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Looking Back and Looking Ahead Final

Looking Back and Looking Ahead Final

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Published by Barbee DeBrocq

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Published by: Barbee DeBrocq on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Barbee DebrocqDeBrocq 01Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 1103October 13, 2010Self-assessment: Looking Back and Looking AheadThis paper was harder for me to write than the rest so far. I feel that I soundsomewhat repetitive because I use the word writing or a form of it very often. I feel that itis a good paper and it really shows what I think I have learned and what areas I haveimproved in and still need to improve. If I had more time to spend on this essay I woulddefinitely try to re-word a lot of sentences. Sometimes I have a hard time getting what Iwant to say onto a piece of paper. I really like my paper for the most part but I am alwaysscared of everyone else’s opinion. So I hope that the readers of my essay enjoy it just asmuch as I enjoyed writing it.Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Mid-term Reflection/ Revised InquiryIn the past seven weeks I have learned more than I could ever imagine. I mean itis my first semester of college and everything, but I never expected to learn so muchabout, well, so much! When you start college everything is different than the life youwere used to before. Therefore, I have had to adapt to all of these changes. I have had toget used to a different group of people, different living situation, and definitely a muchlarger work load. In high school, I basically got away with everything. I barely studiedand only had to do homework maybe once every two weeks. I have never had to write somany papers in my life!
DeBrocq 02Even though I am complaining, I don’t mind turning in essays and papers all of the time. Yes it is time consuming but it is helping me and I can tell. Coming in tocollege as a freshman, English has always been my favorite subject because I likewriting, for the most part. “Writing to Explore” pieces are due every week until November and I have done really well with keeping up and turning them in. Each piece ismore fun or easier to write than the next. I feel that these assignments and the feed back that we receive each week are beneficial in so many ways. They make you practice your writing skills without you even realizing it.Although practice makes perfect, there is no perfect in writing. You can onlycontinue to improve. However, that is not the only way you can improve in your writingand reading skills. Throughout the past seven weeks in English class, we have had tolearn about how certain people became literate. We learned about their struggles andwhat they had to do to become an educated human being. Following these readings, wewere assigned a “Sponsors of Literacy” essay in which we had to analyze how we became literate. Before that point I had never really thought about how I got to this very place in my education. Not only did I learn about others, I learned about myself through this assignment.“Writing About Writing” is full of accounts and information that really has changed theway I look at writing. “Intertextuality” was a big one. It talks about how there really is nooriginal writing. Each idea or written text is developed from other texts all put together. Itseems kind of crazy but I believe it is somewhat true. Our class learned about how people are more prone to pick out errors when they know they are there. Until this class
DeBrocq 03there were certain things that were never brought to my attention. Things I would havenever noticed about reading and writing, but they are details, ideas, and accounts thatchange the way one writes. The text book that these essays and writings have come fromhas inspired me to challenge myself.Going up and beyond was not always what I liked to do in high school. Now I amfinding myself trying to improve and make writing a little bit more interesting. I feelchallenged when it comes to thinking outside of the box sometimes. Not that I am not acreative person but when I am given something to elaborate on then that becomes harder.Sometimes I tend to go a bit off subject in my writing and it makes the essay or whatever I am writing, a bit drawn out. That may not always be a bad thing though but it issomething I need to work on. It comes from my A.D.D nature. But I like to be challengedand I like to have some area to improve on because otherwise, everything would be boring if it was so easy.My writing has only improved since I started school here. When I know I havesomething to work towards then I always work harder to try and achieve my goals. WhenI have people to guide me in the right direction I also tend to work harder as well. I reallylike that we have peer editing groups because I can hear what input my classmates haveto help me improve. It is always good when someone gives you their input and you take itconstructively. Their advice is only there to better another.I guess you could say that this year is one for many changes, hopefully all good. Ihope that English 1103 will only have a positive impact on me. I am somewhat concernedabout my grade but I do know that it is really changing the way I write. It is almost like a

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