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202 Math Assignment 2

202 Math Assignment 2

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Published by Laura Hernandez

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Published by: Laura Hernandez on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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202 Math Assignment 2 Name: ________________________________________ 
Complete the following advanced IV calculations. The problems and drug orders are presented for practiceonly, and actual prescribed dosages will vary according to a patient’s age, condition, reaction, additionalmedications, and other factors.Compute the “watch count” flow rate for the following questions.
1. 1 L D
W with 10,000 Units heparin to infuse at 1000 Units/hThe drop factor is 20 gtt/mL. Flow rate: __________ gtt/min2. 1000 mL NS with 10,000 Units heparin to infuse at 750 Units/hThe drop factor is 12 gtt/mL. Flow rate: __________ gtt/min3. One of your patients has an IV that is flowing at a rate of 10 gtt/min. The IV bag contains a solution of 500mL NS with 20,000 Units of heparin. The drop factor is 15 gtt/mL.How many units is the patient receiving per 24 hours? __________ Units/24h
Compute the answers to the following questions based on this information.
A patient’s IV order for lidocaine states that he should receive an IV bolus of 50 mg over 1 minute, using a supplyof 1% lidocaine.4. What is the supply dosage of the lidocaine in mg/mL?        __________ mg/mL5. How many milliliters will you administer for this order, using the available supply?        _________ mL6. A patient’s order for Pepcid states that she should receive an IV bolus of 20 mg Pepcid diluted in NS to a totalvolume of 10 mL which is to be injected over 2 minutes. The supply is Pepcid 10 mg/mL.Compute the volume of Pepcid and the volume of NS.Pepcid: __________ mL NS: __________ mL7.Order: Pepcid 20 mg added to 100 mL D
W IV in 30 min q.12hAn infusion pump will be used.Supply: Pepcid 10 mg/mLCompute the volume of Pepcid to be added to the 100 mL D
W.Compute the flow rate.Pepcid: __________ mL                Flow rate: __________ mL/h

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