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L-1 Face Recognition in National Fusion Centers and Law Enforcement 2010

L-1 Face Recognition in National Fusion Centers and Law Enforcement 2010

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Published by AxXiom

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: AxXiom on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Face Recognition inNational Fusion Centersand Law Enforcement
Identify Suspects, Solve Cases andPrevent Crimes Like Never Before
Face Recognition in National FusionCenters and Law Enforcement
National Fusion Centers and law enforcement agencies can take advantageof L-1’s next generation face recognition technology and tap into the under-utilized assets of mug shot databases to identify persons of interests bysearching millions of images in seconds.L-1’s face recognition solution pairs leading searching and matching algorithmson a scalable multi-biometric platform, or ABIS
, with unique capabilitiesincluding mobile tools to help ofcers quickly identify suspects on the street,forensic examination tools to help investigators solve more cases and real-timescreening tools to help security ofcials prevent more crimes.
Why Face Recognition?
Simply put, because too manysolvable crimes remain unsolved.Manual mug shot searches arenot feasible because they areslow to process, error proneand geographically limited toavailable resources. When facerecognition technology is combinedwith other biometric modalitiesand non-biometric data such asdemographics, an exponentiallygreater probability of matchingresults.Face recognition solutions fromL-1 are already considered trustedtools for Federal, State and Localagencies. For example, the UnitedStates Department of State Visa andPassport Issuance Program consistsof the largest face system with over84 million records, and performs3,000 enrollments and searchesevery hour. Homeland Securityinitiatives across the country aredriving inter- and intra-state identitydata sharing initiatives to helpNational Fusion Centers achieve theirmission objectives. The PennsylvaniaJustice Network has solved over 200crimes and Pinellas County, Floridahas made over 468 arrests becauseof L-1’s face recognition solutions.
Unparalleled Identity DataSharing Results with ABIS
:The Next Generation AFIS
To leverage the power of facerecognition technology, identicationsearch and match capabilities needto move beyond the limitations ofexisting, rigid and costly AutomatedFingerprint Identication Systems(AFIS). L-1’ s Automated BiometricIdentication System (ABIS
) bringstogether multiple identity modalitieswith non-biometric data on a singleplatform for fast and accuratedata management, searching andmatching. With ABIS, you controlyour operating environment with anextensible and open framework, easyupgrades of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and exibleworkow management built on aServices Oriented Architecture (SOA).With the common denominator ofABIS, National Fusion Centers canlink information with other agenciessuch as police departments, sheriffs’ofces, district attorneys’ ofces,and Federal agencies such as theDepartment of Homeland Security(DHS) and Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (FBI). The central ABIScan be a repository of face-basedimages from county and regionalmug shot systems including criminalrecords such as wants and warrants,and DHS and gang member watch-lists. In return, the Fusion Centercan offer face-based identity toolsto the participating agencies suchas mobile identication for ofcerson the street, post-event analysis forcrime solving and real-time screeningsolutions for crime and terrorismprevention.
Delivering Results:Pinellas CountySheriff’s Ofce
Facial recognition is oneof the most powerful newtechnologies being usedby law enforcement. Byusing Facial Recognitionon a pre-booking image,deputies have the abilityto compare the suspect’sface against the 7 millionimages already in thedatabase and match it tothe correct identity. Withstatistics showing that over60% of those arrestedare repeat offenders, thePinellas County Sheriff’sOfce identies hundredsof individuals each yearusing only their faces.The Pinellas CountySheriff’s Ofce haspartnered with other stateand local agencies inFlorida to maximize theeffectiveness of the system.Some of the agenciesparticipating include:• Florida Department ofCorrections• Hillsborough County SO• Miami Dade PD• Orange County SO• Leon County SO• Duval County SO• Hernando County SO• Polk County SO• Pasco County SO• Sumter County SO“Throughout each andevery project phase,L-1’s staff and efforts indeveloping our identitysolution have beenoutstanding. By workingclosely with us, L-1 hasexceeded our expectationsin creating a real worldsolution to address ourbooking process andcriminal identicationissues.”– Capt. Jim Main, PCSO
Identify Suspects, Solve Cases, andPrevent Crimes Like Never Before
Increasing and improving collaboration and sharing of information and resourcesamong law enforcement agencies is critical to identifying suspects, solvingcases, and preventing crimes. L-1’s solutions empower National Fusion Centersand law enforcement with ABIS
and face recognition tools to achieve thesegoals.
Identifying Suspects with Mobile Face Recognition Tools
Law enforcement ofcers can use mobile facerecognition solutions from L-1 as part of a homicideinvestigation or trafc stop. They can instantly identifya suspect encountered out in the eld by takingan image of a person’s face using a digital cameraand submitting the image for search against ABIS
,populated by local mug shot databases.Hit or no-hit results are returned immediately savingofcers a trip to the booking station. In addition, ofcers can detect known gangmembers on watch-lists and associate the suspect with their afliates.
Solving Cases with Post-Event, Forensic Face Examination Tools
Beyond nger and palm prints left at crime scenes,other types of latents such as “face latents” fromsurveillance cameras and images from mobile and webcameras can be analyzed to help identify suspects.L-1’s FaceExaminer can aid forensic examiners toprepare enhanced face images for submission as part ofcriminal investigations.This powerful tool is ideal to help enhance the effectiveness and performance of facerecognition in investigative environments, where the quality of images is poor or theperson may not be facing the camera directly. FaceExaminer combines 3-D modelingand imaging tools that let you lter and extract a clearer image, and identify hard-to-nd facial landmarks before submitting an image against ABIS
for higher identicationsearch results. This data can then be stored for case management and made availablefor investigative browsing.
Preventing Crimes with Real-Time Face Screening Tools
With real-time face screening, security staffs can spendmore time focusing on persons of interests, ratherthan the public at large. L-1’s Argus solution capturesfaces through a live video stream from high-resolutioncameras, searches them against predened watch lists,and generates real-time alarms whenever a match isfound.Because of the high accuracy of the underlying algorithm,the system has the ability to help identify large numbersof unfamiliar faces quickly, distinguishing betweenlook-a-likes and even twins. Argus works with commercial, off-the-shelf equipmentand interfaces with ABIS
for fast, easy integration. Argus is ideal for law enforcementsettings such as courthouses and other controlled environments and buildings wheresuspected individuals with outstanding wants and warrants might traverse.
Delivering Results:Pennsylvania JusticeNetwork
Pennsylvania’s JusticeNetwork (JNET) is theCommonwealth’s primarypublic safety and criminaljustice informationbroker. JNET provides anintegrated, common on-lineenvironment for over 32,000authorized law enforcementpractitioners to accesscriminal justice information.This critical data of over2 million mug shotsoriginates from contributingmunicipalities, sixty-sevencounties and state andfederal agencies across thenation.L-1’s ABIS
face recognitionsolution has provedsuccessful with JNET inseveral areas of crimesolving and prevention.Over 700 users have beentrained and are authorizedto access and use the L-1solution.Use of FaceExaminer as aninvestigative tool has lead toarrests and convictions for:• Murder• Bank robbery• Check cashing fraud• Bank fraud• ATM theft• Identity theft“If we catch one murdererthat would otherwise havegotten away, this solutionhas paid for itself.”– Harry GiordanoManagerSpecial ProjectsPennsylvania JusticeNetwork

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