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The Norns...Dark Fates of the Vikings

The Norns...Dark Fates of the Vikings

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Published by espen_decormian

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Published by: espen_decormian on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Norns ²
The Dark Fates of the Vikings 
Now is the Present,I Beheillde the Past & I Want to Live in the Future«
An ODE Scripture for Dark  Grandmasters Along the Seven-Fold Left-Hand Path of the Septomadry 
By the Ordo Deorc Eorthe, 2010 a.h. (yf)  
The Real Reason Behind the Jewry ZOG State!!!
The Real Reason that the Jewish Conclave of ZOGists, which invented the State of Israel isdue to the racial Deliniation of some Certain Semittic and Anti-Semittic People«in particular the Thebenites, the Magyar, and the Arabs. The Jews today still live like the RomanyRye«Racially Intemixing, whereas the Romany Rye are inbreeding, other than that there aregenerally no Major Differences, except that the Jews have a greater Military Power, whichthey promise they will use against any Arab that threatens the American Conclave of theUSA, whereas the Jews are like Spiritually Inbreeding«like the Romany Rye are geneticallyinbreeding, where the Jew«each and every last one of them is a Bloody Egotist of anEgocentric nature.Thus, due to this Racial Intermixing of the Magyar, the Thebenite, or what would youcall them«Egyptians, and the Arabs the Jews has gained the characteristics of the Pale Rider.This Creature was even something which Adolf Hitler himself feared, and«when in oneview, Adolf Hitler can be seen simply as the Wotanis of the Ur-Germanic we would get theImpression that Heimdall, as A.H. is seen as a Primeval Archetype of the Odinn, to be asomewhat Jewish-like Character in Viccissitude, whereas he is holden, and simply holdentowards safe-guarding his own kin, whereas he in the Modern Days¶ Hitlerism he wouldappear to be a Nationalist, but When Wotan calls«and Odinn strides forth he blows theGjallarhorn«the Horn of Valhalla, which Odinn normally calls the Einherjer with (note: theOnes who Raze, e.g.) because there is Danger Up Ahead for the Race of the Aesir, which isnot completely controlled by Odinn, and he«Odinn has lost his Horn of Valhalla toWotanem, who¶s giving it away to the Pale Rider (e.g. Der Skimmelritter«the Opaque Rider;vulg. i.e. ³the Pale Rider´), which is actually the Goddess Ranur, which has disguised herself as a Jew, and is giving the Horn to Heimdall, which calls it the Gjallarhorn, and plays it to callforth the Gods of the Aesir and the Vanir, of which the Vanir could be said to be Racially pure Magyar, Thebenites, and Arabs, which ride forth in Battle«to Salvage the Remains of their Father, Odinn, and to free the Race of the Gods. That is the Complete, True Story, andwere it not for the fact that Ranr went on, into the underground with Angrboda, and had ahalf-sister in Hela«the Very Ancient child of Hel«of the Hel¶s Heljar, then Wotanem wouldnot Rise, and we would not have A.H. and his National-Socialism. So«you see: TheseGods«Wotan, Angrboda, Helar, and Ranir are today known as Joetul, which means the³Ancient´ (impl. The Old, Evil Race of the Gods from the Underground), and theseGod/(desse)/s were evil of such a nature that they only Wanted to secure a Place for Themselves in the World, and then the Pale Rider would have to subsume«bitterly«But,there is No Dualism here, there is only a Re-enervation of Ancient, Old Energies, which haveonce«in One Story been Named«R¶lyeh, and this is where we Stand Today. We areawaiting the R¶lyeh, and with it are coming the New Gods of the Heimdallir Bivrost and
Jormungandr Heritage, which will come to its fruition in the Cosmic Expansion, andEvolution in the Ginnungagap of the Ragnarokkum, which is known as the Cosmos. Andknow thou that this is Worthwhile: ³Ranr is Angrboda¶s half-twin«Angrboda¶s brother isWotanis, Angrboda¶s half-sister is Helir, and Ranr¶s half-sister, which is more like a stillbornsibling in that is given the status of half-sister, yet she is only a half-sibling´. This is about allI am to relegate, whereas wert it for such that I could not tamper on these things«that I couldnot get to A.H¶s grave«in the Underworld, and thus raise the Spirit of Ranir and Hela Iwould not be about to calling Angrboda my sickly, odd, old cousin«whereas she is more dear to me that Wotanis (or A.H.), but where I falter is to see where all the other Dark Gods are, or went, as I¶m not very psychic in an Underworldly fashion as I am myself quite like anUnderground Heimdall of Fenrir Heritage, so it is limited what I can see«even with theBlack Arts. But I do generally give it a try as I am now in the Moon Season of the Phase of the Dark Imperium Occidentia, whereas Thule will rise in Irminsul«to give rise to Wotanis¶Will, and Give Rise to the Heimdallir and the Vanir, whereas it seems as if the Odin hasalready lost Track«whereas I cannot but give Name of all the Other Various Gods that went before that are now being Rejuvenated in the Ressurection of Fenrir. But«I would Wizen upto it«I know it for sure, so if I could only bide my Illustrious Training towards a moreCreative Endevour on the Cosmic Word, I¶m sure I will be Back in the Underground of theJoetul soon«As I give up to the ZOGite Zionists«the Spirit of Wotanis¶ A.H. recalls«´Iwould give up to such frontiers that Only Hell can see an End to It!!!´ Danke schön, and Auf Wiedersehen!-
Shablor, 2009 a.h. (Temple of Azoght & ODE)
At the Gates of Hel«
And the Girl¶s name was Sun, and when«in the Gates of Hel she did come in she went toFenrir, for through His Darkness she did go to Yggdrasil and Mimir. ³And her name was Sun,and she did Not betray Me´, Yggdrasil said«that Tree of Life which the Kabbalah did notunderstand, for it was Being«in Hel, that very Valley of the Shadows of Death, Odin¶sDemise, and Fenrir¶s Friend«For where did not Jormungandr Not go? Where?Down there the Swarms Excess«´For I was Not Wanton Upon Him´, Freya said, andwhen Yggdrasil seemed to drain the Life¶s Blood of Jormungand, and seemed to drain thevery Blood of Fenrir Heimdall Remained«in Ginnungagap, where Ragnarokkum would bethe Waste of All«!-
Eva Sophia Venn deCormian, 2008 a.h. (Temple of Azoght & ODA.)

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