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Componet of a Computer System

Componet of a Computer System

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Published by: ✬ SHANZA MALIK ✬ on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Component of Computer System
It is a device or equipment which receives the input of data performs processing on it & gives theoutput or result according to a set of instruction. 
Simply we can say that, it is a machine that receives input & processing it and produced Result. 
A computer is electronic device that accept the data from the user, process it and gives output. 
A combination of hardware and software is called computer.
Major Component of a Computer System
A typical digital computer system consists of the following units.
 Input Devices.
Central Processing Unit (CPU).
Output Devices.
 Auxiliary Storage unit/Storage.
Department Of Business Administration Gomal University 
KPK (Dera Ismail Khan) Pakistan
 Input  Devices Processor (CPU) Main Memory Auxiliary StorageUnit/StorageOutput  Devices
The input devices enter the date into main memory or provide the information to a computer.A verity of input devices exist to convert information in any form (Data, Text, Video, Image,Animations)in to binary pulses recognized by computer. There are of different types:
Character input. (e.g. Keyboard).
Signal input (e.g. Mouse, Joystick, Light Pen, and Trackball).
Voice input (e.g. Micro phone).
Digitized input (e.g. Digital Camera).
Special input (e.g. Screen-oriented Devices).
It is the most common device used to input Characters, Numbers and Symbols. It has following parts.
 Alphanumeric Keys
This area of keyboard has alphabets and numbers. We can enter the alphanumeric data by therekeys. 
Numeric Keys
It consist numbers from (0 to 9) and we can enter numeric data bay these numeric keys.
Screen Navigation & Editing Keys
These are used to move the cursor on monitor screen from one point to another point, the editingkeys are also used for modifying text window & arrow keys is are part of this area.
Function Keys
They are (12) in number. These keys are lick-at the top of the key board these are used in special purpose called special keys.
Department Of Business Administration Gomal University 
KPK (Dera Ismail Khan) Pakistan
The mouse is hand-held device with rubber ball project from it base. It is a faster input devisethen keyboard. It was invented in
. It has 2 or 3 buttons. We press andtake such as picking options displayed on the screen. There are 2 basic types
Electromechanical Mouse.
Optical Mouse.
Joy Stick 
It is just like lever .it is used to move the things on screen. It is often used for playing Videogames, word line page object & picture.
Light Pen
It is pen shaped. It is hand-held and can detect presence of light with photoelectric cell at its at point, means used for graphic work and Computer Aided Design (CAD) purpose.
Track Ball
A track ball is uses a hand sphere to control cursor movement .the tack ball translates the spheresdirection and speed of rotation into a digital signal used to control the cursor.It is a pointing device, which is similar to a mouse. To move graphics cursor around the screen,the ball is rolled with the fingers. It required less space then a mouse for operation. It is built intothe keyboard or commonly used in Laptop (Notebook) Computers.
With the help of micro phones we can easily store our voice in computer. Microphones alsomake the PC useful for audio/video conferencing over the internet.
Digital Camera
Department Of Business Administration Gomal University 
KPK (Dera Ismail Khan) Pakistan

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