He seems to have gone back to his reading, but I am not likely labeled assuspicious in his mind so I should take this chance to wrap things up.

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