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The Stag - Issue 22

The Stag - Issue 22

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Published by The Stag

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Published by: The Stag on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Tuesday 9th November 2010Editor: Mariam NasirEditor-In-Chief: Chris Whitehead
NEWS p. 3
SPORTS p.23ARTS p.18
The University of Surrey Newspaper
Issue 22
| The University of Surrey Students’ Union
| thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Union backsNational Demoand Rallies Against Rise inTuition Fees
H     
() 
As no other area of bioscienceseems to trigger so muchcuriosity, our genetic make-up(the somewhat hardware of the human body, where all thedata, programs and protocols
of life’s existence are encoded)has rmly settled somewhere
amongst global warming andthe credit crunch - in the pileof pop culture “worries” of ourgeneration.
The Gene Boom
N G
Is the Bus Service meeting theStudents Expectations?
L J
The Students’ Union has made its position on the Browne Re-view clear to students, during an open executive meeting late last month. The motion was proposed by the Chair of the Students’Union, Rowan Ling, and seconded by the Vice-President for
Education, Stef Jones, following an online poll that aimed to gauge
student reaction to government proposals. (cont. on p. 4)
o campus news p.5
Catch up with your Sbbs p. 8
Event planner centre pages p.12-13
Film reviews p. 20
Surrey sport results p. 23
F   R  E  E  
Most students living at Hazelfarm, Park barn and ManorPark are dependent on the Ar-riva bus service between themand the University. The ma-
jority of students aected are
those that use the 27 bus serv-ice to Park Barn and Hazel farm,most of them being postgradu-ates and a few undergraduates.They have intense coursework and research which is stressfulenough without an added bur-den of waiting in anticipationfor a bus.I myself use the bus service toand from Manor park, especial-ly to the train station. I have not experienced any delays on the36 and 37 services. Howeverwhen I spoke to a few studentswho were at the Austin Piercebus stop this is what they hadto say about the terrible delayson the 27 bus service.One lady, a PG from Park Barnsaid,“Our course is tough enoughand I have to be thinking about what time I will get into uni-versity and back.”She also commented how theywaste a lot of time waiting at The Epidemiological studies of inherited disorders and genet-ic screening programmes, forthe most part, set the scene forthis ‘pro-gene’ movement. Toname but a few, cancers havenow fully acquired the name‘genetic disease’ and genetictesting for type 2 Diabeteshave been launched.
(cont. p. 14)
(Cont. on p. 10)
The Stag is an editiorially independent newspaper and ispublished by the University of Surrey Student’s Union.The Views expressed in the paper are those of the individualauthors and do not necessarily represent the views of theeducational team, the Students’ Union or the University of Surrey.Surrey & Berkshire Media Ltd.8 Tessa Road, ReadingRG1 8NS
The Stag reserves the right to edit all submissions and the right todecide which articles are published.
Please direct all enquiries to the relevant section editors.
Your Stag Team
Comms Oficer |
Chris Whiteheadussu.communications@surrey.ac.uk.
Editor |
Mariam Nasireditor@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Deputy Editor (Design) |
Bakita Kasadha de-sign@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Design Team |
Zoe Kitchener, Rowan Ling, Am-rin Lokhandwalla, Jack White, Stacey Hunter &Charlotte Clarke
Deputy Editor (Marketing) |
Eunice Njagimarketing@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Marketing Oficers |
Harriet Drudge , ImogenJones & Kristel Tchamba 
News TeamNews Editor |
Tom Gouldingnews@thestagsurrey.co.uk Team | Jack White
Features TeamFeatures Editor |
Jyoti Rambhaifeatures@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Science & Tech TeamScience & Technology Editor |
Helen Finnsciencetech@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Rachel Lismore-Burns & EmmaCooper
Societies TeamSocieties Editor
| Utkarsh Sharmasocieties@thestagsurrey.co.uk Team | Apoorva Sondhi
 Arts TeamDance & Theatre Editor |
Rachel Gildeadancetheatre@thestagsurrey.co.uk Team | Lucy Al-Zoghbi, Sian Goldby &Alex Sutton 
Film Editor |
Ollie Sim
Literature Editor|
Christina Webbliterature@thestagsurrey.co.uk Team| Demitri Levantis, Miranda Sullivan& Hollie Rowe-Roberts
Music Editor |
Lorna Salmonmusic@thestagsurrey.co.uk Team: Liam Conroy 
Sports TeamSports Editor |
Marissa Guerreiro Da Costasports@thestagsurrey.co.uk Team l Latoya Kessie and Sam Smith
Photography Editor |
Naomi Davidson
Copy Editors |
Emma Armitage, Vijay Bhaskar,Yemi Dipeolu, Nicole Vassell & Faha Zahidcopyteam@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Webmasters |
Ankur Banerjee & Andy Smithwebteam@thestagsurrey.co.uk 
Editor’s Letter
Meet the Team
Sports Editor
The new sports editor, Marissa Guerreiro Da Costa, is in her 2nd year of Tourism Management and
practically lives at the Sports Park, you are most likely to ind her eating in the changing room orhaving her daily ix of The Simpsons on the treadmill. Her favourite sports are suring and FMX and
her hopes for this year are that everyone gets involved in sports and enjoy the sports section!
Andy is a second year computer scientist who also helps to manage Surrey RAG website, is thesecretary for Surrey Stage Crew and is Head of Show Production and Training for GU2 Radio.
Marketing Team
My name is Harriet Drudge. I’m a fairly active person; I love sport, my favourite being football. Iplay centre forward for the University team but I’m also in a choir and love to sing. Two thingsyou probably wouldn’t put together! I study Business Management and I’m loving Surrey!
With the hot topic of the moment being the rise in tuition fees, everyone is buzzingwith questions, comments and engaging in debates on how we are all going to be
eected by this big change.
The Stag
team had the opportunity to have a sit downwith NUS VP Society and Citizenship Susan Nash and local Councillor Chris Wardto hear their thoughts on the matter, turn to page _ for the full story. In addition
to that, Tom Goulding does an indepth proile on Chris Ward and his goals for the
students of Guildford have a look at page _.With all these matters of seriousness encapsulating us, we have little much to beexcited about so once again,
The Stag
is giving away tickets away for, yes – FESTISHNight! Just count the number of the red stag images in the paper – they are scat-
tered all over - and email me the inal count at 
editor@thestagsurrey.co.uk and you can be the lucky winners!On another note, facebook is pretty much taking over the world. This is not a statement; it is the realityof things. Have a look at “
Facebook: What does it say about you
, it will make you think about your proile
picture if nothing else as well as the review of 
The Social Network 
in the ilm section which is about how thewhole phenomenon started in the irst place.
Any comments, questions or feedback please email me at editor@thestagsurrey.co.uk or just pop along to
our weekly meetings; 6pm in 05AC03. Until next time!
MariamThe Stag would like to apologise for the following mistakes from last edition“The Sudoku in the Games page had one of the numbers in the wrong place.“Revelation” in the Literature Section written by Gareth Evans.“Science of Lectures” in Science and Technology Section by Emma Cooper“Value of Food” in Science and Technology Section by Rachel Lismore-Burns
NEWSnews@thestagsurrey.co.uk The Stag
The Ofice for National Statis-
tics has launched a national re-cruitment campaign that will
provide an estimated 35,000
jobs nationwide. The recruits
will be expected to ill part 
time, temporary positions,leaving the opportunity open
for students with lexible time-
tables.Recruits will be asked to helpgather data for the next na-tional census on 27
March2011, a survey carried out ev-ery ten years that provides anestimate of the population of England and Wales. The sta-tistics gained by the censushelp the government allocateimportant funding to publicservices such as transport, ed-ucation and health. They alsoallow central and local policymakers to identify and addressvital concerns of local commu-nities.Applicants will be able to
Students could beneit from ONS
National Recruitment Campaign
choose from a variety of roleswith the ONS, including censuscoordinators who help man-age local teams, census collec-tors who provide door to doorsupport with questionnaires,and special enumerators whowill be responsible for distrib-uting the census at communalestablishments such as student halls of residence. These jobswill see recruits engage withlocal communities and organi-zations, and will be distributedproportionately between re-
gions, with over 10,500 place-
ments going to the South East and London.The news comes during aweek when Chancellor of theExchequer George Osborneannounced plans to axe half amillion public service jobs inthe 2010 spending review.ONS Census Director GlenWatson said, “I am pleased toannounce the start of our cam-
T G
News Editor
paign to recruit 35,000 people
across England and Wales forthe 2011 Census.The census is not just about counting people, the informa-tion it provides is needed toplan vital services like schools,hospitals, housing, roads andemergency services. Censusresults are also used exten-sively within academia as botha teaching and research re-source.The 2011 Census is less thansix months away. We needto give people help and sup-port to complete and returnthe census questionnaire andthis means recruiting the right people for this important na-tionwide project.”For further informationon how you can apply fora job helping on the ONS2011 National Census, visit  www.censusjobs.co.uk .NUS has warned huge cuts tohigher education funding andstudent support for furthereducation contained in today’scomprehensive spending re-
view (CSR) informed an entire
generation, “you’re on yourown”.The CSR announced reduc-tions in the university teaching
budget to be “oset” by huge
increases in tuition fees, pro-posed the abolition of the edu-cation maintenance allowance
(EMA), which supports poorerstudents to aord staying on in
further education, and suggest-ed increased fees and loans foradult learners.NUS said the fresh round of 
cuts would lead to the eective
privatisation of universitiesand restricted opportunitiesfor college students.Aaron Porter, NUS President,said:“This is a devastating blow tohigher and further educationthat puts the future of collegesand universities at risk andwill have repercussions for thefuture prospects of studentsand learners. This is a spend-ing review that looks an entiregeneration in the eye and says‘you’re on your own.’”“Government ministers fromboth parties keep telling us that 
the deicit must be reduced
to avoid passing a poisonedlegacy to the next generation,but now they are proposing toeliminate almost all fundingfor university education whilst simultaneously transferringthe debt onto students.“Ministers who themselvesreceived their university edu-cation for free are now sayingthat the next generation willhave to do without.”
NUS and UCU organised anational demonstrationagainst cuts to further andhigher education in centralLondon on Wednesday 10November 2010.
NUS responds to comprehensive spending review
 B a k  e 
  O  f  f  ! 
Get your housemates, your friends, your coursemates -EVERYONE- together and join the bake-off!!
Lower Lecture Theatre Concourse
Tuesday 23rd November 11:00-14:00
bring along your cake between 11am and 12pm to be judged and sold.
All proceeds will go to Mental Health charitiesWe have a
20 Wagamama voucher to give to the creators of the best decorated cake.Get involved, make new friends and have fun!
Student Healthcare
Did you know...
In 1993 Natalya Polosmak, a Russian archaeologist, discovered the burial place of a wom-
an who died in Siberia around 400 BC (two thousand four hundred years ago). Known as
the Siberian Ice Maiden, the body had been preserved by permafrost?
George Osborne: Chancellor of the Exchequer 

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