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Frustrated Karzai, Crafty Minority and Marginalized Majority

Frustrated Karzai, Crafty Minority and Marginalized Majority

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Published by Obaid Hashmi
A very comprehensive article about current political brouhaha in Afghanistan and the enmity against Pushton population.
A very comprehensive article about current political brouhaha in Afghanistan and the enmity against Pushton population.

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Published by: Obaid Hashmi on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is
that Pashtuns constitute majority, about 70%,of Afghanistans current population,however they are sidelined and subdued by relatively small factionsof Afghanistan in variousaspects: taking from governmental key posts, foreign bursaries, controlling Afghanistansdiplomatic missions and vanquishing Pashto language on national and international level to
seizing major US and NATO contracts and banking
.This doesnt elucidatethat the majority (Pashtuns) are not able governing this mountainouscountry or do not have the capacity, where they inhabited for millenniums, they know everyvalley, mountainand alley of this country; they have began the political history of modern
Afghanistan, dated back with Hotaki dynastycoming into power in 1706, and more vividly when
great Ahmad Shah Durrani created modern Afghanistan in 1747.
Pashtuns are largely confounded forcurrent instability in the region and even in the world,scores are killed every day, their houses are razed and bombarded for the crime they never
committed or known.
They are alienated from international community to a great extent by Pashtun antagonist
deprived of various
in a country they predominate for centuries, in a country theysafeguarded during various periods of history, defeating every invader of the time thusproclaiming a heroic name for this land: Graveyard of Empires; a land invaded, yet never
Pashtuns are sidelined by international community and relatively small factions, recently asecret investigation conducted by a UN agency in capital city, Kabul, where all administrativeorgans are located, the survey found that 720 out of 900 key administrative posts are held byethnic minorities compared to 180 posts held by ethnic majority
), disclosed by
of the UN agency talking oncondition of anonymity because of the seriousness of
and Hazarashave clinched important army, judicial, police, prosecution anddetention posts. According to New York Times report,Tajiks have
70% top Afghanarmy commanding posts contributing to the difficulty recruiting fellow Pashtuns thus
makingethnic balance a
unseen goal in near future which
eventually help prolong current political
brouhaha.With emergence of current government and democratic process in the country where everyone
has equal right and obligations to abide bythe rule of law, however, Pashtunsvery initialrights have been crippled more or less by international community and vastly by domestic
antagonists. For instance, annually large
numbers of bursaries areawarded by foreign countries
for Afghan students, ethnic minorities are awarded more than 80% of these bursaries,
handful Pashtun student are selectedfor such
ships, nonetheless,
e morequalified and are
. I dont say that Pashtuns should be selected on the basisof their ethnicity percentage, there should be academic criteria selecting for such scholarshipsbased on intellect of candidate, which will have a significant role in modern Afghanistan
shouldnt be compromised for ethnicity and kinsmanship. If the trendcontinues with such pace there will be significant repercussions and setbacks in educationalfield because of the atrocities committed bye perpetrators affiliated with ethnic and linguis
violence, Pashtuns students are not allowed to write applications in their indigenous language,in facttheir applications are simply rejected because they are not written in Dari, this shows a
in the Ministry of H
Education (MOHE)
rnational community has played its role in depriving Pashtuns from acquiring economicallyand politically viable lives, USA led NATO force are encircled by former ferocious warlords androgue mass murders, largely composed of ethnic Tajiks, whose atrocities saga is still heard in
streets of Kabul, they are resented by Afghans who have seen very rueful days of their livebecause of these ruthless vicious criminals whose only legacyis war and destruction.International forces have signed huge contracts worth of billions of dollars with these warlords
for safeguarding NATO supply routes and oil tankers caravans, they have been used aspredators, preying innocent Pashtuns, largely undermining collective efforts and operational
ability of Afghan national security
forces and
considerably deepened current chaotic situation.
Lack of proper contact management and incongruous inter agencies coordination has led to
misunderstanding and deter
iorating situation in the country.
A report published by Moshe
and analysis of defense contractors in
Afghanistan and Iraq, as of March 2010, there were 112,092US defense contractors inAfghanistan compared to approximately 79,100 uniformed personnel, contractors represent59% of US department of defense workforce in Afghanistan, this figure of contractorscomprised of various nationalities, there were 16,081 US citizens, 17,512 third-country citizensand 78,499 local(Afghan) citizens, making 14%, 16% and 70% respectively. These contractors
are overwhelmingly rogue criminals in their respective
countries;they know little about warfare
engagement rules, civilian protection and casualties,they committed such crimes they should
be p
unished for in international criminal court; recent W
, 90,000 secret
Afghan war
solidifies fears that contractors are third factor of anarchy in Afghanistan and Iraq.
International security forces have waged war on Pashtuns indiscriminately, insecurity,deprivation, killing and targeting innocent farmers and commons people has piled resentment
and anger of brave Pashtuns toward international forces. The atrocities committed by US forces
are comparable to their contractors, recently I came upon a movie called TAXI TO THE DARKSIDE a documentary about a taxi driver (DILAWAR) killed by US forces during interrogation inBagram air base, without any judicial rights against Geneva convention; such inhuman acts
perpetrated by US forces have contributed to anger and resentment of Pashtun population.
President Karzai a former UNOCAL adviser, installed by
US in 2001 i
ethnic Pashtun;
of former US presidentGeorge Bush administration, maybe sentimental from his nature orbecause he thinks so called national reconciliation has been achievedby appointing civil warrogue veterans as key cabinet members, whose allegiance is with
rather than their
torn country.
nature as described by recent W
eaks troveof US embassy cables easilyswayed in his decisions has brought this emerging democracy on the brink of collapse,
of establishing strong central government he let these abhorrent criminals emerge as
economic and military force, people of Afghanistan should be most importantfactor of concern for Mr. Karzai, they elected him twice hoping that his government will bringpeace, prosperity and justice, though they saw war and injustice. The people of Afghanistan nolonger can tolerate these miseries,yet there are still lights of hope shining and blinking on thegloomy horizon of Afghanistan, Mr. Karzai should reversehis current policy before its too late
to act.
Leadership it maybe
, what makes the world go round, Arthur M. Schlesinger, wrote in his
,Ancient Worlds Leaders,
idea of
affirms the capacity of individuals tomove, inspire and mobilize masses of people so that they act together in pursuit of a goal.The above notion implies that an individual can make a difference, transform a war riddledcountry to an advanced, peaceful and prosperous country, all it takes is determination of
we should learn of history,
recovered of world war two destruction,
wall collapsed, China and India
as economicalpowers, ifall these astonishing
are possible then Afghanistan can
transformed toa
hub of central Asia.This country needs firm commitment and determination of leadership, as
future generations will me
asure leaders by resul
ts and their political charisma
Obaid Hashmi

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