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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7



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Published by Doel Mersault

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Doel Mersault on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nama Siswa:Hari/Tanggal:Mata pelajaran: Bahasa InggrisWaktu:Kelas: VII Jumlah soal: 40 butir soal pilihan ganda
1.Jawaban dikerjakan pada lembar soal2.Sebelum mengerjakan soal-soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu pada lembar jawaban: nomor peserta ujian,nama lengkap, dan asal sekolah SMP/MTs!3.Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat/benar dan berilah tanda kolom pilihan jawaban yang disediakan!4.Berilah tanda pada satu pilihan jawaban saja untuk satu soal! Bila tanda X lebih dari satu untuk satusoal, maka jawaban dianggap salah.5.Jika terjadi kesalahan memilih jawaban, maka coretlah tanda dengan dua garis lurus mendatar pada jawaban yang dianggap salah (contoh : X ), kemudian berilah tanda pada jawaban yang dianggapbenar.6.Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika, atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.7.Berdo’alah sebelum mengerjakan8.Periksalah pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian!
 A.Multiple Choice:
1. They are the teacher of NurulHuda. Miss Gendis …my Math teacher.a. amb. was c. are d. is2. We new students.a. am b. are c. is d. does3. Mr. Malik and Mr. Fauzan teachers. Theyare my teachers.a. are b.am c. is d. do4. Mariam and Rahma are in theclassroom. We … classmates.a. amb. does c. is d. are5. Hallo Friends! How you today?a. am b. is c. are d. fine6.
Mr. Malik 
: Good bye, students!
: ……………., Sir!a. Good morningb. Good Afternoonc. I’m fined. Good bye7.
: ….. I go to the toilet, Sir!
Mr. Zamzami
: Okay. But, hurry up!a. Please c. Okayb. Mayd. Thank you8.
Miss Ika
: Who are you?
: ……….. Sisca. I am student.a. I amc. Sheb. I named. My name9.
Mr. Ihya’ 
: How are you today, students?
: I’m fine, Teacher. Thank you. Andyou?
Mr. Atok 
: ……………a. I’m fine, toob. Thank youc. Good morningd. Good bye10.
Miss Fifa
: Time is up. I’ve got to gonow. Good bye, students!
: …... Ma’am!a. Good morningb. Good luckc. Good byed. See you tomorrow11.
Miss Fifa
: What is your name?
: …. is Annisa Rachmawati.a. I amc. My nameb. I name d. Name me12.
Miss Nitta
: How old are you, Anissa?
: ……………., Ma’am.a. I’m fineb. I am 13 years oldc. I live in Bogord. I’m a student13.
Mr. Susilo
: When were you born, Darsono?
: ...on 14 January 1996, Sir.a. My name isc. I was bornb. I live d. Yes14.
Miss Ely 
: Can you spell your name?
: F-E-B-B-Y
Miss Ika
: Is it Febby?
: …………..a. Yes, that’s rightb. No, that’s wrongc. No, I’m sorryd. Thank you15.
Mr. Malik 
: What is your father’s job,Ibrohim?
: He is …, Sir.a. a policemanc. a housewifeb. a policewomand. a student16. (ten) – (eight) = (…….)a. twelvec. sixteenb. twod. six17. (three) x (two) = (…….)a. onec. sixb. five d. thirty two18. What does
‘how are you’ 
mean?a. apa kabarc. Terima kasihb. Baik-baik sajad. maafkan19. What does
mean?a. ruang guruc. Perpustakaanb. toilet d. kantin20. What is
in English?a. officec. canteenb. laboratory d. library21. What is
in English?a. cousinc. uncle
b. brother d. aunt22. How do you say
“Tolong, tutup pintunya!” 
in English?a. Close the window, please!b. Close the door, please!c. Close the door!d. Open the door, please!23. How do you say
“Silahkan berdiri!” 
in English?a. Stand up, please!b. Sit down, please!c. Have a seat!d. Silent, please!24. What does
“Raise your hand, please!” 
mean?a. Cuci tanganmu!b. Tolong tutup pintunya!c. Jangan bergerak!d. Silahkan angkat tangan kalian!25. What does
“Clean the board, please!” 
 mean?a. Bersihkan lantainya!b. Tolong bersihkan papannya!c. Tolong tutup pintunya!d. Silahkan buka jendelanya!26.
: That is a book.
: Those are ………….a. is books c. a bookb. books d. book27.
: This is a table.
: Those … tables.a. isb. are c. am d. is a table28. She ....... to school everyday.a. gob. goes c. is d. did29. I ......... a book in the bookstore.a. buyb. buys c. goes d. study30. They ........English with Mr. Malik.a. studyb. studies c. are d. is31. He ........... a letter to her friends.a. writes b. write c. ared. did32. We......... English in Level VII.a. teaches b. teach c. theyd. does33.I........... go to school today.a. areb. am c. dont d. doesnt34. We........study English this afternoon.a. isb. am c. dont d. doesntWilliam Henry Gates III was born in 1955.Now, he is a prominent businessman. People callhim Bill Gates. He is a chairman of MicrosoftCorporation, the biggest computer softwarecompany in the United States and in the world.Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are theproducts of the company. The products are verysuccessful. Therefore, he is a very importantperson in the computer industry. He is also one of the richest people in the world.35. When was Bill Gates born? …………a. He was born in 1955b. He were born in 1955c. He is born in 1955d. He was not born in 195536. What is Microsoft Corporation? ………a. The product is very successfulb. People call him Bill Gatesc. The biggest software companyd. Richest people in the world37. What are the products of MicrosoftCorporation? ……..a. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Officeb. The United States and in the worldc. The Corporationd. The Industry38. Who is the chairman of Microsoft Corporation?………………………a. William Henry c. Mr. Williamb. Bill Gates d. Mr. Bill39. “he is a
businessman” (line 1). Theitalic word is synonymous with..........a. Importantc. Companyb. Dangerous d. Industry40. Is Microsoft Corporation in the United States?……a. I dont knowc. Yes, it isb. Maybe d. No, it is not

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