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New Bee Buzz

New Bee Buzz

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Published by Priyanka Kumari

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Published by: Priyanka Kumari on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Type of Organization:
Licenses and Permits* No
special permits or licenses are required to operate or sell products in local area.
To have flawless• Incoming inspection• In process inspection• Predispatch inspection
To manage the farm as an efficient and profitableBeekeeping business, maintain assets in good working condition, reducedebt and build equity.LONG TERMS GOALSGOALSTRATEGYTACTICSTIMEPay off debtMaintain paymentschedulePriority on high cashflow6 YearsSHORT TERM GOALS:-GOALSTRATEGYTACTICSTIMEDiversify pollen productionLearn about pollen Seminar/books3 yearswax craftMake candles & bar-2 yearscomb honeyBuild boxes2 years
Beekeeping is the art of caring for, management, nursing and manipulating colonies of honeybees (Apis sp.) so that they will collect and store a quantity of honey above their owninstant and/or present requirements
Honey bees are the most significant group of insects under Apidae family in the field of appliedEntomology. Rendering enormous dedication for the production of fruits, seeds, crops,vegetables and fibers in addition to honey and many other by products.
• Production of honey throughout the country. • Increase the production of crops, fruits, seedsand vegetables by honey bee pollination. • Increase the nutrition value of human food. • Develop bee-products by way of beekeeping. • Develop plant environment through plantation for keeping bees. • Employment generation.
1.No specific land is required.2. No monetary value for required raw materials.3. Minimum investment in comparison to output and/or other activities.4. Applicable profession for everybody
5. Good venture for part time and/or full time activities.6. Potentiality is almost everywhere in the country.7. By-products are not less valuable and important than the main products- honey as weknow.8. Important role for the enhanced production seeds, crops, fruits, vegetable and fibres.9. Creation of employment opportunities.10. Increase the Agro based cottage industry.
Advantages of beekeeping as an income generation activity:
•Bee keeping requires less time, money and infrastructure investments•Honey and beeswax can be produced from an area of little agricultural value•The Honey bee does not compete for resources with any other agricultural enterprise.•Beekeeping has positive ecological consequences. Bees play an important role in the pollination of many flowering plants, thus increasing the yield of certain crops such assunflower and various fruits.•Honey is a delicious and highly nutritious food. By the traditional method of honey huntingmany wild colonies of bees are destroyed. This can be prevented by raising bees in boxes and producing honey at home.•Beekeeping can be initiated by individuals or groups•The market potential for honey and wax is high
Production Strategy
To maintain 200 hive level in full production
Production Facilities

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