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Table Of Contents

What You Can Do
Making A Syncrometer
Making a Hobby Kit Syncrometer®
Making Test Plates
Test Plates Parts List
Test Plates Assembly
Using The Syncrometer®
Test Samples
Preparing Test Substances
Impure Test Substances
Pure Test Substances
Making Organ Specimens
Making a Complete Set of Tissue Samples
Purchasing a Complete Set of Tissue Samples
Body Fluid Specimens
Preparing Your Own Test Substances Electronically
Basic Syncrometry
Exp. 1 Identifying The Sound Of Resonance
Making a White Blood Cell Specimen
Exp. 2 Searching For Toxins In The WBCs
Exp. 3 Determining Water Purity
Exp. 4 Accuracy In Testing For Resonance
Exp. 5 Watch Substances Travel In Your Body; Skin Test
Exp. 6 Verifying The Isopropyl Alcohol and Benzene Lists
Exp. 7 Testing For Aluminum In Your Brain And Foods
Exp. 8 Detecting Aluminum In Others
Saliva Testing
Exp. 9 Organ-Specific Saliva Testing
Exp. 10 Searching The Body For Shingles Or Herpes
Exp. 11 Testing For Cancer
Exp. 12 Testing For HIV
Exp. 13 Testing For Diseases
Exp. 14 Testing For Aids
Exp. 15 Testing For Aflatoxin
Exp. 16 Testing For Parasites
Exp. 17 Testing For Fluke Disease
Exp. 19 Searching For Parasites By Their Frequency
Exp. 20 Killing Parasites With A Frequency Generator
Exp. 21 Finding A Small Animal Bandwidth
Exp. 22 Electrical Interference By Living Things
Exp. 23 Interference By Dissimilar Living Things
Exp. 24 Finding Your Own Body Frequencies
Exp. 25 Variables Affecting Your Bandwidth
Exp. 26 Finding An Emission Spectrum In Saliva
Exp. 27 Effect Of Death On Bandwidth
Exp. 28 Finding Unknown Invaders Of Your Body
Exp. 29 The Killing Effect Of Positive Offset Square Waves At High Frequency
Exp. 30 Zapping Bacteria In Dairy Products
Exp. 31 Ascaris Parasitism Affects Cholesterol Detoxification
Exp. 32 Finding Sources Of Ascaris Parasites
Exp. 33 Finding One Of Your Body’s Detoxification Systems
Exp. 34 Ascaris And Vitamin C Relationship
Exp. 35 Ascorbic Acid and Iron Relationship
Exp. 36 Finding Ascaris-Associated Bacteria
Exp. 37 Tapeworm Stages and Malonic Acid
Exp. 38 Tapeworm Stage-Associated Bacteria
Exp. 39 What Streptomyces Bacteria Produce
Exp. 40 Finding A Growing Tumor
Exp. 41 Evidence Of Parasitism in Growing Tumors
Exp. 42 Common Denominators in Tumors
Exp. 43 Tumor-Related Mutations
Exp. 44 Testing For RNAse inhibitor
Exp. 45 The immune Problems Caused By Benzene
Exp. 46 Metabolic Effects Of Isopropyl Alcohol
Exp. 47 Watching Formation Of A Nitroso Compound
Exp. 48 Carcinogens Made By Tapeworm Stages; Cysteine As Tapeworm Killer
Exp. 49 Tapeworm Stages Oxidize Cysteine
Exp. 50 Comparing Purity Of Vitamin C Brands
Exp. 51 Comparing Wart With Tumor Tissue
Exp. 52 Toxic Amines Made By Bacteria
Exp. 53 Purine And Pyrimidine Bases Are Disregulated in Tumors
Exp. 54 Phenol Is Produced By Liver
Exp. 55 Beets and Vinegar Inhibit Phenol Formation
Exp. 56 Destruction Of Vitamins By Phenol
Exp. 57 Phenol Is Associated With Streptococcus Bacteria
Exp. 58 Cayenne Eliminates Streptococcus
Exp. 59 Origin Of Clostridium and Streptococcus
Exp. 60 Vitamin C and Rhodizonate Are Formed In The Body
Exp. 61 Some Benzene Is Made In The Body
Exp. 62 Identifying Azo Dyes In Body and Food
Exp. 63 Removing Azo Dyes
Exp. 64 Testing Your Artificial Teeth For Toxins
Exp. 65 Locating and Identifying Tumor Cell Types
Exp. 66 Germanium and Ferritin Relationship
Exp. 67 Germanium, Ferritin and Asbestos Relationship
Exp. 68 Organic Germanium Protects Us From Mutations
Exp. 69 Asbestos Causes Ferritin-Coating Of WBCs
Exp. 70 Ferritin Removal From WBCs
Exp. 71 Major Sources Of Asbestos
Exp. 72 Reducing Action Of MSM
Exp. 73 Mutations Caused By Azo Dyes
Exp. 74 Opening Of Tumor Prior To Shrinkage
Exp. 75 Killing Coxsackie Viruses B1 And B4 With Ozonated Water
Exp. 76 Tricalcium Phosphate Deposits Identify Tumors
Exp. 77 Testing For Ascaris Infection In Urine Specimen
Exp. 78 Vitamin B12 Hatches Ascaris Eggs
Exp. 79 Harmful Effects Of Food Spray
Exp. 80 Pollutants In Disinfectants and Antiseptics
Exp. 81 Rhodizonic Acid Kills Ascaris
Exp. 82 Contaminants In IV Bags
The Cosmic Clock (radio time)
Exp. 83 Cosmic Clock Regulates Metabolism
Exp. 84 Finding Chromosomes and The Nuclear Compartment Of The Cell
Exp. 85 Finding The Mitochondrial Compartment Of The Cell
Exp. 86 Effect Of Light On Mitochondria
Exp. 87 Lysosomes, Microsomes and Cell Surface Compartments
Exp. 88 DNA Timing Is Affected By Lanthanides
Exp. 89 Variations In Earth’s Magnetic Field
Exp. 90 North Pole Slows, South Pole Speeds DNA Production
Exp. 91 Frankincense Kills Latent Viruses
Exp. 92 Involvement Of Iridium In Metabolism
Exp. 93 Sources Of Iridium For The Body
Exp. 94 Generating A Variable North Pole Magnetic Field
Exp. 95 Full Spectrum Light Removes Ferritin From WBCs
Exp. 96 Making Electronic Copies Of Organs, Slides, Pathogens, Chemicals
Exp. 97 Small Magnets Can Restore Immunity
Basic Electronics
The Regular Zapper
Building a Zapper
The Plate-Zapper
Homemade Plate-Zapper
Exp. 98 Plate-Zapper Directs Current To Location Indicated On Plate
Homemade plate-zapper
Exp. 99 Plate-Zapping Large Flukes
Exp. 100 Digestive Enzymes Get Rid Of Dead Flukes
Exp. 101 Zapped Fungus Releases Cobalt
Exp. 102 Paragonimus Releases Pneumocystis
Exp. 103 Aspergillus and Penicillium Fungus Grows Next
Exp. 104 Growth Of Potato and Cabbage Fungus Is Next
Exp. 105 Killing A Variety Of Food-Related Fungi
Exp. 106 Dare To Kill Yeast
Exp. 107 RAS and JUN In Grocery Store Packaged Yeast
Exp. 108 Our True Source Of RAS and JUN May Be Bread
Exp. 109 Bakers’ Yeast and Clostridium Bacteria Release Chromium and Nickel
Exp. 110 Dare To Kill Yeasts Again
Exp. 111 Only Four Immune Problems Challenge Us
Exp. 112 Egg Release From Large Flukes After Herbal Treatment
Exp. 113 Clearing Blood Of Parasites
Exp. 114 Plate Versus Regular Zapping
Exp. 115 Zapping Two Organs On The Plate Fails
Exp. 116 Zapping A Tumor
Exp. 117 Plate-Zapping Tapeworms Ineffective
Exp. 118 Double-Zapping: Sine Wave and Square Wave Together
Emerging Pathogens
Exp. 119 Killing Emerging Pathogens
Exp. 120 Zapping The Zapping Symptoms
Setting Up The Double Zapper
Exp. 121 PCBs Interfere With Zapper Action
Exp. 122 Zapping PCBs With Blood Vessel Access To Organs
Exp. 123 Zapping A Large Body Area For PCBs
Exp. 124 Identifying Lymph Nodes For Zapping Or Testing
Exp. 125 Finding Organs Using A Coin On Your Skin
Exp. 126 Finding Right And Left Organs
Exp. 127 Finding An Unidentifiable Tumor
Exp. 128 Zapping Parasites Through The Skin
Exp. 129 Finding a Skin Lesion
Exp. 130 Killing Fasciola In Skin With Herbs
Exp. 131 Zapping Out Pain
Applying Experimental Results To Cancer
Exp. 132 How To Find and Destroy An Advanced Cancer In 8 Steps (Days)
Critically Ill and Emergency Patients
Supplement Schedule For The Mostly Zapping Program
The Mostly Zapping Schedule
Slide Kits Needed for the Mostly Zapping Program
Digestive System Slide Kit
Exp. 133 Zapping By Frequency Using Positive Offset Square Waves
Exp. 134 Adding Square Wave Frequencies To Skin-Zapping
Exp. 138 Benefit Of Hydrazine Sulfate
Exp. 139 A New Kind Of First-Aid For Emergencies
Exp. 140 Making Right Or Left Organs Electronically
Unified Theory of Disease
Bandwidth Of Organism Families
Mold, Mold Toxin Frequencies
Bacteria and Viruses
Roundworms, Flatworms, One-celled Animals
Wart Frequencies
Tissue Frequencies
Mite Frequencies
Miscellaneous Frequencies
Supplies Used For Testing
Laboratory Equipment
Pathogens (bacteria and viruses)
Fungi and Slimemolds
Tissue Slides
Nervous System
Tumor Type Tissues
Research Chemicals
Food and Product Dyes
Anatomy Slide Kit
Testing Laboratories
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