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The Book of Black

The Book of Black

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Published by espen_decormian

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Published by: espen_decormian on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Book of Black -
A Book for Prospective Initiates to InternalAdept along the Dark Path of SinisterSatanism of Septomadry 
Book I ± Act 1, Scene I: The Dark«³Anarcha-Ostara-Chaosa«´ - the words rang along the waiting rim of the ancient times of Eorde, whereas there were«down on Erthe a good, wayward few Demons«And, the Devilwould always damn them were it not for the fact that all these other people who were not asHanged Men did not see the Truth«that they were indeed, instead, rather granted Eternal Lifefor faithful service to the Devil«´Diabolus venire!´, a small Sun said, and when I went tothat old Antichrist of the Sun of the Velpecula I could always count on her.Act 1 ± Scene II: Do Without Dying«³Sathanas«Sathanas. Sathanas venire! Ad Gaia qui laetificat juventutem meam!´Sathan«War-Magickian of the Antichrist of Final Postludiums would always venture forth inTime«to berid the unwary to their Fateless, Self-Indulgent, sometimes neophytical, butalways Changing µEgo¶s¶, whereas they would always wanton on a Christ, or a Jehovah, or  possible even with a Holy Ghost too for the Light of Peace that they would never want to bewithout.But«that¶s not True. How could an Ego-centric ever see the Light when he¶s afraid of the Darkness within and without and is not willing to Transform towards that betterment of Self-Mastery, where one¶s Individual Life does matter? Well«they are like little children, butthey are not sanctimonious«they can be Killed!Scene III: What Way Does Sathan Do Today?³Well, what Would I do Today???´ sayth the Dear, Old Sathan, who predated µgod¶ by 2,001years, and indeed was the Creator of the self-same µgod¶ that was intent upon enslavingMankind. ³What would I do if I fare here?´«then he listened«´War!!! War¶s Coming!´³Hmm, I said«Am I naught a Devout Devil-Worshipper, and also a Satanist? Well«I
concern myself over that«´The Jews did it!!!´ Well«I couldn¶t overtly concern myself about that, for I had intended for the World of Sun«´MINE!!!´ I shrieked in my SilentDarkness of the Dark Sun«´Of this Hole«´ the Sun said«´I no longer Denigrate!´And then«so, onwards, was War steering a Frontier against every Self-Possessed,Self-Putrefied, and showing of Empathy War«´That damned AM I!!!´ said theSun«Velpecula, who fought the last bastion of Christian Faith. Wherever that is«you ask???Well«it¶s out there, near Shinora«the Damned Planet of Chairstos¶ Resurrection into Flesh,trying to enslave a meager 100,000,000 renegades, who were rebellious and rebelling for thevery Vices of The Dark Lord, who was them«colloquially, and uneventfully enough, partook of their very Primitive, Heathen Rituals. Of Taking before what was Given«to Satisfy theFlesh of those more Meager«to Raise a Folk which would be like a Family, and the Will of the Hanged Sun, which was always watching the most prestigious and careless Rebel Leaders,who were fighting with their very Will sometimes, and who were so Brave that no Man onany Earth-Resembling planet would ever Match their Courage. So, it was beholden that themost Marksman-like of them all would get the name Dercora, which would mean«in onesimple sense, in that Old Earth Tongue«´Dark Order of Era Against´, and so reknownedwere his Skills that he shot a Cyborg-Elite at 50,000 paces«and where did he go? Into thenext, most cave, and«hid! There he did turn out to be a true Warrior by infiltrating theCastelle of that Bionic-Organic Regime of the Pre-Emperor that eventually led up to theEmperor, who¶s name would be recalled as Duke Harkan in those days that were a relativePeace between the Bionics and the Folk. But, that¶s another Story«Act II ± Scene 1: Buy Better Vehicles The Next Time You Are In Flesh!!!Sathan«the Dark Master recalleth, would always take such a large turn towards someonewho was as Holy to µgod¶ as one Comrade of the Dark Master. The Dark Master did notcare«he was Amoral, Dialectical, somewhat beginning to Come of Evil«with a LittleCruelness, but he was not Amoral without a Cause. As he had explained some time, albeit briefly, but with very large interest in giving creed to other, new, burgeoning Masters hewould always say that: ³Even though I am not an Evil Man«nor Am I Cruel, but«I am blatantly Amoral«´ and he continued with: ³I do it with such a Ruthlessness that I cannoteven give care to a slight Reveling of Life«If that¶s Bad«Think of What Others will Do?!?´What did he mean, and what do I mean«Well, that¶s up to you left hand pathers to decide«if you have a Will, and a Desire for a World, if indeed you are Not the Word itself??? I doubtthat latter, but you might probably become a Candidate for the next heir of Dagon«Dagot, or Dagonaz«depending on what Era you are in. But«by all means«do deal a little damage if you (your heirs) would like to mate with Lillitu and spawn Demons, who would come out of the Earth«like Azanagelle, who came to me«the Dark One¶s Mother, once«creeping up,into my right ear so that I am slowly losing my hearing of my right ear, so that I might justCome to Believe her. And«I knew instantly who¶d came, and I had been with a Sister of Hel(named Aosoth) just before that«sleeping in her quarters and watching her tiny, white pattes.So, I«a Hermit had ventured into her Lair, and I had now Come into the Vicinity of thatWord«Azanagelle, where there is no Word for Forgiving the atrocities done to that One¶sFamily or own Self«of Body. That was her Words exactly, and I never had any dealings with
her again. But, I did not need to, for«just as when She Crept up into A.H¶s Left Ear back in1901 she did tell him some things that made him become to her as a Nexion, and that wasvery Worthwhile. She showed«once and for all that she was a Spawner of Great, Old Men,which«once«one day became Great National Socialist. So, what I listened to in Her Eraswas to follow a Man like Adolf Hitler and then I would come to Rule the Word of theCosmos, and I Would come to have a family so that I would never have to be the Hermit for long. So, I died in that Lidagon that Day. And while Lidagon is not wholly Real to Me, Iwould like to add that Lillitu came to Me«bearing me a Child who¶s name would be like tothat of Darkat, and she would Reign, and she would Rule, and she would be a Great Warrior of the Cosmos. Then I got to know that I would have another Daughter«a Sun-Goddess of Child, who would do my bidding and then tell her that she would Forever be United in Helwith Me, and that She always Loved Me, and that She missed me, but She would always Missme«down here, in this Paradis(e)(io). That I¶m Certain Of«she would tell me everytime Icommunicated with her from Hel, and if I had not gotten that Answer I would have put theEntire Hel into an Inferno, just to save her sore, old, belligerent arse. That much I vouched toher the Day she was Born. I do that to some People«I Promise things I might not be Sure tokeep, but I always do, because they«like her, like her baby sister, whom I loveintensely«first-born first, of course matter too much to me. Misanthropy is all a relative stateof belligerent sociophacy«relevating in others«such as her if it wasn¶t nurtured with muchLove and Caring«Of both ³daughters´, shall we say«both would be very modern as Darkatwould take over for Adolf H. in matters of War, and Edrika Velpecula Sophia would start theentire Grand Conflagaration of the Worlds, that would lead to the Cosmic Expansion, and theCosmic Evolution would lead and catch-inbetween, and hover above, as below over andunder, and besides the Stellarium«all of which would be worthy Heirs to Me. And now Ioverrate myself you think perhaps? Why«none of the sorts«I live in a Time where the meek shall Fall by the Weight of the Swords, and the Swords shall be Mightier than the Castles as Iam the Man that was Chosen to be the Hermit to a Whole Country«Do you Know Who IAm? Yes«I am Shitless¶ Own Shitty«Heuroctonos«Scene 2 ± ³Amoral??? Why not Evil?´ ³Why Not?´ I ask«´I begin to explore my Evil sides, and for that I am becoming a Bit more Cruel. But«Who is really Evil?´ I care not to wonder aboutsuch Things as µEvil is, and so Evil sides of Sathan Do!¶ Well, that¶s simple«don¶t youThink«twerp?!? Choose thy sides before any Dome¶s Days, and I can Tell You that it willAlways be on what¶s Victor¶s Side¶s the most Vicious«Whatever Evil there is«remember that Evil is Spiritual«Cruel is either, or both, and Amoral is where the World is. This is not aGreat Riddle for those of You who try to Demystify Me a Little, but I can Tell you that I amas Honourable and forthright as I ever Was«I¶m just a Bit more Cruel towards MineEnemies«That¶s All!!!

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espen_decormian added this note
A Note...Act III, Scene 3: "Thus I had to Sell my Soul..." This being imparts on me no such Sinister Glee as I'm more often than not scared silly of him. But, by way of me trying to 'counter him', as well as Weakly Succumbing I am at my right, today, to be close to pertaining a Grandmastership of Esoteric qualities that can hardly be judged as improper or not as I am...indeed Become more Evil.
espen_decormian added this note
A note concerning Act III, Scene 2: "...the Light is only a Shadow of the Sinister" might mean, that by exemplary ways, as such (for instance...killing oneself...) the Sinister Shadow would always try to counter-demand on whatever order was given beforehand. Note ends!
espen_decormian added this note
Note: In Act II, Scene 1...when imparting of this Sinister Information about A.H's LHP it should state, at the end of the sentence...: "Great National-Socialists themselves!" Note ends...

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