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The Four Awakenings and Four Dark Nights

The Four Awakenings and Four Dark Nights

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Published by Betsy Rabyor
An article that explains what is the Dark Night of the Soul and it's counterpart, a Spiriutal awakening. Detailed information is given on how to get through the Dark Night of Soul. An indepth explanation of the dark night & awakening cycle and details on the 4 times this happens during one's spiritual transformation.
An article that explains what is the Dark Night of the Soul and it's counterpart, a Spiriutal awakening. Detailed information is given on how to get through the Dark Night of Soul. An indepth explanation of the dark night & awakening cycle and details on the 4 times this happens during one's spiritual transformation.

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Published by: Betsy Rabyor on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Four Dark Nights & Awakenings
What is the Dark Night of the Soul?
Dark night of the soul is a metaphor used in spiritual circles. The term describes a phase in one’s spiritual process, often marked by a sense of loneliness, desolation, andfeeling of wanting to die and sometimes with the feeling of going crazy. It is common phenomena experienced on one’s soul journey of becoming spiritual, or of going from bodily identification to union with one’s higher self. What I define as dark night of thesoul is like the story of Job in the bible where he feels that everything he loved has beentaken away from him, his wife, his children, his farm and his way to make a living. Youfeel as if all is taken away from you and you cry for days on end, and you can feel likeyou no longer want to live anymore without what ‘was lost’, you feel you can’t go on andyou might come near to the edge and think about ending your life.I think a better name for this phenomenon would be dark night of the ego. This is because the soul or spirit represents the deepest energetic layer of true self, and the causeof this symptom has nothing to do with the soul. Rather the cause of this symptom is dueto one’s attachment to an energetic layer of ego. Ego as used in this article is a synonymfor ‘me’, my personality, bodily representation of self, how one views oneself or self-image. Ego is held together through identification with physical manifest aspects of self (that which we can observe or see), which exist at different vibration or energetic levels.As we move through each level of transformation of self, we encounter the next vibrationlevel.Having gone through a long process of transformation with hindsight I realizedthere was more than one dark night. The second time it happened, I noticed that all theissues that came up the first time were coming up again; nearly identical to the first timewhich I thought I had gone beyond. I felt like I was repeating, that I had been walking incircles for years and felt like a failure. When it happened the third time, then I knew for sure I was progressing, and could see that each dark night corresponded to a different setof issues, representing a different layer of identification with the personality.On our journey of awakening there are four dark nights of the soul and threeawakenings that happen between them, where each happens as one passes through thestage of dropping identification with one of the energetic layers of ego. There is then the4
stage of awakening at the end of the process which can be seen as full enlightenment.The ego is held together from the three main ways that we attach to and identify withmanifested energetic aspects of self. The three layers that make up the ego and to whichwe identify with are mind, emotions and body, where spirit is the base of all of them.The journey to become our true self in body is like a healing of the personality,which happens in reverse order of how these layers were laid down in the building up of our personality. The first layer is cognitive (mental imprinting) which we learnapproximately from the ages of 3 to 26 years, to the end of physical growing of the bodyand mind. The second layer is precognitive (emotional or fetal imprinting) which welearn approximately from the ages of conception to 3 years, before we have highly
developed cognitive mind, and exist at a deep unconscious level. The last layer is the physical body at the DNA level, which we amassed over many lifetimes and also hasancestral imprinting influences due to our inherited genes from our mother and father.
Why are there 4 stages of physical transformation?
The reason why there are 4 stages of personal transformation is based on thefundamentals of how something is created. The journey of personal transformation is allabout transmuting one’s personality into full awareness, it is all about recreating yourself as a new entity, thus it goes through the same steps of creation. We know how to createsomething as a human being in the world of objects:1. We observe an object in the physical world using our sensory apparatus.2. We process internally thinking about what we have seen and ask questions about it.We then decide what we want to do with it, of which answer to our question can comeeither from inspiration or from thinking itself, depending upon our ability. Having madethe decision this forms our intention and direction for the use of our energy with action.3. Once we have decided what to do, we need one more step and that is to use our will toactually do it. With our idea and will to do it, intention gets set and energy follows our focus. Energy charges move from the brain to the appropriate body muscles, allowing usto move our energy from thought to feeling to action or doing in the external world.4. We move and do the action and the desired thing is created in the physical world.Being an individual, as personality in a body, one might say one is created as thatwhen one is born. To transform ourselves as we are in a body, we have to recreate that body by ourselves using the same principles of how we create some other object. Thistime the object we focus on is ourselves.
Pattern of transformation: Awakening and dark night cycles
Each layer of personal transformation goes through distinct phases. First there isidentification or attachment with that layer of self. Due to this attachment misery anddissatisfaction eventually becomes the norm and because of this pain one becomes readyto give up another layer of attachment. At this point, you are on the verge of letting go of identification with the ego layer you are hanging onto. How many of the four cycles youwill experience in your lifetime is not certain, it depends upon your starting point, fromall you have learned so far and your current state of evolution. One can spend an entirelifetime in any one or these cycles.
In the instant one truly is able to stop clinging, spiritual awakening or rising of  being happens, and a huge amount of energy you were previously holding in ‘tension’ asthat energetic form is released. A transformation process ensues which is being fueled bythis huge amount of energy, which is the biological aspect of awakening accompanied
with profound healing and spiritual reactions. One feels elated and joyous for many daysfollowing the spiritual awakening. It is typical you encounter your true self as a spiritual being and you feel fully awake. You normally experience many charismatic symptomssuch as tones, flashing lights, rushes of internal wind, numbness, tingling, going out of  body, insights, crystal clarity, visions, repressed memories, telepathy, hyper-hearing,enhanced vision, loss in weight, elation, laughing, etc. The majority of these symptomsare a side-effect due to a biological transformation process going on in your body whichis changing your nervous system including your mind.
The awakening energy settles down
After the big high and thrill of spiritual awakening, the released energy willcontinue to work strongly in the brain and body, going into deeper layers which will goon for many months. As this happens ego tends to activate strongly as old memories andemotions are stirred up from the depths. As the healing process intensifies you start tofeel heavy and tired, you feel pains in the body, strong emotions are common, weirdthoughts, old memories, dreams and memories of past lives start to flood in to your awareness. Because of this side-effect, one tends to identify strongly with the ego side of self again. It is common that many new and false ideas and beliefs are adopted during thisstage, as ways to explain what is happening and what one is receiving. One tends tointerpret many of the insights one receives, inventing a story and reason for them andthus tends to go into a kind of head trip. Because you are stronger energetically, a larger amount of energy is now getting diverted into making an ego much stronger than before.It is largely due to these phenomena, that one can get deeply enmeshed in the dark nightof the soul.Eventually, the big energy that was released appears to settle and one starts to feellike normal again. But one is not the same; one now knows oneself as essentially spiritualand through the process many revelations and insights have increased one’s knowledgewhich one will never forget. With this deepening of the healing and a feeling of return tonormalcy, there is a growing sense that what was gained is now lost. It is typical that your entire value system changes after an awakening event, due to new information youreceive. You reprocess everything known with the new information, and arrive at a newset of values, you see everything differently. Because of this one tends to let go of identification with all objects that were associated with the level you are going through. Itis normal that one loses interest in old friends, family values, geographical location,money, possessions, beliefs, religious attachments, habits and career interest, to name themost common.
The Dark Night begins
As one comes back down to earth, one starts to feel normal again, and the elationof the spiritual high seems to be gone. Then it seems like one gave up so much and nowhas nothing left, that one starts to feel very alone and desolate. You start to wonder if youhave a reason left to live. It is normal that a depression develops and one’s thinking andfeelings started to become dominate. One’s thinking tends to get heavy and dark, andcrying can often be non-stop for days on end. Prior to this event you had strongattachment to ego and could get some strong reactions out of it, but after this event you

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