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Mb0040 Statistics for Management Assign Set-2

Mb0040 Statistics for Management Assign Set-2

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Published by Ali Asharaf Khan
Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 1 Set - II
Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 1 Set - II

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Published by: Ali Asharaf Khan on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Book ID: B1129)
Assignment Set- 2 (60 Marks)
Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions
What do you mean by Statistical Survey? Differentiate between“Questionnaire” and “Schedule”.
Statistical Survey
A Statistical Survey is a scientific process of collection and analysis of numerical data. Astatistical survey is divided into two broad categories.1. Planning 2. Execution
Planning of a Statistical Survey
The relevance and accuracy of data obtained in a survey depends upon the care exercised inplanning. A properly planned investigation can lead to best
results with least cost and time. Theplanning stage consists of the following sequence of activities.1. Nature of the problem to be investigated should be clearly defined in an un- ambiguousmanner.2. Objectives of investigation should be stated at the outset. Objectives could be to obtaincertain estimates or to establish a theory or to verify a existing statement to find relationshipbetween characteristics etc.3. The scope of investigation has to be made clear. It refers to area to be covered, identificationof units to be studied, nature of characteristics to be observed, accuracy of measurements,analytical methods, time, cost and other resources required.4. Whether to use data collected from primary or secondary source should be determined inadvance.5. The organization of investigation is the final step in the process. It encompasses thedetermination of number of investigators required, their training, supervision work needed, fundsrequired etc.
Execution of Statistical Survey
Control methods should be adopted at every stage of carryingout the investigation to check the accuracy, coverage, methods of measurements, analysis andinterpretation. The collected data should be edited, classified, tabulated, presented in diagramsand graphs, analyzed and interpreted.
Differentiate between “Questionnaire” and “Schedule”1.
Very often information is collected through Questionnaires. The questionnaires are filled by ofquestions pertaining to the investigation. They are sent to the respondents with a covering lettersoliciting cooperation by giving correct information and mailing it back. The objectives ofinvestigation are explained in the covering letter together with assurance for keeping informationprovided by them as confidential.Information can be collected through schedules filled by investigator through personal contact.In order to get reliable information, the investigator should be well trained, tactful, unbiased andhard working.
This method is generally adopted by research workers and other official and non-officialagencies. It covers large area of investigation. It is more economical and free from investigator’sbias. However it results in many “non-response” situations. The respondent may be illiterate.They can provide wrong information due to wrong interpretation of questions.The information used for the investigation of the current problem and obtained from the datacollected and used by some other agency or person before for his investigation is known asecondary data.
Success of Questionnaire method of collection of data depends mainly on proper drafting ofthe questionnaire. Following general principle are considered.i. The number of questions should be less.ii. Lengthy questions should be avoided.iii. Answers to them should be short.They are available in published or unpublished form. In published form they are available inresearch papers, news papers, magazines, government publication, international publication,websites etc. They are collected for a different purpose. Therefore care should be exercisedwhile making use of it. Their accuracy, reliability, objectives and scope should be examinedthoroughly before use.
Ques2. The table shows the data of Expenditure of a family on food, clothing,education, rent and other items.Items
Food 4300Clothing 1200Education 700Rent 2000Others 600
Depict the data shown in the table using Pie chart.
Ans: Pie chart of Expenditure of a family on food, clothing, education, rent and otheritems.

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