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Role play

Role play

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Published by: Aan Safwandi EmoTicore on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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refers to the changing of one's behavior to assume arole, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously toact out an adopted role. While the Oxford English Dictionarydefines role-playing as "the changing of one's behavior tofulfill a social role",
 the term is used more loosely in three senses:
To refer to the playing of roles generally such as in a theater, or educationalsetting;
To refer to a wide range of games including computer role-playing games,  play-  by-mail gamesand more;
To refer specifically to role-playing games.
[edit] Social science
Insocial science,role-playing is historically a reference toPsychodramaandSociodrama, and more recently toDrama Therapy, which were originally created as a methodology for studying role theoryby thesocial sciences.The study of role-playing was modeled after  theater and includes many counterparts. To roleplay one enacts variousmotives, attitudes, and  postures.
The protagonistsare the participants who improvise their actions within asituation normally simulated about them. It is their life or abilities, their roles, that are being examined or tested. Theauxiliary egosare anyone else who performs to place the protagonists within the situation. Theaudienceis any onlooker who may providefeedback. Thestageis wherever the practice is performed or perhaps fictionally set. Thedirector  is the expert who guides the exercise.
[edit] Training
Main article:Roleplay simulationRole-playing may also refer to roletrainingwhere personsrehearsesituations in  preparation for a future performance and to improve their abilities within a role. The mostcommon examples are occupational training role plays, educationalrole play exercises,  and certain militarywargames.
[edit] Simulation
Interior cockpit of atwinjetflight simulator One of the first uses of computers was to simulate reality around its participants in order to roleplay the flying of aircraft. As early as the 1940s,flight simulators used computers to solve the equations of flight and train future pilots. After World War IIthe army beganfull time role-playing simulations with soldiers using computers both within full scaletraining exercises and for training in numerous specific tasks under wartime conditions.Examples include weapon firing, vehicle simulators, and control station mock ups.
[edit] Entertainment
Historical re-enactmenthas been practiced by adults for millennia. The ancient Romans,Han Chinese, and medieval Europeans all enjoyed occasionally organizing events inwhich everyone pretended to be from an earlier age, and entertainment appears to have been the primary purpose of these activities. Within the 20th century historicalreenactment has often been pursued as ahobby.Improvisational theatredates back to theCommedia dell'Artetradition of 16th century. Modern improvisational theatre began in the classroom with the "theatre games" of  ViolaSpolinandKeith Johnstonein the 1950s. Viola Spolin, who was one of the founder the famous comedy troupeSecond City, insisted that her exercises were games, and that theyinvolved role-playing as early as 1946. She accurately judged role playing in the theatreas rehearsal and actor training, or the playing of the role of actor versus theatreroles, but many now use her games for fun in their own right.
[edit] Role-playing games
Main article:Role-playing gameA role-playing game is agamein which the participants assume the roles of characters  and collaboratively createstories.Participants determine the actions of their characters
 based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formalsystemof rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they mayimprovisefreely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.Role-playing can also be done online in the form of group story creation, involvinganywhere from two to several hundred people, utilising public forums, private message- boards, mailing lists, chat-rooms, and instant-messaging chat clients (e.g MSN, Yahoo!,ICQ) to build worlds and characters that may last a few hours, or several years. For some,romance and sex (though more often the former) are key elements to publicly-viewableroleplays, with the majority of such play taking place in chat-rooms or so-called "1x1"(one-on-ones) and very small groups, with other elements taking a back-seat in terms of importance. Typically, for medium and large groups of roleplayers, and large roleplays,the reverse is true, with romantic sub-plots taking a back-seat to story and settingdevelopment and action scenes, yet when it
occur, it is often (and in some casesexpected to be) of a far less blatant nature.There are different genres one can choose while role playing, including, but not limitedto, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, historical, etc. Books or movies can be, andoften are, used as a basis for roleplays (which in such cases may be deemed"collaborative fan-fiction"), with players either assuming the roles of established canoncharacters or using those the players themselves create ("Original Characters") to replace- or exist along side - characters from the book or movie, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of itsestablished canon.
[edit] Sexual role-playing
Main article:Sexual roleplaySexual role-playing is form of role-playing in which partners take parts in a drama with astrong sexual theme. These might include a teacher and pupil scenario, or an employer and maid, boss and secretary, besides other scenarios. These are common in BDSMand are integral to many pseudonymous or anonymous forms of  cybersex. Sexual role-playing may also be involved in variousonline games. This is a generallyless accepted type of role-playing in an online community, though opinions about it vary.Social acceptance and attitudes to sexual role-playing differ within various communities,often dependent on the community's genre or purpose (e.g., adultBDSMand fetish  communities not only accept this behaviour but promulgate it as the main activity aroundwhich the online community functions). It is also not uncommon for players to form a personal attachment or friendship with the persona assumed by their role-playing partner.The above mentioned example is generally better accepted in anonline environment than role-playing a character that involves sexual-related content in public or in abovementioned adult-themed role-playing games.

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