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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Beginning
The Dawn of the New Era
The Races of EVE
The Amarr Empire
The Caldari State
The Gallente Federation
The Minmatar Republic
The Jove Directorate
The Battle of Vak’Atioth
The most important thing about EVE Online: it is not a single player game!
Creating your character: choosing your race, bloodline and profession
The GUI (Graphical User Interface)
The Sidebar
Current Location, or “Where do I went today?!”
The Security Status of the Systems
The Overview
Overview Range
The Settings Menu of the Overview
The Overview Settings or the thing that matters most
The Filters tab
The Appearance tab
The Columns tab
Ships tab
Misc tab
The Overview Tabs
Before anything else
Attributes and Skills
„Play again, Sam!” or the Neural Remapping
Attribute Enhancing Skills (Learning Skills)
Attribute Enhancing Implants
Maximum Attribute points
Learning Speed
Training Queue
What should I train?
Skill Requirements
Buying skills (and things) on Market
The Clone
Jump Clone Service
Insuring Your Ship
Item levels
Meta Group and Meta Level
The Corporation
Joining a Corporation
Creating a Corporation
Leaving a Corporation
Assigning Roles and Titles
The List of Roles and Titles
Setting the Station and Hangar Roles
Chapter 2: Fitting
“Fit Me Baby One More Time!” a.k.a. The Art of Fitting
Slots, Hardpoints, Bays
Cargo Bay
Drone Bay
Let’s Be Fit, Save What You Can!
The CPU and the PowerGrid (PG)
The PowerGrid
„The flux capacitor requires 1.21 Gigawatts energy to operate.”
Items that increase the maximum capacity level of the capacitor:
Items that reduce the recharge time of the capacitor:
The Capacitor Recharge Rate
The Capacitor Booster
Tanking or „I will survive!”
Active Tanking
The Active Shield Tank (AST)
Required Skills:
Advantages of Active Shield Tanking
Disadvantages of Active Shield Tanking
Modules required / recommended for Active Shield Tank
The Armor Tank
Advantages of Armor Tank
Disadvantages of Armor Tank
Modules required / recommended for Armor Tank
The Remote Tank
Advantages of Remote Tank
Disadvantages of Remote Tank
Modules required / recommended for Remote Tank
The Passive Shield Tank
The Natural Regeneration of the Shield
Advantages of Passive Shield Tank
Disadvantages of Passive Shield Tank
Modules required / recommended for Passive Shield Tank
The Buffer Tank
Advantages of Buffer Tank
Disadvantages of Buffer Tank
Modules required / recommended for Buffer Tank
Speed / Signature Tank
Other ways of tanking
Resistance is never futile…
How Resists Work?
Required / Recommended skills
Required / Recommended Modules
Weapons – Big Fanatics with Guns
Key Attributes of Missile Weapons
FoF and Defender missiles
The Size Does Matter
Required / Recommended Skills
Ammunition for the Rocket Launchers
Tech 2 Missiles
Introducing Turrets
Laser Turrets
Projectile Turrets
Hybrid Turrets
Tier Vs. Meta lvl
Required / Recommended Modules for Turrets
Tech 2 ammunition
Frequency Crystals
Projectile Ammo
Hybrid Charges
Attack of the Drones
Sentry and Fighter Drones
Traits of Drones
“Famous” Drone Specific Ships
Recommended modules for drones
The Stacking Penalty
The Ships of the Races
Pirate Faction and O.R.E. Ships
Chapter 3: Mining
Introduction of Mining
Mining 101
Asteroid belts and ores
The Minerals
“Now, what should I mine?”
The Beginning of the Miner Business
Basic Skills for Mining
Mining Frigates
Taking the next step of evolution
Basic mining techniques
Mining Lasers
Let’s see what they have got in their bellies (Survey Scanner)!
Refining / Recycling
Calculating the Refining Efficiency
Refining yield and reality
Skill system
Mining Cycle
Connection of Mining Cycle and Mining Yield
From Yields to Ores
Mining Barge or Battleship?
Triumphal March or the Battleship returns
Apocalypse, the majestic golden banana
Rokh, the police baton
The Path of the Mining Barge
The Procurer
The Retriever
The Covetor
Mining Laser Crystals
How much is my yield?
Reaching Perfection
ORE - Outer Ring Excavations
Mindlink Implant
Upgrades, which Make You Rich
The Perfect Miner
The Mighty Hulk™
The Monster Inside™
Payback Time
Mining Drones
Yield of the Mining Drones
The Traveling Time of Drones
Ice Harvesting – Cool as ICE
Hulk, Covetor or Mackinaw for Ice Harvesting?
Mining Mercoxit
Mining Foreman Link implants, Gang (fleet) Modules
Mining Foreman Link – Harvester Capacitor Efficiency
Mining Foreman Link – Laser Optimization
Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enchantment
Let’s Work Together!
The Rorqual – Big Mama ORE
The Industrial (Hard)Core
The Capital Tractor Beam
The Clone VAT Bay
Fit the Beast!
How can I use?
Camp in nowhere
Orca – The ore killer whale
Carriers for mining?
Fitting hints
Logistic – On The Move!
Industrial Ships
Transport Ships
Jump Freighters (Freighter A’la T2)
Chapter 4: Agenting
Running Missions...Everyone is doing their part. Are you?
Agent types - Factions
Faction-standings relations and their modifiers
The Types of the Missions
Damage types of the NPC-s
Most effective damage types against the NPC-s
The Advantages and disadvantages of the Races
Commonly used ships for mission
Handling the Aggression
The prefixes of the ships of the pirate factions:
The terminology of the special ships
Mining and ores in the missions:
Storyline Missions
The Agents
Effective Quality
It is determined by:
It determines:
It does not determine:
The forms of the reward of the missions:
To loot or not to loot?
Sorting of the loot
Loyality Points (LP)
What is worth and what is not worth redeeming?
What the insignias and the tags are good for?
Tricks and Tips for selling items on contracts:
Maximizing the Loyalty Points:
Finish missions in fleet:
Farming a mission
Declining missions
Standing requirements
A Standing
The Required Skills
Skills that determine the standing:
Skills that influence the Effective Quality
Skills that influence the amount of the received Loyalty Points:
Epic Arcs
Level 1
Level 4
The CONCORD Agents
Datacenter Agents (standing can be increased in exchange for insignias)
Caldari COSMOS
Caldari Datacenter agents and their locations:
Gallente COSMOS
Faction ships BPC agents
Gallente Datacenter agents and their locations:
Minmatar COSMOS
Minmatar Datacenter agents and their locations:
Useful skills: Hacking and Archeology
Chapter 5: Planetville
Collateral Damage
The Exploitation of the Planets' Resources
Choosing the right type of planet
Distribution of the Planets
The processes of the extraction or what are we going to need?
Step One: Planet scan
Necessary Skills
Step Two: The Command Center
Step Three: Extractors
Step Four: Schematics, Links and Routes
Step Five: Processors
Processing in Basic Industry Facilities
Refined Materials processed in Advanced Industry Facilities
Specialized Commodities made in Advanced Industry Facilities
Advanced Commodities made in High Tech Production Plant
Signs and Abbreviations
Step Six: Launch pad, Customs Office, Import, Export
Rocket Launch
Competition? War!
Sometimes less is more
The Cost of the Launch and Import/Export Taxation
Chapter 6: Manufacturing
Piece of Technology
Production 101
The Production of Ships and Equipments
About Rigs - Pimp My Ship
Equipment for Salvaging
Useful Implants and Rig(s) for Salvaging:
Materials you can gain by Salvage:
What ship to use for Salvage?
Combat Boosters
Synth Boosters
Standard Boosters
Improved Boosters
Strong Boosters
The type of Gas Clouds:
Harvesting the Gas Clouds
Gas Reactions
Required Skills for using Boosters:
Transporting and selling Boosters
The "Capital Business"
Chapter 7: R&D
The Blueprint Original (BPO)
Blueprint Copy (BPC)
The required skills for Research and Copy
Useful Implants
When will be "perfect" a BPO?
Invention - Tech2 (T2)
The Datacores
Attributes of the Decryptors:
The Interfaces
The production of the T3 Strategic Cruiser
The skills you need for Reverse Engineering
Chapter 8: Trading
The economy
Time is money
Size matters
Know the region
Basic trading
The Skills
The Market
First transactions
Commerce on advanced level
Commerce Strategies
First strategy
Second Strategy
Mineral Market
Module Trading
Black market
Useful tips
Notes from Ivan
Regarding courier contracts
Working capital
How to find what to trade with?
How to find routes?
How to find the biggest profit?
Trade, Retail, Wholesale, Tycoon
Broker relations
Margin Trading
Item Exchange:
Generic information:
Social Engineering (Scam)
Chapter 9: POS
General Information
The Control Tower
Types of towers:
Manufacturing Control Tower and POS Modules
Operating the Tower
Fuel requirement
Fueling the Tower up
The state of the POS
The modules which can be placed on the POS
Shield Hardening Array
Properties of Modules
Surveying Moons
Required Equipment
Survey Probes
The Progress of Survey
The Results
Moon Harvesting
You will need:
Reaction Blueprints
First step: Setting the Harvester(s)
Second step: Choosing the Silo
Third step: Linking
The Art of Reactions
First phase: Raw materials
Second phase: The Processed Materials
Third Phase: The Advanced Materials
Skills, Implants and Rigs
Scanning how-to
Signal Types
The Wormholes
WH: Wormhole
Inside the Wormhole
Why do I go faster? – There is always new under the sun
The Wormhole System Classification
Wormhole Properties
Chapter 11: ZeroDotZero
The way to 0.0
0.0, the rules of the wild lands
What skills are recommended to learn?
Gathering Intel
Sovereignty, aka mine, yours, who has it?!
Sovereignty mechanism and its principals
Gaining Sovereignty (The TCU)
How to claim sovereignty
Useful information about SBUs
The advantages of sovereignty
The upkeep fees
Infrastructure HUBs (iHUB)
How the Infrastructure Hub works
Useful info about iHUBs:
Infrastructure upgrades
iHUB upgrades
Strategic Upgrades
Military Upgrades
Industrial Upgrades
The Sovereignty Information Window
Manufacturing Sovereignty Structures
Outpost Construction
Anchoring outposts
Outpost construction step by step
Types of Outposts: Which one would you choose?
Disabling outpost services
Outpost upgrades
Outpost Upgrades Step by Step
A fully upgraded Outpost step by step
Station Management
Station Details
Service Access Control
Cost modifiers
Clone Contracts
Conquering outposts and conquerable stations
Super! Capitals!
SuperCarrier (Mothership)
What can I use it for?
Fighter Bombers
The Fighter Bombers
The Titans
Roles of the Titans
Titans of various kinds
Titan’s History
Chapter 12: Hints And Ideas
“Make war, not love!” - What should I do if we got a war declaration?
The necessary information
But I have a POS, what should I do?
How much is?
EVE specific abbreviations
EVE Math
Effects of the faction and pirate sets
Halada Editor of the original “The Complete Miner's Guide”
Sponsors of the English Version
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