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English Process Paper

English Process Paper

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Published by jessicaea7

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Published by: jessicaea7 on Dec 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Antonio 1Jessica AntonioDr. Jan RiemanEnglish 1103September 15, 2010Self Assessment: Writing this paper was relatively easy for me. Everything seemed to flow well, but I felt like my Introduction and Conclusion could have been better. I did not know how to dothis though. I believe my strength is grammar and my weakness is transitions. Peer workshophelped make my paper better by showing me what my audience thought of my paper. My peersgave me lots of feedback that I used to make my paper better, and I am glad we got to do it.My Life through LiteracyLooking to the past, I see myself as a child, curled up into my mom’s arms as she readsanimal books to me. She would ask me what kind of animal it was and then what kind of noise itmade. I would try to mimic each animal’s sound, and my mom and I would giggle non-stop.Those are the best memories I have of reading. I had great access to literacy throughout my life,even as a small child. Many people and institutions played a role in how I developed literacyskills, and I was very privileged to have had these sponsors growing up. I would not be where Iam today if it was not for my parents, church, schools, and technology.My parents had a huge impact on my ability to read and speak since I was born. Theyread many books to me, more than once, in the attempt to advance my literacy skills. They were both educated individuals, and they knew that books were critical to the development of a child.They also made me attend church every Sunday, which was another sponsor of my literacy.Since I was so young, I did not know much about religion, but I do remember the Bible storieswe read and the songs we sang. I remember looking through the hymnals and trying to read the
Antonio 2hymns, but I never could. Church also introduced me to the new and exciting adventures of story-telling.Although I had the ability to talk when I was very young, I preferred not to. Instead, myolder sister would talk and answer questions for me. I did not really start talking till I was aroundfour years old. This is when I attended pre-school. School has always been a major sponsor of my literacy, although it changed drastically over the years. When I was younger, I went to asmall Christian school in Florida, which was very sheltered from the outside world. I remember a pretty, sparkly journal that my dad had bought me. It was just a bunch of blank pages bindedtogether, yet it helped improved my literacy. One day, I brought it to pre-school, and I begandrawing pictures and writing stories. I eventually realized that I should be paying attention to theclass, but by then it was too late. The teacher saw that I was not listening to her and called me tocome up to the board and write the capital D in cursive. Luckily, my older sister’s name startswith a D, so I knew how to write it. I wrote it perfectly on the board and then walked back to mydesk. I am sure that my teacher was not too happy with this, but I felt like I was the smartest pre-schooler in the class. M literacy made me feel very empowered when I compared it with my peers. I was ahead of them in this area, and I was proud of myself for that. Unfortunately, it wasnot this way for long.The next memory I have of literacy was in kindergarten. We had small reading groupsthat we divided into, based on our reading capability. I remember being in the highest levelreading group, still thinking I was the smartest person in the class. We each took turns readingaloud, and I would quickly correct others when they made a mistake, even though I mademistakes as well. We would slowly pronounce each letter until we finally said the correct word.It was always fun reading within our groups. I would always go home and try to read even more,
Antonio 3so I could improve faster than the other students. Reading was fun as a competition, and I alsoenjoyed writing. Whenever I was sick and could not go to school, I would go to work with mymom. In her office she had a typewriter that I loved. I would always write stories on thetypewriter, and I would read them to my mom with a feeling of pride and accomplishment.Writing brought so much joy to me.As I moved to North Carolina, my literacy experience changed. Reading was encouragedin this new school, and they often had contests among classes to see who could get the mostAccelerated Reader points, which I had never heard of before. To get these AR points, I had toread a book and take a quiz on it on the computer. I had never used a computer before because Idid not have one at home, so this was a new experience for me. I lacked the experience with thistechnology that these other students had been accustomed to. Once I figured out how to use thecomputers, I attempted to win these contests, but I now had to race against students who were better readers than I. I did not think that was even possible because I had always been the brightest at my other school. I was also introduced to newspapers in elementary school. Theygave them out in class and expected us to know how to use them, but I had no idea. I desperatelywished that my parents had taught me more about newspapers instead of Dr. Seuss books. Thisnew school was very different than my last, and it also shaped my view on literacy in a new way.I found that I enjoyed reading when it was not required, so I read a lot in elementaryschool. I had a librarian named Mrs. Haig who knew me by name. I loved going to the library because she made it such a magical place. She would help me pick out books, and she wasalways smiling as she did this. Thanks to her, I realized that I was interested in historical figuresof the past and learned much about them through reading biographies. She really played a role inmy reading because her love of books was obvious, and it was a quality that I wanted as well.

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