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Published by natasha_tracy
A short story of a bipolar woman going through electroconvulsive therapy and a woman who loves her.
A short story of a bipolar woman going through electroconvulsive therapy and a woman who loves her.

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Published by: natasha_tracy on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Thaddeus DeLuca added this note
A little melodramatic; ECT is done under anesthesia and is like hitting the restart button on a computer. My friend had several treatments that left him a bit foggy and forgetful-he really didn't remember most of it. They use it only in extreme cases that need immediate help, and can't wait for anti-depressants to kick-in. Better to do something, than nothing. Bi-Polar depressives have to want to
natasha_tracy added this note
Thanks Shyam, l love Renee's hair too. I prefer to think of the ending as an undesired resolution.
Shyam Adrift added this note
this is superb! the riot of Renee's hair, the way you build the story & snuff it at the end! bravo!
natasha_tracy added this note
Thanks for reading my (somewhat anti) love story over 2500 times!
Mariko added this note
"She was the drug of passion and effervescence." Although that is usually a wonderful combination, the flip side is dark.
Mary Yuhas added this note
My mother had paranoid schizophrenia as I write about in my book, Growing UP Crazy - a memoir. She was given shock treatment as they used to call it but back then they did not give any painkillers. It helped her briefly. Nice read!
Adelaide Dupont added this note
Loved meeting Renee. There seemed to have been a demarciation between her pre- and post- hospital self. It's a big bang of a relationship! And the eyes, of course, are the key. Jane is a gripping character also.
Scribd added this note
Palpable imagery, @Natasha Tracy ... "Her hair was wild. She painted it blueberry, raspberry or cherry blossom because it made her smile and laugh."

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