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Final Rover Report

Final Rover Report

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Published by Aquib
Obstacle avoidance rover by A.K.A.S
Obstacle avoidance rover by A.K.A.S

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Published by: Aquib on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ROVER 2010
 The main objective of this project is to design an obstacledetection and collision avoidance robot with help of IR sensorsembedded around the body of robotic vehicle. This design can beused in fully automated vehicles like cars, moving materials inindustries and similar other commercial applications. Starting withan overview of the system the document would coverimplementation details like components used, circuits andalgorithms, problems faced during designing of the obstacledetection and collision avoidance robot. It has also beendescribed that how the microcontroller program has beenembedded in the microcontroller with the help of a burner device.Some suggestions on improving the design and its commercialapplication have also been discussed in the later part of thedocument. The Reference and Resources page has a list of relevant books,websites, electronic shops and commonly used parts & theirprices.
ROVER 2010
 The robot uses three IR sensors to sense any obstacle in its path. The data coming from those sensors are fed into voltagecomparators where the sensor data is compared with a fixedreference voltage. After the comparison of sensor data and the
the voltage comparator gives output as OV for presence of any obstacle and 5 V for absence of obstacle. This output of comparator circuit is fed into the microcontroller in which decisionmaking program is stored .The microcontroller process uses theoutput of comparator circuit according to the program stored in itand gives output at another port. The output of microcontroller isfed into the motor driver circuit which amplifies the low outputcurrent coming from microcontroller so that its output becomescapable to drive the DC motors fitted in the robotic vehicle base.
ROVER 2010
Block diagram of Rover

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