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Green 2015

Green 2015

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Published by Mike Lyons

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Published by: Mike Lyons on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A A Pla  h F 500 A PPa Phlalpha Pa a rapp  h Wlla P a L Fa
tAbLe oFcontents
cHAPter 1executive summAry
cHAPter 2PHiLAdeLPHiA Loves its PArks
 The Benefits of Parks
What’s Your Park?
 The Time Is Right
cHAPter 3tHe GoALs oF Green 2015
 Greenworks Philadelphia Mandate:500 Acres
 What Does 500 Acres Look Like?
 Green2015 Process
 Citizen Principles
cHAPter 4Priorities For neW PArks
 Fair and Equal Access to Parkswithin Walking Distance
 Stormwater Management inOur Neighborhoods
 Environmental Benefits of Regional Significance
 Transportation and Land Use 
 Healthy Living
 Partners on the Ground
 Site-Selection Criteria Matri
cHAPter 5oPPortunity sites
 Recreation Centers andUnderused PPR Sites
 Public Underused Land
 Private Underused Land
cHAPter 6tHe First 500
 We’re Well on Our Way
 Recreation Centers andUnderused PPR Sites
 Public Underused Land
 Private Underused Land
 Implementation Costs
cHAPter 7WHAt We cAn do todAy
Immediately Achievable Steps forPhiladelphia Parks and Recreation
 Citizens: What You Can Do Today
 Parks on the Near Horizon
cHAPter 8beyond 2015
 Connecting to PHILADELPHIA2035
 A Vision for the Future of Philadelphia’s Green Network
 Looking Ahead
A. Acknowledgements
B. Interview List
C. Additional ImplementationResearch
D. Endnotes
E. Image Credits
Letter FromtHe director
PennPraxis is pleased to submit 
Green2015: An Action Plan for the First 500 Acres 
to the PhiladelphiaDepartment o Parks and Recreationand the Philadelphia City PlanningCommission.Over the past year, we have had theprivilege o working in partnershipwith these city agencies, alongwith many other colleagues, tohelp establish criteria to guide thecity in adding 500 acres o greenedpublic space by 2015. This goal wasput orth in the “Equity” section o 
Greenworks Philadelphia
, the Cityo Philadelphia’s sustainability plan.One o its major aims is to providepark space to residents who don’t have a park within a hal-mile walko their homes. The target numbero 500 acres o greened public spaceis considered the minimum amount that will advance the city’s objectiveo becoming more air, livable, andcompetitive.Already, we are well underway in oureorts to achieve this
goal.Since the start o the NutterAdministration in 2008, manypeople across the city havebeen creating parks. In act, asGreen2015 demonstrates, a rangeo public, private, nonproit, andinstitutional partners has provedthe power o collective action. Andwe’ve learned that we can createan equitably distributed network o park spaces using unding sourcesthat already exist to support otherrelated policy objectives.This study was generously undedby the William Penn Foundationand the Lenest Foundation. ThePenn Project or Civic Engagement and the Pennsylvania HorticulturalSociety skillully crated a civic-engagement program or Green2015that allowed Philadelphia citizensto inorm the plan. The PhiladelphiaWater Department was a valuedpartner, lending both technicalexpertise and proessional insight into how to create green inrastruc-ture. And a host o advisory groupmembers, experts, policy makers,advocates, and citizens contributedtheir knowledge, skills, and planstoward the eort. We are grateulor everyone’s contributions.The beneits o green public spaceare abundantly clear. Be it orsocial, economic, ecological, orpublic-health reasons, creating ac-cessible, green public space addsreal value to the lives and welareo our citizens, our city, and ourregion. Taken together, the impact o these beneits is exponential.Philadelphia’s long tradition o aninterconnected system o parksand green public spaces dates toits ounding. Green2015 aspires tobuild upon this legacy—creatingnew types o parks that will helpus meet the challenges o ourgeneration while connectingPhiladelphians and their parks withthe world beyond.Harris Steinberg, FAIAExecutive Director, PennPraxisDecember 2010

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