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2009-04-25 SatNite

2009-04-25 SatNite

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Published by valencia_nelson

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Published by: valencia_nelson on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Deannie : Hi RCS we are early STGSTG : slow night. HI Deannie and AmosAmosNY : Hi Deannie and STG!!Deannie : I see it is...but if we chat . they will come...hu AmosNTAmosNY : Where is everyone?Deannie : They must have had good weather like we had....it was a beauiful day....AmosNY : I was late because I had to download Java because I have a new hard drive.Deannie : It only 8: here.....My daughter made me a Facebook site today...it only for genealogy purpose....I will ask her later how to get into later.....I do not know much about the kind of sitesSTG : you just login in with your passwordAmosNY : The weather was great here today.STG : nice and hot hereAmosNY : Well,I have hundreds of email to go thru so niters.STG : hi Michaelhait it's slow going tonightmichaelhait : I see... How is everyone?Anyone working on anything good?STG : nothing going here. how's the work with the kids rcs?RCS : carrying on famiily tree time at the one high schoolso playing with a bit of new bloodDeannie : NO...but tomorrow I'm going to my cousin church...I have never meet her but Ihave talked to here...her husband is the pastor....michaelhait : That sounds like it could be fun, DeannieSTG : hope you can get some new ties Deannie great rcs new startsDeannie : I will....one of my co worker makes hat pins and I'm going to present her withone...I going to make this a little tradition when I meet my older female relativeSTG : that's nice
 Deannie : I will let you know next week...my vacation is over What·s new with everyone elseRCS : borrowed computer with very little ram -- doesn't like javaif i try multitasking stops woking3rdTHawkins : Deannie nothing new really just going over the same things and adding bitsand pieces to the puzzle, especially the "puzzle" of tracking down my maternal gr. gm's journey from TExas to AR and finally to AZ found a couple DC's to put a good timeframe asto when my grandmother and gr. grandmother came to AZ and left AR hoping one paper trail leads me to the next discovery or paper find, I should sayDeannie : Ok 3rd...me too,...I did a lot of filing while on vacation...so i have to input in mycomputer oh yeah, I remember you were filing earlier this week, get anything done?3rdTHawkins : oh, you're inputing it into your computer..?...okDeannie : Yes...I found a lot of double inform...and if I keep up with my filing i would knowthatAfriVee : Hope all yall be doing good and well speaking shorthand 2 nite Been on BookTVall day and continuingSTG : anything interesting afriveeAfriVee : Paula Giddings was at the :os Angeles Book Festival talking about her recent bookon Ida B Wells and Blockmon was on earlier speaking about his book RCS it is called artritis will make one hit and missRCS : with me it's just fat fingered typingAfriVee : Did yall talk about the new search at Ancestry ???3rdTHawkins : noRCS : haven't tried it yet3rdTHawkins : what new search?AfriVee : uh oh 3rd see post on GenTech board re using Ancestrymichaelhait : Havent been on Ancestry today - is it the system they have had in beta testingthe last few months?AfriVee : michaelhait yes
3rdTHawkins : okAfriVee : Randy Seaver wrote a good blog about itmichaelhait : I'll have to take a look - it's time for "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" anyway...wonder what he has for us tonight...AfriVee : I know that Ancestry is trying to make it better for all us BUT the process is trying.Gotta be patientmichaelhait : It's still much better than Ancestry back in say 1998 when I first started usingit... In those days I still had to spend all day Saturday at the National Archives going throughmicrofilm Soundex indexes to the census, or scanning the county page by page And forgetmilitary and passenger lists...I praise TGN for giving us fully searchable indexes...3rdTHawkins : oh yeah, I've been using the new search engine, I thought it was somethingELSE new they startedAfriVee : scanning, in the olden days lol Try pencil and ledger padsmichaelhait : Yeah, that too! 8SRCS : and the queries in QUARTERLY genealogy magazines where they might be answeredin a month or 6AfriVee : Good for you 3rdTHawkins Or once yearly RCS lolRCS : I don't enjoy the new search experience -- prefer the older format -- more specific andtargetedAfriVee : I tend to agree with youRCS : especially if you are looking for common names -- odd names either will workAYWalton: Hi 3rdTHawkins, Deannie Michael and RCS!!michaelhait : I like the new one - it took time to get used to it but now I like it - at first I didnt3rdTHawkins : I kind of liked the new search but it's getting very annoying, especially lately,now all it brings up is other people's trees that they think are a match to the person I'mlooking for AfriVee : But I have been at this stuff for over 50 years genograms and all lolAYWalton : Just thought I would pop in for a moment!

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