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What Happened to Luke

What Happened to Luke

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Another article about Luke
Another article about Luke

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Published by: Michael Borusieiwicz on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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quote][b]fiona61 (26/10/2010)[/b][hr]I'm interested to know why Luke was removed from thefamily's home on Christmas eve? Did they tell you? I'm hoping he wsn't just sent away, but thatsomething happened that he couldn't stay there. A lady in her 70s should never have small childrenfor more than just babysitting for an hour or so, although I have seen people that age in better formthan 60 somethings.  No point thinking about it now, but it's a pity you hadn't called 000 and sent an ambulance to thehouse. Just perhaps they would have insisted on taking a look at Luke. I'm assuming you had theaddress. This person must feel badly every day - I know I wouldn't forgive myself. Any head injury should be checked out on a small child. Are you doing anything for yourself, to help you get some goals for the future? I know you wouldfind it so hard to move on, but you know what? I think little Luke would want you to do that, be the best that you can be, and take his beautiful spirit along with you on your way. I'm not saying to dropthe fight to get justice for him, I'm just saying that kids want their dads to be happy, and you can dothat whilst carrying him with you into your future. Perhaps once you have your answers andapologies, you may be able to do that. Luke will always be a part of you, no doubting that.[/quote] This is a very hard question for me and I have put off answering it for hours, it is very upsetting for me to talk about it, but I thankyou for the opportunity Fiona. The family Luke was fostered out to were going away for Christmas, and decided at the lastmoment they did not want Luke to come. This backs up what I say about noone loving Luke morethan myself. I would have given anything to spend my christmas with Luke. Instead I lived my lifein a constant state of depression, only seeing Luke for two hours a week. Longer visits were part of the reunification process, but three days before Luke received his fatal blow to the head, I had a meeting with Joh, the reunification team leader, and asked for more timewith my son. She flatly refused. This was despite the fact I had moved to Cooktown to remove myself from the drug problem I hadin Cairns, was living with the manager of St Vincent De Paul in Cooktown, and drove four hours toCairns for my two hour visit with Luke, then four hours back to cooktown, every week. Never oncewas I late or did I miss a visit. This is despite the visit supervisor pleading with the reunification team leader to have my sonreturned, or at least have longer visits. This is after a visit supervisor from a non governmentorganisation confronted DoCS after the visit, and demanded my son be returned as I was anoutstanding father. Despite the numerous ways I tried to get my son back. [url]http://lukesarmy.com/album/lukes-dad/counselling-courses-and-references[/url] 
I said to her "Other people get longer visits after a month, I have been on two hours for sixmonths."Joh's reply was "That is other people, not you."This is one cold, heartless, callous bitch, incharge of not just my family, but many families, and answerable to noone. She knows every lowdown dirty trick there is, and dishes it out without a second thought. You can see the lines of hatredetched deep into her face. Before that last meeting I rang my visit supervisor to run through the list of issues I wished todiscuss. At the top of that list was to get Luke out of that old lady's house. I didn't even make it tothat point. I was refused longer visiting times with Luke and handed a list of rules pertaining to myvisits. Then Joh pulled the classic DoCS manouvre, accusing me of raising my voice, and with thatshe dismissed the meeting. I was terrified for Luke, and continuously rang every office I could think of. Child safety complaints, who put me onto the manager in Cairns, who never returned one of mycalls. Even the receptionist spoke to me like a lower class of human being, as if I was not worthy of an audience with the manager, even if my child's life was in danger. The manager knew all aboutLuke's situation and did nothing.I ended up sitting in the corner of my room crying day after day. Iknew something was going to happen. I was telling my friends I could see Luke, he was out in alittle boat drifting out to sea and I was standing helpless on the shore, and Luke was crying "Daddy,Daddy." I sensed what was coming. Luke was all I lived for, and they could not have hurt him morethan by taking him away from me. With regards to what happened when I rang the old lady, it began with Luke being unable to make itto our visit. I had never been late or missed a visit, and would hide around a corner and surpriseLuke, many times with a present for him. He was in the car and on his way to me. I was standing atthe bowling alley waiting for him, but Cairns flooded because of the cyclone, and although theymade it 100 metres from where I was standing, they were unable to reach me, or stop because of thetraffic, and there were heaps of cars broken down everywhere because of the flood. She rang meafter she was about 5km away. She said it was getting dangerous so I agreed the safest thing would be to take Luke back home. I was always a worrywort with Luke and had him wrapped in cottonwool, especially after witnessing the abuse he endured from his mother. She knew how much Iloved him, and hurt Luke to get at me. When I told child safety she burnt him on the face with a cigarette they laughed at me. I told themshe had given him amphetamines and they laughed at me. Then on another occassion she told meshe had given him amphetamines again. I was distressed but called an ambulance. I thought at leastthis would be the last time, I had caught her out this time. Luke was tested, and he was positive for amphetamines. Luke's mother claimed I was trying to set her up, and nothing more was done aboutit. I was always the bad guy. It would not be the last time she would give him speed. They wouldnot let me take him away from her. Instead, they organised a unit for Luke and his mother, and Iwas forbidden to visit. I was terrified, I rang the minister for child safety, I rang every privateinvestigator in the book trying to find a way I could keep an eye out for Luke. My first trauma counselling after Luke died went for three and a half hours, all the things hismother had done to him, I was powerless to stop it, all I could do was try to intercept her. Once Iwalked in and she was sitting on the bed with a can of bourbon, watching Luke drink his own can of  jim beam. A twelve month old child does not know to hold the can to his mouth. Luke had hishands stretched out above his face, and the bourbon was pouring all over him, as well as into hisopen mouth.I was furious, but once again I thought "I've got you this time."I called the police. Nothing was done. Child safety still tried to end our relationship by promising Luke to his mother if she left me. This is despite a lengthy history with DoCS with her older two daughters, before Lukewas born. I had never been reported for child abuse or neglect. I was never given a chance. Like Isaid, I could go on for three and a half hours....
 So I ring Luke while he is still in the back of the car, I knew he would be upset and not understand,I had never missed a visit. He was singing happily all the way, according to the visit supervisor. Ihad begun singing lessons with Luke everyday in the bath at five months old, piano at sevenmonths, guitar at nine months. By the time Luke was a year old he was playing at least fivedifferent instruments everyday, as well as singing. [url]http://lukesarmy.com/forums/lukes-dad/i-made-department-child-safety-officer-wait-while-i-shot-last-film-luke[/url] I rang the house again about half an hour later. The old lady sounded really crabby and barked at methat he had banged his head and gone to bed. I informed her that his mother had knocked him over the head badly before, and to be careful with him and keep a close eye on him.I said "He's missedhis visit so he will be pretty upset."She said to me "Yeh, he wanted to see someone."I said to her "You know how much he loves me."Then she softened up a bit, I guess she realised it was his dadshe was talking to. She agreed with me and said "Yeh, he does love you a lot." This old lady has had countless children removed from her care. From my investigations, not the police, I have found out about two brothers who were removed because she continuously fed themfood off the floor, never giving them plates. Another child was removed after being bitten by aspider, and a week later she had still not taken him to the doctor. She was addicted to poker machines and would leave all the children in the play room at the pokies club for hours on end,daily. Other children had to be removed after she threw them around. No doubt there are others yetto come forward, no doubt DoCS will be keeping it as hush hush as possible, but I have other incidences that DoCS are aware of , and if they don't come clean it will be more charges againstthem. They knew how dangerous that house was. They knew the old lady refused to take anychildren under three or change nappies. [url]http://lukesarmy.com/images/lukes-dad/sunday-mail-article-gavin-king?size=_original[/url] I rang the house again around lunch time and a young boy answered. I asked him to go check onLuke, and he said he was still asleep. I was worried sick but what could I do. I didn't want to ringthe house too much in case I lost all phone privelidges, so I waited til about five and rang again. Theold lady answered, and she still had not checked on my little angel. I used to sleep on the floor nextto his bed with my hand on his chest while he slept so I could feel him breathing. It was Lukey'shouse, and I was his devoted servant.Luke had been left with a fractured skull for six hours.Because of the cyclone they couldn't fly him to the children's hospital. As a result Luke's brain diedoff over the next week. They told me they were going to turn the machines off on the third day because he was still not breathing.I went in there and yelled at Luke, I said "Lukey, you start breathing right now, you breathe for Daddy." I breathed in and out loudly so Lukey could hear me.Even though he was in a coma, and had not breathed on his own since he had been there, Lukestarted breathing without the machines. He kept breathing for about eight hours and then it was toomuch for his little body to endure. As his brain died off, he lost function of each organ, one by one,until it was only his strong little heart that was left. The nurses came in and told me the doctorswanted to see me. I was sleeping in Luke's bed and only left his side when his mother would arrive.I talked to him and sang to him the whole time so he knew his daddy was there with him.Thedoctors told me they were going to turn the machines off at ten o'clock the next morning. I senttexts out to everyone to tell them to come up that night and say goodbye to Lukey. That night thewaiting room was full. Everyone loved Luke, he had such a vibrant personality, so energetic, and so

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