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Turn Around and See The Lord

Turn Around and See The Lord

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Published by jvassal

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Published by: jvassal on Dec 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Turn around and see the Lord Joy Vassal- 3 -
In her timeless book; “Turn Around and See the Lord” Joy Vassal talked about
the experience she had when fellowshipping with John 20:14; an episode of Mary
Magdalene‟s encounter with the Lord‟s angels at Christ‟ sepulcher which inspired her to
write this book. Ever since I met Joy she has been lamenting on the redundancy of miracles, signs and wonders in the life of believers; the dry, less progressive andunsatisfied desires in the life of most of them especially those that take leadership fromher.According to her this spiritual quest placed a huge burden on her to turn to theLord and to discover his will and provision for his children. As she
kept climbing „MountCarmel‟ the conviction grew stronger and stronger but this time it was saddle
d with a
Turn around and see the Lord Joy Vassal- 4 -responsibility which was to take another look at the book of John, the Gospel. She said,the urge, better still the unction was to read the entire book. However upon arriving at thefourteenth verse of the twentieth chapter her sentiments were placed on hold for it. Moreso, her spirit was caught up challenging her to critically examine the spiritual nuggetsembedded in the verse.While digesting the nuggets she discovered that
Mary Magdalene‟s experience in
this chapter and verse was very unique. Her perception was that the Lord decided to teachMary something concerning his sovereignty and the inheritance one could derive from
hearing God‟s voice.
Moreover, the quickening power in the utterance of the living word
or „the Rhema‟. As well as
the integrity and power compacted in it and the capacity it hasto redeem and transform a person according to its own will and intentions.
I do not know whether you have heard this statement before; “the sweetness of the
pudding is
not in talking but in the eating.”
Pudding is a thick, soft dessert, typicallycontaining flour or some other thickener, milk, eggs, a flavoring, and sweetener likecustards, thick, creamy mixtures of milk, sugar, and flavorings and it taste so delicious.Joy made me to believe that her fellowshipping with the verse was like eating a pudding
which reminded us of how David described the sweetness of God‟s word in Psalms 17:7
-11. (The judgement of the Lord is sweeter than the honeycomb)In fact there was this reassurance within me of what the grace of God could do;how it could assist someone to turn around and see the Lord, the exact thing I perceivedthe Omnipotent One did for Mary, she exclaimed. According to her it was through thespecial interest and the chal
lenge she cultivated for Mary‟
s mission that kindled in her a

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