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m220078a Reinforcements

m220078a Reinforcements

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Published by sunhawk88

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Published by: sunhawk88 on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Banner ofthe Dead
There are now Banner Bearermodels available for both theArmy of the Dead and theMorannon Orcs. This meansyou can now upgrade aWarrior of the Dead model oraMorannon Orc to carry abanner for +25 pts.Remember,you can’t havemore banners in your forcethan you have Heroes.
Last month saw the release of several new The Lord of The Rings models for War of The Ring. Of course, these are also perfectly suited for use in the strategy battlegame. Matthew Ward presents rules for their use.
ar of The Ring came out lastmonth and along with it severalnew character models to add toyour formations. And that’s not all – we’llbe seeing plenty of new releases for TheLord of The Rings over the next fewmonths. But these miniatures are not justfor use in War of The Ring – they can beused in the strategy battle game too. Of course, I knew they were coming when Iwas writing War of The Ring and, as aresult, they’ve already got profiles andrules in that system – not so the strategybattle game. This is the first in a series of Reinforcements articles that will presentupdated strategy battle game profiles forthe new releases as they come along. Butenough of that, you want to know whatthe rules are…
Stormcaller (Elf)………60 points
All Elves have an innate connection to the patterns and rhythms of the natural world, and use a blend of magic and skill to talk to beasts or seek tidings from the wind. Some of the Firstborn have talents that surpass others of their kind. One such group are the Stormcallers, Elves who do not merely harken to the elemental forces of the wind, but command it to their bidding.
AStormcaller is a Hero, and can be included in any Rivendell, GreyHavens, Eregion, Lothlórien, or Thranduil’s Halls army.
AStormcaller wears armour and carries a staff (hand weapon).
Special Rules
Woodland Creature.Wild Channelling.
If, when casting a spell, one or more of the dice rolledresult in a natural 6 (i.e. not another number modified by Might etc.) theWill points used in casting the spell are not expended but are returned tothe Stormcaller’s pool of Will.
Magical Powers
Nature’s Wrath.
Dice score to use 4+.
Call Winds.
Range 12”/28cm. Dice score to use 2+. This power can beused against a single enemy model. If the power is used successfully, thewinds blow the target 2D6”/4D6cm directly away from the caster. If thisbrings the target into contact with another model or an area of impassableterrain, it stops 1” away from the obstacle. In either case, the model isknocked to the ground and may not move, for any reason, later in the turn.
The river of thevalley is under hispower, and it will risein anger when he has great need
- Fellowship of The Ring 
Drûzhag is vile, even by the standards of other Goblins – so much so that he was exiled long ago from Durbûrz’s squalid kingdom of Moria. Yet Drûzhag did not perish in the wilderland. He prospered, and learnt how to bend to his will all manner of dark beasts. With the aid of his minions, Drûzhag returned to Moria and forged a new realm in the darkness, a chiefdom at war withDûrburz’s kingdom. This only serves to make Moria more dangerous to the other realms. Though Durbûrz and Drûzhag hate each other, they are more than willing to combine their forces against any interloper.
Drûzhag is a Hero, and can be included in any Moria, Angmar or theDwellers Below army.
Drûzhag carries a staff (hand weapon).
Special Rules
Cave Dweller.Master of the Dark Wild.
All Bats, Wargs and Spiders within 12”/28cm of Drûzhag use his Courage instead of their own.
Magical Powers
Bestial Fury.
Dice score to use 3+. This works exactly as described for Furyin the main rules manual, except its effects apply to Wargs, Spiders and BatSwarms, rather than Goblins.
Enrage Beast.
Range 12”/28cm. Dice score to use 3+. This power canbe used against a single Bat, Warg or Spider model. If the power issuccessfully used, the target becomes enraged – its Fight, Strength, Attacksand Courage are increased by 3 until the end of the Fight phase. Theenraged model suffers a Strength 10 hit at the end of the Fight phase,to represent the severe exhaustion brought on by its efforts.
Drûzhag………………85 pointsthe Beastcaller (Goblin)
Only through deeds of valour and might can a Dwarf rise to the rank of Shieldbearer and become the dedicated guardian of his king. Other Dwarves,awed and inspired by the presence of such a stalwart individual in their ranks, fight on through even the direst of circumstances, determined to prove their worth in the Shieldbearer’s eyes.
Shieldbearers are Heroes, and can be included in any Erebor, Khazad-dûmor Durin’s Folk army.
AShieldbearer wears Dwarf armour and carries a shield.
Special Rules
In Defence of the King.
At the start of the game, nominate a single Dwarf Hero for the Shieldbearer to protect. If, at the start of the Fight phase, theShieldbearer is within 3” of the protected Hero, and that Hero is in basecontact with one or more enemy models, the Shieldbearer mustimmediately call a Heroic Fight without expending any Might. However,the Shieldbearer must use the free move to reach the protected Hero’sfight, if possible. If you have more than one Shieldbearer, each may protecta different Hero if you wish, just make sure that this is absolutely clear toyour opponent!
Lead by Example.
Dwarf Warriors and Heroes within 12” of a Shieldbearerre-roll failed Courage tests.
Shieldbearer (Dwarf)…60 points
where the warg howls, there also theorc prowls.
- Fellowship of The Ring 

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