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Riddle Christmas Newsletter 2010

Riddle Christmas Newsletter 2010

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Published by Jennie Riddle

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Published by: Jennie Riddle on Dec 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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13.1 Miles, Check 
Has JosephSmith BeenResurrected?
2010 Family Pictures
ExtremeHomeMakeover,Riddle Style
 Aaron’s 2010Highlights
Isaac’s 2010Highlights
 Jennie’s 2010Highlights
 The Reasonfor theSeason
Riddle Report
December 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1
goal. So, this year, I actually trained for the race and itturns out, that actually makes a difference. Whoknew? At 2 hours 6minutes I shaved a whole42 minutes off my time! Iattribute this huge successto my new Garmin watch,a training buddy, a wickedawesome playlist, and anundying desire to lose ALLbaby weight as soon aspossible. It worked! Well, I did it! I completedmy second half marathon in April 2010. I have this goalto have a baby in odd yearsand run a half marathon ineven years. So far, I’m 2 for2. I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon for the first timein 2008. I got injured early in my training and basically  woke up and ran a half marathon one day.Needless to say, my time was quite laughable at2 hours 48 minutes, but Ifinished, and that was my 
Coming Soon
Our family is growing and so is our love, We’re expecting another bundle, from up above!Nine long months we'll have to waitBefore his debut unless of course he's late!
Collin Andrew Riddle
is due to arrive April 6, 2011. Our family is so excited for thisnew addition. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. As many of you know, Aaron is on a quest tocomplete his bachelor’sdegree in Architecture.He’s been working diligently at this and we arehappy to announce, he’salmost done! With only 1 semester to go, Summer2011 can not come soonenough! Many sleeplessnights, stressful days, andlate night runs to get Oreosand other must have sugarfilled goodies havedefinitely contributed to hissuccess. In all honestly,I don’t know how Aarondoes all he does. But he’sdoing it and we could notbe more proud!
 Almost There
Riddle Family 13052 alora Pt.San Diego, CA 92130
Has Joseph Smith Been Resurrected?
Page 2
 Volume 1, Issue 1
 worked side by side to put down new hardwood floors and crown molding throughout downstairs. While wedid come in over budget and not onschedule, it was definitely worth it!It’s exciting to look at your homeand take pride in knowing that “I didthat!” We are so grateful for the wealth of knowledge our huge family So, for quite some time, Aaron and Ihave wanted to do some minorupgrades to our first home. 2010 wasthe year that started it all. Aaron andone of our wonderful brother-in-lawsgives us access to. We’re excited toput the finishing touches on and look forward to future projects that willhopefully be just as rewarding.
Extreme Home Makeover, Riddle Style
Right around Isaac’s first birthday, we really made a point to do nightly scripture reading in the children’sscripture readers. When wegot to the Doctrine andCovenants we started reading quite a bit about JosephSmith. At the back of thebook is a picture of each of the prophets. Almostimmediately after turning tothis page the first time,Isaac’s eyes lit up and hepointed right at Joseph Smithand exclaimed, “Daddy!” With no prompting or encouragement,Isaac was sure that was his daddy. Icould not believe it.Now that thepictures are side by side, I can see how he saw his daddy in Joseph Smith. He’s definitely not the first to mistake Aaronfor Joseph Smith.
 Withgreatdelight he pointedandshouted,“Daddy!”
It was a greatly anticipated day,but it finally happened.Jennie reached200,000 mileson her firstcar, a 1996Acura Integra.And it’s stillgoing strong!
Page 3
 Aaron’s 2010 Highlights
 Aaron is a little shy of 30and will be the LASTperson to tell you that.He’s proud of what he’saccomplished this far inhis life, but is definitely looking forward to thefuture. He spends mostof his time involved inarchitecture, whether it’san assignment for schoolor doodling on the churchprogram, building andcreating are always on hismind. When he takes abreak from being creative,he loves to be with hisfamily. Watching sportstogether on Saturday morning while feasting onhis famous Krusteazpancakes is probably onhis top 10 most favoritethings. Aaron played onseveral sports teams thisyear including an all men’ssoccer league with hisbrothers and a flag football team with somefriends from church. Heenjoys being active, buttime is of the essence andso is getting good grades,so his sports have taken aback seat. As for his lovefor his wife, I’m pretty sure he continues to fallin love with me each andevery day. (wink, wink)church Primary as thesecretary. It’s long hours,but the payment inblessings is good, so I’llkeep it. My running dayshave come to a holt untilbaby #2 arrives so my “free time” is now spentI am now 26 years old and weight is just a number, so why mention it? I’m still working at the Naval HealthResearch Center and stillenjoying the work and thepeople. When I’m not busy at work, I’m serving in thechasing and entertaining Isaac. On occasion, I canalso be found baking andcrafting. Lastly, I am stillmadly in love with my husband, so I guess I’llkeep him too. Overall,life is good!Dragon”. All horses,donkeys, and camels arepointed at and referred to as“Neigh!” His favoritemovies have been seen atleast 100 times in the lastmonth. He enjoys playing atthe park, climbing anything in sight, including into thesilverware drawer, andplaying with trains, which hecalls “choo choos”.Overall, he’s a happy,healthy boy and we’reproud to claim him asone of our own! Well, Isaac has come along way from birth to a whopping 21 months old.He now stands at 2’ 6”tall weighing in at 25pounds. He is quiteactive, to say the least.His favorites things as of late are horses and themovies “Shrek” and“How to Train Your
Riddle Report
Isaac’s 2010 Highlights
“I don’t care how  poor a man is,if he has family,he’s rich.” 
Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford
 Jennie’s 2010 Highlights

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