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04 - Podcasting Module 2010 - Activity 3 - Audio Sample

04 - Podcasting Module 2010 - Activity 3 - Audio Sample

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Published by ScottParks

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Published by: ScottParks on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 2010  v.1 
Activity 3
Record an Audio Sample
To begin recording an audio sample, you will first need to start the editing program:
 Using the attached microphone, record a short 30 second audio sample of a dialogue betweenyou and your partner.  You could talk about:
Your involvement in a sports team
Weekend activities
Recording Conditions
Remember the microphone will pick up most of the sound made around it during yourrecording time. Here are some tips to consider:1.
Background noise, the recording will pick up other sounds made in the room including otherpeople talking, machine noise and telephone rings! To avoid this it is best to record in aquiet and secluded room. 2.
Microphone position, the microphone doesn’t have to be to close to your mouth,
as it tendsto pick up unwanted noises like inhaling and exhaling, plus the recording tends to be loud if the microphone is to close. When making a recording try a keep the microphone at aconstant distance from your mouth because varying the distance changes the volume of therecording. This can be helped by the use of a headset. 3.
Try to do all the recording of a Podcast on the same computer as different machines havedifferent ambient sounds which will vary throughout the recording if not done on the samemachine. 
Start Recording
Last minute final checks:(i)
Check that your microphone is plugged in!(ii)
Ensure that the input is set to microphone(iii)
Sample rate is set a 44100Hz, this can be altered as we will discuss later, but thiscomes recommended.

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