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Interview Report

Interview Report

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Published by intercultural_c2593

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Published by: intercultural_c2593 on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saara Saleh1.12. 2010 INTERVIEW REPORT 
As you will read below, my comments on each student’s interview express also my generalobservations. I noticed that none of the students mentioned her-his management skills. Ithought being a good manager is one of the most important qualities an employee of that levelshould have. Among the good qualities most of the students seemed to have is to keep balance between being formal, professional and self-confident vs. being mild, friendly and responsiveto wit.Here I summarize my comments on the interview of each student.
1. Cecilia Hens
She speaks fluently with a very good English and a clear voice. She is a self-confident andcan express her self easily.When asking her to talk about herself she answered in a perfect way. She mentioned her education, experiences, and her personal characteristics, especially the ones that could also beuseful in a working environment (she redirects the question on the job needs).She kept a good balance between being a sharp and confident professional and being mild andfriendly.I think this was one of the best interviews of the day.
2. Isabelle
She generates a positive atmosphere; she smiles, appears optimistic, responsive and keeps agood eye contact.She was honest, which is positive in general. Yet, this honesty revealed a few of her weak  points. For example, in response to the question, what would you do in case you had childrenin future, she answered “It depends on my future husband”. She added later “I will try to finda balance between motherhood and work”, which is good, but I think the first sentence shouldnot be said.1
In response to the question “what can you tell me about yourself, she talked about her studies,age and hobbies. I think, in response to this question, more should be said about one’scharacteristics, aims, motivations … etc.
3. Kirsten Baeyens
She is a direct communicator. She, also, maintains a good nonverbal communications: smilingface, maintains eye contact, and does not interrupt the interviewer. Yet, she speaks in generalgiving the impression that she is unaware of the perspective of the interview.In response to most of the questions she did not speak much and her answers were mostlyinsufficient. For example, when asked to speak about herself, she only talked about her ageand studies whereas, in response to the questions “could you tell me about a time when youwere tolerant of an opinion that was different from yours?”, the answer was very long. Shetalked too much and lost track of time (was unable to establish shared meanings with theinterviewer).
4. Max Van Langenhoven
He seems a little shy, yet, speaks very good English and expresses himself clearly. He listenscarefully and maintains eye contact. He is formal but could still generate a friendlyatmosphere.He is also honest and direct. When he was asked about his role in a group projects, heanswered frankly. He said that he cannot be a leader, but he will succeed as a second personor as an effective party in the group. This answer does not only show the candidate’s honesty but also his good self-evaluation.His answer to the question “Do you have a question for me?” was a very good and practical, itshowed his awareness of the perspective of the interview.
5. Brigitte Van Praag 
She did not leave a strong impression with me, I think mostly because she did not keep eyecontact and her voice was not loud enough. Moreover, she did not keep track of time. For example, when asked about working in a group she replied by telling a story about an incident2
that happened to her. This not only took too long to be explained, but also distracted myattention.When asked to talk about her strong and weak points, her answers were directed to the jobneeds, which was good.
6. Bert Daelmans
This was also one of the better interviews of the day.He speaks fluently with excellent English and a clear voice. He expresses himself clearly,confidently and politely. He also keeps a good eye contact.He succeeded in redirecting the questions to the job needs and requirements. For example,when asked to talk about himself, he only mentioned characteristics such as, ambition,handwork, reliability and frankness. He was also able to redirect a question such as “what isyour weakest point” to the job requirement. This also shows intelligence.When he was asked about some family matters, his answers showed that he would put hiswork and ambition on top of anything else. At this point, I thought that he went too far intrying to please the company. Even in case this was his true policy then, in my opinion, heshould speak about it in a slightly milder way.
7. Joni Van Langenhoven
My first impression was that he speaks slowly and hesitantly, which affected the level of theinterview. For example, he speaks English as well as the rest of the students do, yet beinghesitant affected the level of his English and my understanding of his replies.Regarding the nonverbal communication skills, I think he listens carefully and maintains agood eye contact.He expresses himself honestly and modestly, yet he still manages to describe himself in a waythat is directed to the job needs.
8. Mathias Noe
He generates a positive atmosphere: he is responsive and friendly and keeps a good eyecontact. He is also modest, but could still express himself clearly. I will advise him, though, totalk less about his qualities as a social individual (caring, social, helper … etc.) and to talk 3

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