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english-brazilian portuguese- dictionary

english-brazilian portuguese- dictionary



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Published by RoyMarie
English-Brazilian Portuguese dictionary
English-Brazilian Portuguese dictionary

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Published by: RoyMarie on Aug 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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# English-Brazilian Portuguese translations created from the Universal dictionaryat 2008-08-05T08:06:58+02:00# (c) Copyright 2008 by All free dictionaries project# ALL FREE DICTIONARIES PROJECT DISCLAIMS ALL# WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THESE TRANSLATIONS, INCLUDING ALL# IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. IN NO# EVENT SHALL ALL FREE DICTIONARIES PROJECT OR ANY OF ITS CONTRIBUTORS# BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES# OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS OF USE, DATA OR# PROFITS, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE# OR OTHER ACTION, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION# WITH THE USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THESE TRANSLATIONS.## In other words there may be incorrect translations.# If you need to be sure never use these translations!## French, German and Czech entries are added manually. The entries for# remaining languages are added automatically. Entries for these languages# are only experimental.## You may not place this file on WWW, ftp and equivalent servers because# this file gets outdated very quickly. You may not distribute this file# with your dictionary applications without permission. You can contact# authors of the Universal dictionary at: http://dicts.info/contact.php## This file is for personal use only. You may not distribute this file.## New version of this file can be created at: http://www.dicts.info/uddl.php#against contra basic_meaningsamong ; amongst ; amid ; amidst entre basic_meaningsand e basic_meaningsbecause porque basic_meaningsduring durante basic_meaningseverything tudo basic_meaningsher seu basic_meaningsherself se basic_meaningshim ele basic_meaningshis seu basic_meaningsif se basic_meaningsinto dentro basic_meaningsits seu basic_meaningsmy meu basic_meaningsmyself me basic_meaningsnor nem basic_meaningsof de basic_meaningsoneself si basic_meaningsor ou basic_meaningsour nosso basic_meaningsper por basic_meaningsshe ela basic_meaningssince desde basic_meaningsthan que basic_meaningstheir seu basic_meaningsthem eles basic_meaningsthey eles basic_meaningsthy teu basic_meanings
to para basic_meaningsuntil até basic_meaningsupon sobre basic_meaningsvia por basic_meaningswe nós basic_meaningswhether se basic_meaningswhich qual basic_meaningswho quem basic_meaningswhom quem basic_meaningswith com basic_meaningsthat aquele basic_meaningsthe o basic_meaningsat para basic_meaningsdespite apesar de basic_meaningsperson ; individual ; someone ; somebody ; mortal ; soul pessoa linguisticsanimal ; animate being ; beast ; brute ; creature ; fauna animalecologyplant ; flora ; plant life planta ecologyfood ; nutrient comida basic_meaningscognition ; knowledge ; noesis conhecimento marketingfeeling sensibilidade basic_meaningsspace ; infinite espaço mathematicsevent evento statisticsprocess ; physical process processo mechanical_engineeringact ; deed ; human action ; human activity ato basic_meaningsgroup ; grouping grupo manufacturingrelation relação marketingdiscovery ; find ; uncovering descoberta basic_meaningsrecord recorde basic_meaningsloss perda manufacturingmistake ; error ; fault erro statisticsspill ; tumble ; fall queda basic_meaningskick ; boot ; kicking pontapé basic_meaningskiss ; buss ; osculation beijo basic_meaningsmeans ; agency ; way jeito real_estatemeasure ; step medida manufacturingsubstitution ; exchange ; commutation troca marketingdestruction ; devastation destruição basic_meaningsbath banho houseflight ; flying vôo basic_meaningsjourney ; journeying viagem transportationmotion ; movement ; move ; motility movimento mechanical_engineeringcut ; cutting corte mechanical_engineeringdivision ; partition ; partitioning ; segmentation ; sectionalization ;sectionalisation divisão marketingoperation operação militaryentertainment ; amusement diversão basic_meaningswork trabalho basic_meaningscare ; attention ; aid ; tending cuidado manufacturingoperation ; surgery ; surgical operation ; surgical procedure ; surgical processoperação militarytrick ardil basic_meaningscrime ; offense ; criminal offense ; criminal offence ; offence ; law-breakingcrime basic_meaningsattempt ; effort ; endeavor ; endeavour ; try tentativa basic_meaningstremble ; shiver ; shake tremor mechanical_engineeringsummation ; addition ; plus adição basic_meaningsobservation ; observance ; watching observação basic_meanings
education ; instruction ; teaching ; pedagogy ; didactics ; educational activityinstrução basic_meaningsindustry ; manufacture indústria manufacturinguse ; usage ; utilization ; utilisation ; employment ; exercise empregomanufacturingattack ; onslaught ; onset ; onrush ataque militarymeasurement ; measuring ; measure ; mensuration medida marketingrest ; ease ; repose ; relaxation descanso basic_meaningstrade comércio managementmarket ; marketplace ; market place mercado marketingtransportation ; shipping ; transport transporte marketingdistribution distribuição statisticspunishment ; penalty ; penalization ; penalisation punição lawfight ; fighting ; combat ; scrap combate militaryblow pancada mechanical_engineeringaid ; assist ; assistance ; help ajuda marketingblessing ; approval ; approving aprovação basic_meaningssupport suporte marketingmeeting ; coming together encontro basic_meaningsegg ovo biologybird ave ornitologysnake ; serpent ; ophidian serpente zoologyfeather ; plume ; plumage pena zoologyworm verme zoologydog ; domestic dog ; Canis familiaris cachorro ; cão basic_meaningscat ; true cat gato zoologywing asa basic_meaningstail cauda zoologyinsect inseto basic_meaningsfly mosca basic_meaningsbee abelha basic_meaningsant ; emmet ; pismire formiga basic_meaningsrat rato zoologyhorse ; Equus caballus cavalo zoologyhog ; pig ; grunter ; squealer ; Sus scrofa porco zoologycow ; moo-cow vaca basic_meaningssheep ovelha zoologygoat ; caprine animal cabra zoologyhomo ; man ; human being ; human homem insurancemonkey macaco zoologyfish peixe zoologyaddition ; add-on ; improver acréscimo basic_meaningsairplane ; aeroplane ; plane avião transportationapartment ; flat apartamento constructionapparatus ; setup aparelho technologyapparel ; wearing apparel ; dress ; clothes vestuário basic_meaningsart ; fine art arte basic_meaningsback fundos basic_meaningsbag bolsa constructionball bola basic_meaningsbase ; base of operations base militarybed cama housebell sino devicebend ; curve curva mechanical_engineeringbicycle ; bike ; wheel ; cycle bicicleta mechanical_engineeringblade lâmina basic_meaningsboard quadro mechanical_engineeringboat barco basic_meanings

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