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Picking Up the Diamond FINISHED VERSION Draft 7

Picking Up the Diamond FINISHED VERSION Draft 7

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Published by Lucy Walsh
Written for my Prose module at university. Longest short story I've done so I'm quite pleased with it.
Written for my Prose module at university. Longest short story I've done so I'm quite pleased with it.

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Published by: Lucy Walsh on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Picking up the Diamond
 Amelia was bullied. She didn't know why they picked her, but they did. And after another day of paper balls being thrown at her head and unseen fingers pinching her armsshe was finally heading home. Or so she thought.³I want to show you something.´ Amelia stopped her hurrying. She turned round to see her new English teacher standing behind her. He'd only been here a few weeks, and she still struggled to remember his name. But beyond the realms of these classes she'd never imagined being talked to byhim, nor did she understand why he may be now.³You want to show me something?´ she asked raising her eyebrows. ³What exactlydo you mean by that?´³Only that I have something that could help the bullying is all...´ he replied, ³Sorry, Ididn't mean anything-´ Amelia felt a sharp tap at the bottom of her neck and she turned round before her English teacher could finish his sentence. At the entrance to the school gates was GregHanson, the bully. He was leaning against the red bricked wall, tossing a pebble into theair from the palm of his hand and watching her with a smirk on his face. Amelia jumped asshe felt a nip at the bottom of her neck. She tensed as one of Greg's allies ran past her,sneering and laughing as he did so. She'd been victimised and tormented again, but thistime, in front of her English teacher.³Oi! Leave her alone!´ he shouted before heading off to have 'words' with Greg.Her eyes prickled. She knew she'd burst into tears and that would only lead to moremocking.³Are you okay Amelia?´ her English teacher asked when he returned.
She nodded quietly.³Greg is being talked to.´ He smiled. ³Come on, this will help stop them doing thingslike that to you I promise.´He led her to a shabby looking green pavilion at the edge of the school field. Hewalked up the metal grated ramp to the door and Amelia followed quietly.³Before we go in Amelia,´ he said as he fumbled with some jangly keys in the lockthat he'd brought out of his grey satchel bag a moment before, ³you need to promise thateverything I tell you in here is kept a secret. Do you think you can do that?´She didn't know whether to be offended by this patronising tone or to run away now.The pavilions were a place that every student was banned from going to, and to her all of this seemed a little suspicious. But there was something about this teacher that hadalways seemed mysterious to her. He wasn't like the others, who'd shout and whine attheir students to get on with the work. He acted calmer, and was more approachable. Whatharm could he really do?³I promise.´ she answered.It became apparent the moment they stepped inside why the Pavilions had alwaysbeen off limits, but instead of it being an 'art studio' as the students rumoured, it wasinstead what looked like a control room.It smelt like oil and metal. Blackened paper and scraps of old torn material shieldedthe windows, barricading any light that may stream through. Underneath the windows weretables, their  surfaces covered in odd devices and parts that looked as though theybelonged on the inside of a clock. The tables led up to the back of the room where asubstantial television shaped switchboard was placed. There was a screen in the middle of it, surrounded by dials, buttons and flickering coloured lights that looked like they belongedon a disco ball.
³Seem odd?´ her English teacher asked, standing in the middle of the room as heglanced over his shoulder at her, ³suddenly seeing all this?´³I thought...´³There's a very good reason why the students aren't allowed in here, and by tellingyou what this is would be violating every single protocol I've promised to keep to mypeople.´ he interrupted. ³But never mind that. Amelia, do you believe in magic?´³What?´ Amelia asked, but he ignored her question and continued.³Because, I do.´She watched in silence as he walked to the switch board. He started pressing buttonsand turning dials. Moments later a metallic whirr echoed from inside the object. Dialsbegan twisting automatically, and a perfectly straight line appeared down the centre of thescreen. Slowly the glass began to part like the opening on an lift door. Each side parted,and moved behind the columns of buttons and dials that revealed a hollow interior. In themiddle of which there was a copper chain and on the end of it there was a metal jewelsized hand. Her English teacher grabbed hold of the chain, the metal chinking as hetugged the hand away from its chain.³This is filled with a power.´He turned back to her face her, his arm stretching out to show her the metal handenclosed within his own. The metal handgrasped at a diamond protectively. Inside thediamond was a blue coloured power that looked like gas. It shimmered white occasionallyas the power swirled inside. It reflected onto the ceiling, it reminded Amelia of ripples in astream.³This power can change everything for you here Amelia.´Her English teacher pointed to a red button positioned on the knuckle of the middlefinger.

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