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There is No Need for Bureaucracy in Sahaja Yoga

There is No Need for Bureaucracy in Sahaja Yoga

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Published by Greta More

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Published by: Greta More on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is no need for bureaucracyin Sahaja Yoga:
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1985-03-26"Darkness always disintegrates. For example, there iscomplete darkness, alright? I can’t feel you, I don’t knowwho you are, where you are sitting, we are also separated,I don’t know where is the window, where is the door. Iwill hold this and say, ‘This is the truth’. Disintegratedpersonalities always see aberrations, different things,different auras. Not it’s a very vicious circle that we try tothink about it, which is limited. The more you think aboutit, the worse it becomes. Another way could be, peoplemay try to solve this problem; to think that we aredisintegrated is to talk of big things: - ‘We are all brothersand sisters, let’s form UN Council, let’s do worldorganisation’, will end up at most as labour department.That’s all. With all these institutions working in the bigname, where are we? Actually, when we become awarewe don’t need them at all. So this awareness is nothingbut is the light of the Spirit within you which is missing."
HH Shri Mataji, 1987 – December 19, Aurangabad, India
“Dharma gives you the balance. It gives you the establishment into properbehavior, proper understanding, proper living, but it doesn’t give you thecompletion of your journey. It doesn’t give you the satisfaction of reachingthe destination and your personality is still incomplete. So one has to havethe experience of the spirit.”
Jai Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji's Miracle
Sprouting of the idea
Shri Mataji on the occasion of this Viraat Puja showered her special blessings on the Gurgaon Collective. She gave usthe opportunity to host close to 300 Sahaja Yogi Brothers /Sisters and their families from Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka,
Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand&West Bengal.
The idea that we can be host to our Brothers and Sisterscame spontaneously on the Sahaja GGN group.
Since many Yogis would come to Puja from different parts of the country and no staying arrangements were being made,this strong urge was felt to come forward on this occasion toshow that we are really a big collective family.
It was a very innocent suggestion by our brother.Immediately several volunteers offered to host such Yogis attheir homes.
Taking shape
Delhi, Noida, Faridabad Yuva Shakti also got involved inensuring thattravel/accommodation was organized for thevisiting yogisat respective locations in NCR.
The phone numbers and invitations were floated using themail / message groups linked to SITA.
Soon the request for accommodation outnumbered thehosting homes in Gurgaon.
A quick discussion in the coordination committee set the ballrolling as we decided to host yogis at theLarge & spaciousGurgaonMain Centre buildingitself.
A very important decision was taken to not ask moneyfrom the visiting Sahaja Yogis for stay food and other facilities. Initially there was some apprehension on howwe will be able to meet the expenses. We meditated,
surrendered it to Shri Mataji and kept donation boxes for whoever wanted to voluntarily contribute.
Arrangement of toilets, Breakfast, Tea, Snacks, Lunch,Dinner, beddings, drinking water, security, conveyance toNoida and to Railway Stations was required. The GurgaonAshram also needed to be given a festive look. There wasn'tmuch time but Shri Mataji ensured that everything fell intoplace without any hurdles and in time too.
Since such a large gathering of Sahaja Yogis was coming toGurgaon, a Bhajan Sandhya was organized on the eve.Fortunately Dr. RajeshUniverseagreed to lead the Bhajansat such a short notice. Sanjay Talwarji also agreed to bepart.
A few yogis landed on the 19th, few on the 20th and few onthe 21st. Some left on 21st night and some on the 22nd. Soeffectively this became a 4 day program for the entireGurgaon yogis.
Volunteers from within Gurgaon poured in wanting to sharetheir love with visiting yogis. Volunteers painted the walls of the Ashram, cleaned the floor and roof and the lawns,served food, welcomed each Yogi, helped the visitors carryluggage. Thanks to the love of Gurgaon collective the center wore a festive look for the occasion.
The Joy
The Bhajan Sandhya on Saturday - 20th was the high pointwhen the senior Sahaja Yogis told us that the occasionreminded them of the days when Shri Mataji used to sit inBhajan programs entire night. The love was so much, one

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