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New Mexico Liberty, January 2010

New Mexico Liberty, January 2010

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Published by Mike Blessing

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Published by: Mike Blessing on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2010http://lpnm.usv.2.2 N.17
“Let Freedom Ring” 
The Official Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico
Table of Contents
Page 1
Notes from theEditor Page 2 –
Eventsat aGlance
Page 3 –
Voice of theChair 
by Ken Cavanaugh
Petition gathering toregain Minor PatyStatus
Page 4 –
TheNext Best Thing toCoulter 
by L. Neil SmithFrom
Page 5 –Federaljudge rules policecannot detainpeople for openly carrying gunsPage 6
Reforms cancut costs, improve public safety
by Paul GessingFromthe Rio Grande Foundation
A LittleGun HistoryPage 7 –
Contacts/Internet Resources
Page 8
TheUnanimous Consent Challenge
 Page 9 –
Enrollment /Renewal Form
Page 10 –
Authorization for Automatic Transfers= === = === = === = === = === = ==Libertarian Media from New Mexico
not necessarily endorsed by LPNM)
hosted by Paul Gessing and Jim ScarantinoSaturdays 9– 10AM on KJOY1550AMriograndefoundation.org/pg_rp.html tinyurl.com/dcnpwm 
Hemp TV 
 –Tuesdays at 7PMmyspace.com/nmhemptv
The OneParty State
 –Wednesdays 11PMContact Lance Klafeta[lklafeta@yahoo.com] for details
 –Saturdays at 6PMmyspace.com/reeferheadtv
The FringeElement 
Table of Contents
Page 1Libertarian Media from New MexicoNotes from the Editor by Mike BlessingPage 2Events at a GlanceThe LPNM's CandidatesPage 3Voice of the Chair by Jay VanderslootUpcoming Conventions / Ballot Access DrivePage 4
Murdering the Future
by L.Neil SmithFrom
The Libertarian Enterprise
Page 5
O = W
by William S. LindPage 6Contacts / Internet ResourcesThePage 7Administrivi AdministriviaThe Unanimous Consent ChallengePage 8Enrollment / Renewal Form
Libertarian Media from New Mexico
(not necessarily endorsed by LPNM)
Hemp TV 
 – Tuesdays at 7PMmyspace.com/nmhemptv
The One Party State
 – Wednesdays 11PMContact Lance Klafeta [lklafeta@yahoo.com] for details
 – Saturdays at 6PMmyspace.com/reeferheadtv
The Fringe Element 
thefringeelement.net / postpubco.com
Michael Badnarik Hospitalized
On 22 December 2009, 2004 LP Presidential Candidate MichaelBadnarik suffered a sever heart attack after leaving a court date inLacrosse, Wisconsin. The EMTs performed CPR on him and wereable to revive him. At present, he is in the hospital in criticalcondition. See the full story here – tinyurl.com/ygrnhqc. In 2009, Michael was elected as President of the ContinenalCongress 2009, which was founded by the We The PeopleFoundation after numerous attempts to get federal officials torespond to petitions for redress of grievances concerning, amongother things, the federal income tax.Right now, contact with him is restricted to family members, but youcan send him an e-card through the hospital's website gundluth.org/?id=2&sid=1  – and the hospital staff will relay them tohim.
Let's Start Networking a Bit More, OK?
I first heard about the New Mexico Patriot Alliance from JayVandersloot and Elisheva Levin as an organization for members of various Constitution– and liberty-oriented groups to meet, networkand coordinate efforts with members of 
Constitutionandliberty-oriented groups – the Tea Party folks, the local Ron Paulgroups, the Kokesh campaign, for starters. I went to two of their core-group meetings, and have signed up to edit the NMPA'snewsletter, titled
The Patriot Times
, which, like
New Mexico Liberty 
,will be offered as an electronic document over the Internet at nocharge. As for print subscriptions – we're still working on the detailsof what to put in the publication in terms of content, so the costs of mailing and printing have to be worked out still.In the mean time, the NMPA will be hosting a Winter Summit on 30January 2010 from 9 AM to 5 PM, location to be announced. For details, visit the NMPA website –nmpatriots.us.
2010 Annual State Convention
This year's annual State Convention will take place at the QuartersBBQ location at 3700 Ellison Dr NW – seetinyurl.com/yfzabelfor amap – from 10 AM to about 8 PM. Speakers
includeAdam Kokesh, Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 3rd District, andDouglas Lincoln, potential candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff.
New Mexico Liberty – January 2010 – Page 1
Notes from the Editor 
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
The LPNM's Candidates
U.S. House of Representatives, District 0
State LegislatureState Representative, District 11
Eric Pino –epelsewhere@gmail.com
State Representative, District 16
Mike Blessing – mikewb1971.xanga.com 
State Representative District 22
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +Other Groups to Network With, and Their Events
The New Mexico Patriot Alliance will be having a Statewide Summiton Saturday, 30 January 2010, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Location to beannounced. See nmpatriots.us for details. The Rio Grande Foundation will host a presentation and discussionon unfunded state pension plans by Scott Moody in Albuquerqueon January 12, 2010. Light appetizers and beverages will beprovided. The event will be held in room 2401 (the main auditorium)of the University of New Mexico Law School from 6:00PM to7:30PM. Cost of attendance is $5. The Law School is located at1117 Stanford NE. Plenty of parking is available in the evenings inthe Law School's parking lot.
New Mexico Liberty – January 2010 – Page 2
Events at a Glance
Bernalillo County –
The BCLP is hosting one meeting per month,on Thursday, 7 January, 6:00 to 7:00 PM at Fiesta's Restaurant &Lounge (Carlisle & Montogomery NE). Contact Mike Blessing for details [ mikewb1971@gmail.com / 505-515-7015 ], or see the BCLP website –lpnm.us/bernalillo.Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation hosts the Albuquerquemeeting of Liberty on the Rocks, a supper club featuring speakersof the limited-government, fiscal-responsiblity, individual-rightspersuasion, at the Independence Grill on Montgomery Blvd NE (justwest of Louisiana – seeabqburger.com for details and maps) in Albuquerque. January's event will take place on 21 January from 5PM to7 PM.Precinct 553 Chair Elisheva Levin, is considering a run for StateRepresentative, District 22.Seekcufmedia.xanga.comfor more information concerning
TheWeekly Sedition
New Mexico's Consumer Advocate
Dona Ana County –
The next scheduled Dona Ana County CentralCommittee Meeting is 13 January 2010 at 6:30 PM to plan for thecounty convention. Contact chair The committee would bedelighted to meet before then with any Doña Ana CountyLibertarian wishing support in running for office or with any ideas toadvance the party or political issues that the party should address.Please contact the chair or check the LPDAC website for moreinformation –lpdacnm@lpnm.us/ 575-541-9079 /lpnm.us/dona-ana.
Otero County
 – The Otero County LP meets on Wednesday, 2December – contact Dr. Gilberto Heredia for more information [thrill@zianet.com/ 575-439-8234 ], or see the OCLP website for details  lpnm.us/otero. The OCLP hosted this year's state convention in April.
Congressional District 3
– Adam Kokesh, while running under theGOP banner, is a Life Member of the LP and is a hard-coreadvocate of libertarian principles.See
for more.
Congressional District 3 includes, but is not limited to, Sandoval,San Juan, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Roosevelt, Colfax, Rio Arriba andTaos Counties.
If you live in a county with an inactive affiliate and wantto get involved, contact the county chair. See Page 6 for a list of county chairs, campus contacts and CentralCommittee members.Special Events
2010 Annual State Convention
The 2010 LPNM State Convention is scheduled for Saturday, 17April 2010 at the Quarters BBQ at 3700 Ellison Dr NW inAlbuquerque from 11 AM to 9 PM. Tentative speakers includeAdam Kokesh, candidate for U.S. Congress in District 3, andDouglas Lincoln, candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff.
2010 Libertarian Party National Convention
The LP's National Convention will take place in St. Louis, Missouri,over Memorial Day weekend in 2010 (29 – 31 May 2010) at theRenaissance Grand Hotel [ tinyurl.com/2zmnnq ]. For those not able to afford high-priced lodging and amenities, long-timeLibertarian and St. Louis resident Tom Knapp has put together 
St.Louis On The Cheap
, an online guide to inexpensive lodging,dining, attractions and transportation – stl.onthecheap.info.
3:15 PM – 4:15 PMLSLA Business meeting4:15 PM – 6:30 PMBreak6:30 PM 7:00 PMReceptionElm Room7:00 PM 9:00 PMDinnerElm RoomLNC Chair Candidates ForumElm RoomI encourage all of you to attend the LSLA Convention, February 26-28,2010.
Ballot Access Petition Drive
Do you remember the article last month on the ballot access petition drive?To repeat what I wrote then, to qualify as a minor party and gain ballotaccess for out candidates, we will have to have 4,148 validated petitionsignatures. As our experience last time was that the rate of disqualificationof petition signatures by the Bureau of Elections Office (BoE) ran at almost50%. Based on that, we believe we will need to have almost double the4,148 requirement. In other words, we need to collect over 8,000 signatures(4,148 x 2 = 8,296).To hire paid petitioners is an expensive undertaking. They charge $2.00 per signature. We can help ourselves cut costs by collecting as many petitionsignatures as we can. Some events that are usually prime for collectingsignatures are knife and gun shows, state and county fairs, farmersmarkets, motorcycle rallies, etc.But you can also keep a number of blank petition forms with you so you canpull them out whenever you have opportunity to discuss the politicalproblems with your family, friends, and neighbors, or for that matter,anyone.You need to have a number of forms, as you need to use a separate formfor each county, depending on which county the person is registered in. If they sign on the form for the wrong county, you have a wasted signature, asthe BoE will invalidate it.You need to be a stickler on ensuring that the person uses the address withwhich he or she is registered with the State on their voter registration, NOTthe address at which they are living. This is especially critical with studentsat the college campuses. They often are registered back home, but putdown their address where they are living while at school, which results inanother wasted signature that will be invalidated by the BoE.Every signature you can collect is one less we have to hire a paid petitioner to collect for us. Plus, if you are particularly careful in ensuring they sign onthe form for the correct county where they are REGISTERED (NOTNECESSARILLY WHERE THEY ACTUALLY LIVE), and they write theinformation legibly, you can help gain a higher percentage of validity for thesignatures you have collected.Our LPNM Constitution allows that 200 petition signatures (that’s 10 fullpages of signatures) may be submitted to extend one’s membership anadditional year. But, we will need to receive your submitted forms by March15, 2010, as we will need to have them ready to submit to the BoE by thebeginning of April.Are you up to the challenge? Collect and submit the signatures, and haveyour LPNM dues paid for an additional year.
Send your signed petition forms to:
LPNM Membership Director c/o Ron Bjornstad918 Ivory Road SERio Rancho, NM 87124
New Mexico Liberty – January 2010 – Page 3
Voice of the Chair 
Upcoming Conventions
Between now and Memorial Day at the end of May, we have threeconventions. They are the LSLA, LPNM, and LP conventions. I stronglyencourage you to try to attend all three. This month let me discuss the LSLAconvention. We’ll get to the other two in the next couple of months.Many think of the Libertarian State Leadership Association (LSLA)Convention at being for “State Chairs” only. That is not the case. It is notrestricted to just state chairs.All state officers should try to attend, including the chairs, vice-chairs,secretaries, treasurers, and executive directors. Additionally, anyoneconsidering being a future state officer, county officers, IT volunteers,campaign managers, candidate recruiters, candidates, active volunteers,and any others interested in becoming involved, both now and in the futureshould try to attend.This year the LSLA Convention will be February 26-28, 2010, the lastweekend in February. To summarize it, we'll have a reception on Fridaynight at the hotel restaurant/bar (see below for which hotel we’ll be at). OnSaturday, we're looking at doing two concurrent breakout session tracks: aninformation technology (IT) track and a Leadership track. Our hope is thatthe two tracks will include enough interesting topics to attract broader participation. This is all about building a solid leadership team. We stronglyencourage everyone to attend and exchange ideas and best practices.On Saturday night, we're looking at dinner with a debate among thecandidates for LNC Chair. Afterwards, we're going on a tour of 6th Street,the entertainment district of Austin, the Capital of Live Music seeen.wikipedia.org/wiki/6th_Street_(Austin).We’ll wrap with a Sundaycontinental breakfast.The LSLA website is ready to take your convention reservations isstatechairsconference.org.We're at the Radisson Austin North Hotel. Their web site isradisson.com/austintx_north. You can make hotel reservations by callingcall 800-333-3333 or 512-451-5757. Ask for the Libertarian rate, $89 single,$99 Double.The agenda for the Conference is as follows:
10 AM 6 PMBylaws CommitteePecan Room6 PM 10 PMReceptionRed Pepper Café
9:00 AM – 9:15 AMOpening AnnouncementsElm Room
The IT Track Agenda
9:30 AM – 10:30 AMUsing the LP DatabaseSycamore Room10:45AM 11:45 AME-Mail MarketingSycamore Room11:45 AM 1:00 PMLunch BreakOn your own1:00 PM 2:00 PMSocial NetworkingSycamore Room2:15 PM – 3:15 PMThe Best in Website DesignSycamore Room
The Leadership Track Agenda
9:30 AM – 10:30 AMOrganizing State & CountyPartiesElm Room10:45AM 11:45 AMRecruiting CandidatesElm Room11:45 AM 1:00 PMLunch BreakOn your own1:00 PM 2:00 PMMarketing the LPElm Room2:15 PM 3:15 PMForging AlliancesElm Room
With the coming of the new year, my wish for eachof you is that the new year not make you wish for 
the old one.”  – Jay Vandersloot 

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