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Fuzzy Hot Wheels Car

Fuzzy Hot Wheels Car

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Published by CAIR Bear
Well....it's uploaded but unreadable, and I can't edit it in scribd. Nice.
Well....it's uploaded but unreadable, and I can't edit it in scribd. Nice.

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Published by: CAIR Bear on Dec 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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One year, not so long ago, I was cleaning the house. The big clean, the Christmas season clean,when I spied something dark along the baseboard underneath the dining side-boardcabinet. I assumedit was some kind of toy...a Hot Wheels car maybe.There's about 5 inches of clearance there between the bottom of the cabinet andthe floor, I'm onmy knees and an elbow, I reach down there and grab this thing. It's light, feelsa little furryon top and a bit twiggy underneath. It could be ANYTHING in this house. I'm on two knees and myright palm at this point. As I'm doing this.... but before I can see the 'object', I start to losehope that it's some kind of fuzzy ultra-light Hot Wheels car or a derelict cat toy, but thishappened so fast the thought barely registers enough to dampen the blow. I get this thing clearof the front of the cabinet, not by much, when I realize, and see.......uh huh.........it's adried up dead mouse. I drop it right where my hand was when my eyes first recognized it... REEL BACKonto my knees straight up, look straight forward with my arms stretched out sideways andas I'm doing this......I scream. I mean, I scream through several breaths. You know,..... I stop,run out of breath, inhale and scream again through four or five breaths. I'm talkin' Raidersof the Lost Ark-frightened Explorer # 5-kind of scream. The kind of scream thatthey step back fromin stages in the movies for effect - second shot an aerial from outside the house, third an aerialshot of the town, fourth shot planet earth from 250,000 mi. At the same time I start to shake myhands wildly with my arms still straight out sideways. Eventually I start screaming with muchshorter breaths. Still moaning, I begin to wildly shake my head back and forth in a way that theloose skin on my face splashes against my jaw making that typical cartoon soundeffect.I had freaked out. Old school style. I felt compelled to shake this off, the whole thing wastotally involuntary.All the while my oldest son who is way more squeamish thanI am with just about anything, is sitting closer to the corpse than I am and remaining perfectlycalm gazing at me with half closed eyes. Me, I felt the ex-critters dried up hind legs grate onmy fingers like it was trying to scratch me as I pulled it out of there, even though it was dead.the impact of that was imbedded in my brain. I couldn't look at it. I probably would have vomitedhad I not diverted my eyes, recoiled and screamed the way I did.The funny part of it is this.....well I guess the funny part is in a previous paragraph but, the thingis- if I had known beforehand that it was a dehydrated mouse carcass I could have picked it

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