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Four Children Who Died in Foster Care

Four Children Who Died in Foster Care

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An article I wrote regarding four children that I know of who have died in foster care, including my son.
An article I wrote regarding four children that I know of who have died in foster care, including my son.

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Published by: Michael Borusieiwicz on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here is the story of the four children, one my own, and the three others belonging to other parentsthat I have met in the last year since my son died.Like the others in our sad little group, I do not like to talk about what happened to my beautiful son,Luke Borusiewicz. I will say one thing, when I look at the photos of our last visit together, I can seethe love for me in his eyes, on his poor little scratched face. Two days later a scratch on his penisthat needed him to be taken to the doctor it was so severe. They ignored pleas from myself andLukes mother. These people answer to noone.I have the parents of these deceased children's permission to discuss it though, and to cast it into the public light. None of us want our children to be forgotten, and we all want justice. I know it isinevitable that I will meet more parents whose children have died in foster care due to thisdepartments blatant negligence. If you know of anyone, please send them to me, it is time that weall came together, and expose what has, is and will be happening.... michael@lukesarmy.com Hereis my profile on facebook...http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=177005468124&v=photos&ref=ts#!/profile.php?id=100000922697911This department believes that 100% of it's workers are right, 100% of the time. Nobody is perfect,we all know that. I tried and tried and tried to get my son back. Ask any one of the thousand whohave been wronged by these child safety departments Australia wide, to these workers, many of thesenior ones especially, this is some sick sort of game, where their prejudices and narrowmindedness is at the forefront, they are right no matter what, and if there is a personality clash,watch out, your child is going to pay for it.My son was born on september 22 2006. He died on the 18th of January, 2009. He was two yearsand four months. It breaks my heart to talk about it, to think about it, I dream almost everyday aboutit, waking up crying, how I miss my son so much....After every visit I would watch them driveaway with Luke and pretend all was as it should be, then drop to the ground and cry in front of the playground. Two hours a week for the last six months of his life was all I got to spend with the son Iloved, adored, treasured, worshipped...and then he was sent back to foster care, a little baby beingmoved from strangers house to strangers house, not having a clue what was happening, terrifying tohim, and to the father that loved him so much.Because it pains me so to talk about it, I would ask that if you would like to know more about hisstory in particular, please visit the site I have built for him athttp://lukesarmy.com/If you would like to show your support, there is little you can do apart from joining Luke's Army atthat site, and also becoming a member of Luke's Army Group on Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=177005468124&ref=tsThe coroners report is going to take around three years I have been told. This should shed somemore light onto what actually happened to Luke, how he was injured so severely, and why he hadconstant injuries, and why the department failed to act on this information, as well as the complaintsfrom both Luke's Parents.I will now begin to tell the story of how the next child, a ten month old baby girl died due to thenegligence of The Department of Child Safety in South Australia.The mother of this baby was in foster care when she was a child, with a good family and thereforethought it prudent to ask the department to place her beloved daughter in foster care for a week, asshe was homeless, but her dream home was to be completed in a weeks time, and they would liveout their dream together as a family, she also had two older sons.
The department assured her that the baby would be placed into a safe environment. This wasdefinitely not the case. The ten month old, beautiful, innocent, helpless.....little girl was put with anold lady, so severly handicapped that this woman was unable to even change nappies for the baby.She could not lift the child, and the child was placed into a cot and left, left to drown on her bottle,covered in truly severe nappy rash, from not having her nappies changed.The day after that little girl died, the old lady had carpul tunnel surgery. She was severylyhandicapped, and the department knew of it. This matter has been through the courts in SA, and themother is forbidden to talk of it. This is how they keep this epidemic quiet, as well as media lawsworking in the favour of these child safety departments Australia wide. It all gets swept under thecarpet....Until now.Since I started Luke's Army, which was to be just me, there are thousands who have rallied behindme giving me support and strength. There is not a week goes by when I am not contacted by adevistated parent, feeling powerless and mistreated by these departments. There are also numerousgroups that have formed all with the one goal of exosing this corrupt and unjust system, andfighting to have the children they love returned.This brings me to the next child. We have a ten month old, my two year old, and this child wasthree years old, one of a pair, twins, taken by DoCS NSW. The mother fought tirelessly to have her children returned, and won.DoCS appealed this decision, and the twins remained in foster care. There is a serious shortage of foster carers but this makes no difference to the child safety departments. They also stand by their claims that removing a child from their parents does not harm a child at all. This makes it all themore frustrating for the loving parents who know and also feel the pain of being torn from a lovingfamily.Tragically, one of the twins died a month after the appeal. The story gets worse.The baby was so sick, she had pnemonia. The child was not even taken to the doctors. Worse still,the baby was not even in the care of the foster carer when she left to die. Instead of taking thiscritically ill child to the doctor, these foster carers put them with a baby sitter and went out. Thechild was left unchecked and died of pnemonia whilst laying in the cot at the baby sitters. This is achild that was everything the parents lived for, as was my son, and the next child I will bring tolight.Whilst my son died due to the negligence of the department of child safety in Qld, The ten monthold girl died due to the negligence of child safety SA, the three year old twin was in NSW and so isthe next child.This child was sixteen, and in foster care. This was not due to bad parenting, but by choice. Thissixteen year old boy chose to stay with this foster carer.This is the site that the boy Nathan's mother has built for him.http://www.nathansjustice.com/Here is Nathan's mothers version of what has happened, taken from this site.May this be shared with the AUSTRALIAN people and with people all over the WORLD. I amhoping in the face of humanity people will open their hearts and it be PETITION with me to nolonger allow Nathan to be silenced. I hope his voice will finally be heard and the FIGHT for hisJUSTICE OCCUR. We all need to make this life a safer place, for the best part of who we are, our 
children. My beautiful baby boy was taken from me avoidably too soon and if the tragic loss of hislife can save another in a similar position, his death will not be completely in vain. The truth needsto be heard. Nathan was only 16 years old when his life was cut short by a stab wound to the heart. He was inthe care of Graham McLeish, now known as Mark McLennan.THIS MAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR NATHANS DEATH AND CHARGES NEED TO BELAYED.These are the findings of the Coronial Inquest into Nathans death. Case No: 1134/05‘222. It is from this point on that the evidence Mr. McLeish’s contribution to Nathan’s death becomes more overwhelming. The evidence is that Mr. McLeish sought medical assistance for  Nathan in the immediate wake of the injury. However, the evidence also is his failure to tell the truehistory of Nathan’s injury to the hospital misled the medical investigations. The evidence is that theaccurate history of would have caused a different medical response and may well have resulted inthe true extent of Nathan’s injury being discovered on his first presentation.’?. The evidence is that Nathan’s prospects of survival from that injury with appropriate diagnosisand timely treatment were not in question. Mr. McLeish, despite his own views about what thehospital needed to know was told by his own friend whose counsel he sought early that morningthat he should tell the truth. Throughout the day he made several calls seeking medical advice. Itwas all the same advice. Advice that he should return Nathan to the hospital and have him reassessed. Advice he did not take at any point up until it was too late. Even after Nathan lapsed intounconsciousness Mr. McLeish did not tell the truth to the treating paramedics or doctors’‘225. I conclude from the weight of the evidence that had Nathan been returned to the hospitalearlier in the day, even in the wake of the call McLeish made at about 2pm and then given a truth of the mechanism of Nathan’s injury Nathan’s prospects of a correct diagnosis and appropriatetreatment and therefore survival would have been reasonable.?. …In my view Graham McLeish’s failure to give a true account to the hospital of Nathan’smechanism of injury, compounded by his failure to return Nathan to the hospital in circumstanceswhere his condition remained unimproved and he was sufficiently worried to be calling for adviceand receiving advice to return Nathan to the hospital contributed to Nathan’s death’ .WHY HAS THIS MAN, 4 YEARS AFTER NATHAN DIED, STILL NOT BEEN HELDACCOUNTABLE IN A COURT OF LAW FOR THE DEATH OF MY SON?BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND NATHAN'S FINAL DAYSGrahame McLeish, who was nominated as being adequate by the department of HUMANSERVICES DANDENONG, had taken Nathan to hospital on the 31st of March, 2005 with a woundto his chest and wounds to his wrist SAYING that Nathan had been running while wearing socks toturn up his stereo and had slipped and fallen into a Louvre window which broke and that is how Nathan sustained his injuries. THAT was proven in the Coronial Inquest TO BE A LIE. Nathan was driven to the hospital by Graham McLeish who did not call an ambulance. Nathan was taken in via wheelchair, described as being pale, very distressed, gagging and vomitingviolently and wretched.McLeish told medical staff he was Nathan’s stepfather. THAT IS A LIE.

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